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  • Female, Luv 397
  • from Blairgowrie
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 4,745
  • Member since: July 2007
  • Last active: 9/7/12
  • www.bebo.com/KittyBrainzz
I'll sleep when im dead.
Me, Myself, and I
bebo smells


The Other Half Of Me
Gok-Just An Optical Illusion

Bands ive seen live (L)
Escape the fate,
deaf havana,
You me at six,
the midnight beast,
funeral for a friend,

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Example - Won't Go Quietly (Out 18th January)

close 69 things About Me

69 Things About Me

Height: 5'1
Weight: fatty
Birthday: 3/06/96
Town you were born in: perth
Single or Committed: single
Favorite band: biffy clyro
Favorite sports team: ew.
Favorite drink: relentless
Favorite getaway: day dreams
Favorite pasttime: my weird chats with jodie or gregor
Favorite reality show: tbh wife swap
Best thing to ever happen to you: has yet to happen
Favorite clothes: baggy hoodies and skinnys
Your hair color : brown and black red and a bit of blonde roots
Pepsi or Coke: pepsi, coke murder people!?
Do you kiss on the first date: hell why not
Chocolate or Vanilla: chocolate no wait vanilla!
Favorite restaurant: does charlie chans chippy count?
Favorite movies: billy madison for the win, eh jodie? :L
Love or money: love everytime
Blondes or Brunettes: brunettes ha ha
Your ambition: to commit the perfect crime
Ever bungee jumped: nope but i will
Ever swam in the ocean: hellz yeah
Ever been in love: not yet : )
Ever broken someones heart: no :L just no !
Had your heart broken: no
Broke a bone: nope
Favorite TV show character: JD from scrubs i love him!
Cats or Dogs: im a cat person
Pizza or Burger: Pizzaa baby
Your first crush: :L anyone remeber p2? embarrasing much
Ever lied to your parents: well naaaaw
Worst fear: really big insects !
Your weakness: cheesy chat up lines
Any tattoos: not yet
Favorite subject in school: art
Kisses or hugs: both
Done anything you regret: wasting my time with wankers
Passive or aggressive: passive or aggressive what!? :0
Morning or Evening: im a night owl
Summer or Winter: summer its warm.
Ever won a sports medal: a badge?
Ever been out of your country: yeah
Your dream vacation: probs america somewhere or japan
Best gift you have received: the 20 quid gregor says was a present but he technically owed me
Favorite Actor: morgan freeman or michael cane!
Favorite Actress: jaime kettles :D
Best compliment someone gave you: you're beautiful
Do you hate anyone: YES. with a passion.
Hip-hop or Rock: rockkk
Favorite perfume: nina ricci perfumes all smell amazing
Ever been fined by a traffic cop: oh yes when i was driving my banana car
Country you: japan i think
Ever been to a drive-in-movie: nope D:
Ever lied to teachers in school: again well naaaw
Craziest thing you: got my hair cut like a boy
Your craziest dream in life: to be a singer in a band or summit its crazy cause i cant sing
Ever dyed your hair: too many times
City you live in: blairgowrie well its a town..
Favorite day of the week: lets be cliche and say saturday
Favorite childhood memory: dressing up my cat in drag
Do you swear a lot: fuck yes
Ever puked at a party: it wasnt really a party
Ever danced all night long: yeah
Have a crush on anyone: your mum
Your best buddy these days: chode and gregory
Are you a health freak: no i eat marzipan on its own
Vehicle you drive: bat mobile

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What DropDead design are you?



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Eating chickens is proper not nice.... cuz chickens are cool..

I'm Old Gregg, I gotta mangina.

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Who Are You Most Like Out Of Bring Me The Horizon?

Oli Sykes

"Bring Me The Horizon Are Overrated, The EP Was Shit And Kid's Only Like Us Because Of My Hair." You Are Most Like Oli, You Sexy Bitch.

close Which Lucky Star Character Are You?

Which Lucky Star Character Are You?

Konata Izumi

You have a love for Manga and can be a bit childish at times. You are very good at sport, though you can't be bothered to join the local school clubs.

close What is your Japanese name?

What is your Japanese name?

My result is: Suta

You're a glittering star. Although you're beautiful on your own, you really sparkle when you're with others. You're often distant but you're still fascinating to people who don't know the mysteries of what makes you who you are.
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close What Japanese Street Fashion Most Suits You?

What Japanese Street Fashion Most Suits You?


Decora is a Japanese street fashion commonly featured in the magazine FRUiTS. The look consists of layered colourful clothing and many bracelets, hairclips and necklaces. Many accessories are carried such as plastic toys.

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  • Ashleigh.Xo
    luv Ashleigh.Xo

    Looove xx

    9/25/10 via Mobile
  • Barbies Jealous
    luv Barbies Jealous

    aswome her names louise and shes kool but not as kool as my old freinds

  • Barbies Jealous
    luv Barbies Jealous

    cool i got askeed out today and says yes so yeah its awsome through here wbu?

  • Barbies Jealous
    luv Barbies Jealous

    i miss you too bitch

  • Clarice Davies
    luv Clarice Davies

    bebeo is well shitteee xx

  • Clarice Davies
    Clarice Davies

    hiyaaa x

  • Barbies Jealous 8/4/10
  • Barbies Jealous
    luv Barbies Jealous

    emm sorta meow

  • Concon
    luv Concon

    Hey howz you Are you ungrounded yet because that would be totally AWESOME teehee so are you or aren't you ANSWER ME K bye By the way hav sum luv

  • Barbies Jealous
    luv Barbies Jealous

    hey in th holz you have to come and visit me and my new house ill miss you so much boo hoo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Ashleigh.Xo

    hey how are you ? :DD

  • Rachers.
    luv Rachers.

    it was♥...nearly your birthday, tehe:)

  • Rachers.
    luv Rachers.

    have love, since you came on the rides with me at m&ds when i was scared tehehe♥

  • Abbiesaurus
    luv Abbiesaurus

    heyas just wanted to know how the lovley eilidh was gettting up to these days???? wbs xx

  • Mr.Porcupine
    luv Mr.Porcupine

    Quite. WATSON! That watson is epic! But sherlock looks wrong. Hmmmm. Our troubles in finding a tree to put your camera... It almost fell to its death. Poop. this is a looooooong message. i'm gonna stop now.

  • Mr.Porcupine
    luv Mr.Porcupine

    What up, my homie. P.S Sorry i Walloped you when we were running away from that angry bee. he sure was a mean bee.

  • Abbiesaurus
    luv Abbiesaurus

    i sure as hell wasnt expecting tht!

  • Abbiesaurus

    i bet u want norweigan rapisst guys babies so u can eat them in ur walruses basment with a hedgehog and a lollipop man x x