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BeyBlade Shrine

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Heya! This is a shrine for the cool characters of BeyBlade :) So feel free to become a fan if u luv the anime, manga or any of the characters :D

(I seriously needed a place to store all these pictures ^_^)


By the way.....Kai's the best thing ever!!!!!

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  • BeyBlade Trivia

    1)Tyson's original Japanese first name, Takao, is the same first name as the creator of the Beyblade manga, Takao Aoki.

    2)In the English version of the movie, during the final battle of the Japan tournament, one of the signs in the background says "Go Shoot" instead of "Let it Rip".

    3)In the original Japanese version of season 3, episode 1, Daichi thought that a Beystadium was a rice bowl.

    4)In the original Japanese version of season 3 episode 1, the kid that was beyblading against Takao called his Beyblade Soguro. The kid's Beyblade didn't have a name in the English dub.

    5)In the V-Force season, when Ozuma and Zeo are about to fight for the World Championship Tournament, it's possible to see Ozuma's name spelled "Ozma" on the screen in the background.

    6)On a Beyblade VForce episode "Bad Seed in the Big Apple," if you notice closely in the background you can see Kai sitting on a bench with a boom box by his side.

    7)The show's English intro theme song is sung by Rock Star Supernova's vocalist, Lukas Rossi.

    8) The song "Always Be In The Game" from the Let it Rip soundtrack is sung by current INXS singer JD Fortune.

    9)In the first season, a pattern can be seen with every major team in the names of their blades. All the Bladebreakers' Beyblades names start with Dr, the White Tigers' Beyblades start with Gal, the All Starz' Beyblades start with Try, the Majestics' Beyblades end with lyon and the Demolition Boys' beyblades end with borg.

    10)In the manga the BEGA Pro Team make only one appearance and they look entirely different from their anime counterparts. They are only shown on one page unrelated to the story.

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  • - º Bella
    - º Bella

    this needs life plz give it some life anybody plzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Zoe Taylor
    Zoe Taylor

    all kai lovers add me as a friend xoxo kai is soooooo hot x

  • Eerin Bloomwood
    luv Eerin Bloomwood

    all those Hil haters out there add me!~

  • Lady Kathearia Beleara
    Lady Kathearia Beleara

    btw my last comment was to that idiotic person below me whos user name is "."

  • Lady Kathearia Beleara
    Lady Kathearia Beleara

    yes beyblade isn't real I think we all know that. But that dont mean we cant enjoy being fans of the show. And it also dosen't mean we cant have a site dedicated to it. I don't even think you like the anime so wtf were you doing on the site anyway???

  • Kaho-Chan
    luv Kaho-Chan

    this is one awesome site and i love everything about beyblade!! take care god bless

  • Dara

    HeY DuDe wicked site. Great pics of Kai nd da gang. Beyblade rocks

  • Bumble Beeotch
    Bumble Beeotch

    Haha I searched the net for days, weeks n months :L :L

  • Helen H
    Helen H

    :O where did u get all these pics of kai and Rai?????????? they r so kwl

  • Helen H
    Helen H

    This sssoooo cool!!! Kai rocks my socks off!!!!!!!

  • Bumble Beeotch
    Bumble Beeotch

    I totally agree!! :L :L

  • Zatz All Folks
    Zatz All Folks

    Yes go Kai and soon you shall rule the world! Kai = best beyblade character ever <3

  • Xxdanniexw
    luv Xxdanniexw

    awsomeness can i be a member plzzz?? ps kai rok ma soks best thing since sliced bread ^^ xxx

  • .Bugsy
    luv .Bugsy

    Awesome Band! I Love Beyblade ^^

  • Kai
    luv Kai

    Yay for the awesomeness that is beyblade!