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Ryan Sullivan

Oh Such Fun :)

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The Hero
Me, Myself, and I
Ryan Sullivan©

The Personification of Epicness
The Other Half Of Me
Dusko Varesanovic

Dusko Varesanovic

What Jou gonna do, when the Dusk goes wild on JOU!

Trained by..
Triple J
Adrian Flynn
Chris Micheals
Current Championships

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  • Match History of Sullivan.

    Sooo Comics anyone ??!

    ~"The Hollywood Highlight"
    "The Big Picture"
    "The Thrillride"
    "The DayBreaker"
    Ryan Sullivan

    Wins: 21
    Loss's: 14
    Draws: 0


    Lost Soul Survivor Match
    (Soul Survivor 27/2/2011)
    Ryan Sullivan Def: Dash Rock, Messiah & Joey Alderson.
    (#1 Contender to WTF Breakdown Championship)
    (Wednesday Night Beatdown 9/3/2011)
    Ryan Sullivan Def: Daniel Kennedy
    (Wednesday Night Beatdown 16/3/2011)
    Adam Jones Def: Ryan Sullivan
    (Wednesday Night Beatdown 23/3/2011)
    Ryan Sullivan Def: Daniel Kennedy
    (New Beatdown Champion)
    (Locked And Loaded 3/4/2011)
    Stryker & Logan Daniels Def: Ryan Sullivan & Jason Stone
    (Wednesday Night Beatdown 13/4/2011)
    Ryan Sullivan Def: Matt Young
    (Retain Beatdown Championship)
    (Wednesday Night Beatdown 27/4/2011)
    Ryan Sullivan Def: Matt Young & Tyson Rowle
    (Retain Beatdown Championship)
    (BeboTopia 8/5/2011)
    Ryan Sullivan Def: Craig Adams
    (Wednesday Night Beatdown 18/5/2011)
    Heath Williams Def: Ryan Sullivan
    (Retribution 29/5/2011)
    Fernando Castillo and Sean Christie Def: Ryan Sullivan & Daniel Anderson (Via DQ)
    (Monday Night Ignition 6/6/2011)
    Ryan Sullivan & Sean Christie Def: Dusko Varesanovic & Luciano Damascio
    (Monday Night Ignition 20/6/2011)
    Sean Christie Def: Ryan Sullivan
    (New Beatdown Champion)
    (Vendetta 3/7/2011)
    Lost Soul Survivor Match
    (Soul Survivor 5/3/2012)
    Dawson Def: Ryan Sullivan
    (Beatdown 15/3/2012)
    Lost Battle Royal.
    (Beatdown 22/3/2012)
    Ryan Sullivan & Derek Scott Def: William Black & Trip Johnson.
    (Trifecta 27/3/2012)
    Leo Hampton Def: Ryan Sullivan.
    (Beatdown 29/3/2012)
    Ryan Sullivan Def: Latelle.
    (Trifecta 3/4/2012)
    Ryan Sullivan & Trip Johnson Def: Leo Hampton & Joshua Bailey.
    (Beatdown 8/4/2012)
    Ryan Sullivan Def: William Black & Derek Scott.
    (Trifecta 10/4/2012)
    Leo Hampton Def: Ryan Sullivan
    (Retains Legends Championship)
    (BeboTopia 29/4/2012)


    Ryan Sullivan Def: JC Slam & Craig Adams
    (Burnout 15/7/2011)


    Dusko Varesanovic and Ryan Sullivan Def: The Empire Of Excellence (Tyson Rowle & Matt Young)
    (Tornado Tag)
    (Unbreakable 12/3/2011)
    Ryan Sullivan Def: Rogue
    (Unbreakable 19/3/2011)
    Ryan Sullivan Def: Tyson Rowle
    (Futurefest 27/3/2011)
    Ryan Sullivan Def: Chuck Jones
    (Unbreakable 21/5/2011)
    Ryan Sullivan Def: James "Jamo" Walkerden & Colton Slater
    (FBW Time Crisis 29/5/2011)
    Ryan Sullivan Def: Jason Stone
    (Unbreakable 16/7/2011)


    Ryan Sullivan Def: Serpent Malice
    (Monday Night BattleGround 17/1/2011)
    Apollo Def: Ryan Sullivan
    (Monday Night BattleGround (24/1/2011)
    Apollo, Issac Awesome, and Chris Walker Def: Alex Sanders, Matt Young, and Ryan Sullivan
    (Monday Night BattleGround (31/1/2011)
    Adrian Flynn Def: Matt Young & Ryan Sullivan
    (Handicap Ladder Match
    (New Testament 27/2/2011)


    Ryan Sullivan Def: Brenton & Chuck Jones
    (Evolution 28/2/2011)
    Ryan Sullivan Def: Desmond Armstrong
    (Friday Night Violation 27/5/2011)

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  • Accomplishments


    World Championships

    Mid Class Championships
    WTF Beatdown Champion.

    Tag Team Championships



    World Championships
    CWW Undiputed Champion X2
    OCW Champion
    IWF World Champion
    OCW Worlds Heavyweight Champion
    BCW Global Champion

    Mid Class Championships
    PWU X Champion
    OCW S Division Champion
    BCW British Champion X2
    NGW Hardcore Champion
    BCW Hardcore Champion

    Tag Team Championships
    PWU tag team Champion
    CWW tag team Champion

    Other Important Wins
    Won OCW Royal Rumble
    NGW Mr Money In the Bank

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  • Best Match in OW Carreer so far!

    Ryan Sullivan Def: Daniel Kennedy
    Locked 'N' Loaded.

    Matthew Jones:
    ?Beatdown Title Match time! A Wednesday Night Beatdown rematch between Daniel Kennedy and Ryan Sullivan, except the title shall be on the line this time around.?

    Brandon Kheller:
    ?Ryan Sullivan won round one and Ryan Sullivan will win round two. Daniel Kennedy can kiss goodbye to his title and his career. Kennedy loses everything tonight and I finally, will have the pleasure of no longer calling his matches.?

    Matthew Jones:
    ?Don?t count the Champ out Brandon. The WTF King of the Cage winner, has pulled off upsets and happens to be one of the only men with a win over Pretentious Villain. My money is riding on The Champ.?

    Brandon Kheller:
    ?Well you and Daniel Kennedy are going to be sharing some common ground here tonight then, ?cause you?ll both be losing everything!?

    ?The Irish Curse? Daniel Kennedy walks out from behind the curtain with a smug look on his face and his Beatdown Championship laying over his shoulder, to the song, Numb by Linkin Park. The fans begin to punish Daniel Kennedy with boo?s and jeers, but, the champion keeps his composure and sounds them all out, as he edges near to the ring. Once in the ring, Daniel ascends the turnbuckle, raises his title belt high in the air and rubs the fact that he is The Beatdown Champion in the faces of the capacity crowd.

    The boo?s soon come to an end, as ?Thunderbirds Are Go by Busted? sounds around the arena and Ryan Sullivan emerges through the smoke that covers the top of the entrance ramp. Sullivan fires up the crowd by striking his signature pose on both sides of the ramp before, sprinting down the ramp and sliding into the ring. Sullivan glances momentarily at Kennedy before climbing up to the top rope and raising both hands in the air. The fans are out of their seats and on their feet, cheering for and chanting the name of The highflyer.

    The referee takes the Beatdown Title from the hands of Daniel Kennedy and issues orders for both men to stand on either side of him. Daniel Kennedy and Ryan Sullivan avert their eyes nowhere else apart from one another, as they continue to stare each other down while the referee quickly recaps the rules of this contest. Both men look away for a moment, as they both stare up at the ultimate prize in this match, The Beatdown Championship. Sullivan sticks out the hand and offers it to Kennedy as the referee hands off the championship gold. Kennedy says nothing but, actions speak louder than words, as he gives Sullivan the cold shoulder and paces backwards. The referee regains his positioning in the ring and finally calls for the bell.

    Matthew Jones:
    ?Will we see Kennedy forced to retire and a New Champion or will Kennedy regain and everything stays the same??

    Daniel Kennedy and Ryan Sullivan lock up in the middle of the ring, Sullivan gets an ounce of pay-back for the unsportsmanlike conduct exhibited by Kennedy by locking in a side headlock and keeping the hold locked in as he flips Kennedy Flat on his back. Kennedy uses his strength to power his way back to his feet and then throwing Sullivan towards the ropes. Ryan Sullivan uses his speed and agility to run the ropes a couple of times before building up the momentum to fly off his feet and knock Kennedy off his, with a flying forearm. Kennedy is quick to get back to his feet by finds himself, picking himself up once more as Sullivan drops him with a quick dropkick. Daniel Kennedy plans an escape route as he crawls on all fours towards the corner but, Sullivan is on a hot pursuit. Sullivan gets his clutches on The Champ but, Kennedy is quick to react as he send Sullivan face first into the turnbuckle. Sullivan finds himself temporarily stunned as Kennedy hoists himself back onto his feet and then turns Sullivan inside out with the infamous big boot to the face.

    Matthew Jones:
    ?Another victim to that huge boot of Daniel Ke

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