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Katie Jane Goldin

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Aim for the moon..... because even if you miss.... your still up in the stars!!!
Me, Myself, and I
Finally January will see the making of a new pilot, produced and directed by Deirdre McNally from Edge Films...Myself and Rosanna Davison are working something very special...so watch this space!!

Check out my column in the Evening Herald - every Wednesday! From falling out of love, to making more friends, to keeping that new guy in your life...I'll give you all my thoughts on young peoples dilemma's! My email is katiejanegoldingirl@gmail.com and any feedback would be greatly appreciated!

TV3's "Inside and Out" is also going to be shown again in the new year....See Dad and I helping the participants to Lose Weight and Stop Smoking. Tv3 and Edge films have kindly dedicating the programme to him.

The Clinic is open for appointments. It is now under the direction of me and we currently have both male and female therapists. I made a promise to my dad to continue on his work - and I very much intend to do so. Check out the website on www.paulgoldin.com.


Katie-Jane xx
My dad
My Father was my Idol. And i miss him so very much.
May he be forever peaceful and as my angel always look down on me and all the people he helped over the years and give us all strenght to be the very best we can be.
I will do my best to follow in his footsteps and make him proud of me.
I am so very heartbroken and will miss him everyday for the rest of my life.
The Paul Goldin Clinic
The Paul Goldin Clinic was created by my father and I will carry on in his footsteps keeping it the most successful hypnotic clinic in Ireland and make him proud of me.
Love for my dad
I love you dad.... most in the whole whole whole whole world all the muches, please watch over us in your little yellow aeroplane and keep us save. I miss you so very much already you will always be with me in my heart x x x x x x x
I am a fan of....
"The Secret" dvd - Get it - it will change your life!!
Treatments at The Paul Goldin Clinic
Confidence building, Bed wetting, Shyness, Blushing, All Fears, Confidence for driving test, Exam stress and memory, Nail-biting, Thumb sucking, Nervous habits, Relationship problems, Anorexia, Bulimia, Agoraphobia, Claustrophobia, Anger-management, Over sensitivity, Lack of Self esteem, Fear of Dark, Fear of Thunder and lightening, Public speaking, Fear of sex, Sports improvement, Golf in Mind , Anxiety Attacks, Panic Attacks, Pain Relief, Reactivating the Immune System, Insomnia, Fear of Surgery, Guilt complex, Eating disorders, Irritable Bowl, Mental Motivation, Asthma, Allergies, Teeth Grinding, Self hypnosis For Cancer, Fear of child birth, Stage fright, Wedding Jitters, Post Tramatic Stress, Depression, Pre-Natel and Post-Natel Depression, And Most Psycholological Dissorders.
Personality testing with colorgenics..... Click the "its free" link on the home page....to see yourself as others see you!!
Find out your Inner Sexual Desire's by
clicking "feeling Romantic".....
It only take 3 mins!!!


If you like what you read - leave a comment on the site?!
For an appoinment....
Call the Clinic on 01 - 2802797 or www.paulgoldin.com
The Other Half Of Me
Barry Scallan

Barry Scallan

My Rock

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KatieJane and Paul Xmas 2007

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  • When I become a butterfly.....

    The truth is…. I’ve been grieving pretty badly for my dad – Paul Goldin…..And I know the only thing that helps is…. time… That’s what my dad used to say and the advice he gave for a person who attended the clinic with grief….so that’s what I’ve been counting on… as time passes I hope to feel stronger.

    Well, I decided that I needed some extra motivation to help me on my new life journey without my dad… which was looking quite daunting from where I was standing….So…. I went to see Deepak Chopra, the India mind guru, in the City West hotel in Dublin….. There were 1500 people there all with the same interest – to promote world peace, become better people and live positive happy lives…..

    Still…. I went in there feeling sad and lonely. I was going to see one of the most influential positive speakers, talking about my favourite topic (which incidentally was also my dad’s) “The power of the mind” and I wouldn’t be able to share my experience or thoughts with him – the person who I previously would have discussed for hours on end each and every detail of Deepak Chopra’s talk….

    Grieving…. It’s a weird process that one can only understand once one goes through it…. I was hoping that some words of wisdom by this Indian Mind Guru, would be shared with me that evening that would help me feel better – which would in turn let me coach others on feeling better!

    And I found it….!!!

    Deepak’s metaphor of the butterfly….. I was drawn into what he was saying….. Beginning to understand life better…. Believing in conscious life after death….. Feeling confident that I was not alone and that another world existed out there with my dad in it…. I smiled!

    Now let me share it with you….

    This is the biological explanation (A little technical – so bare with me  )
    A biologist explained that everyday in the world, a caterpillar turns into a butterfly…. It’s called metamorphosis.
    Now within the body of the caterpillar, there are a few cells, which biologists actually refer to as “Imaginal Cells”.
    The Imaginal cells begin to gather in little clusters and when the caterpillar is beginning to die, the immune cells attack the Imaginal cells, but for some reason the Imaginal cells don’t respond. They are in a state of choice less awareness or maybe even imagination…. Who knows….but they are not affected and after a while the immune cells just give up…. So then the Imaginal cells gather in even larger clusters and begin to connect with each other and they start to use the dying body of the caterpillar as there nutritive soup, it becomes the culture medium in which they grow and then one day it seems the connectivity of the clusters of the Imaginal cells, reaches a critical mass, or a tipping point and then on that day… a gene that has been lying asleep, wakes up and it has the information code for a butterfly and so a butterfly emerges… the biologist who explained this said its like taking your bike to the repair shop and when you come back to collect it there is a gulf stream jet waiting for you! And the repair guy saying it’s the same thing you left here last week….. It’s just transformed into the next phase……

    This to me is a metaphor for when someone dies…. The body they were using in this lifetime is no longer working…. So then the “soul” of that person (the butterfly) moves to the next phase of our consciousness. Perhaps another realm of consciousness that lives along side our realm…. We just can’t see it! That would be a good explanation for unexplainable things within the paranormal….

    It can’t just end after this life….. There must be more… there is an entire universe out there and we cannot be the only one’s in it……

    I believe just because we cannot see something doesn’t mean it does not exist. For example…..hundreds of years ago people would have thought you were crazy saying you c

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