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Mrs Morris

is happy with life. married and is lovin.

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  • Female, 22, Luv 977
  • from whitleigh
  • I am Married
  • Profile views: 5,191
  • Member since: July 2007
  • Last active: Jan 30
  • www.bebo.com/mackybaby
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About Me

Always Luk On Da Bryt Side Ov Lyf lol
Me, Myself, and I
Kayleigh McHale =]

My Besties
Ali Birch
Emily Miller
Shannen McHale
Claire Guest
Leanne Guest
Ellen Miller
Danniii Babe
Codie Cann
Millie Gratrex
Kirsty Amber The Lesbain
Leanne Griffin

Get Ya Bum Out
The Other Half Of Me
George Morris

George Morris

i love you loads baby xxxxxx

OMG Baby Were Gettin Married Soon I Caznt Wait, It Will Be The Best Day in My Life, And To Be Called Mrs Morris. You are The Best thing Thats Happend To Me, I Know We Have Are Ups And Downs But Hey Thats Part Of Life. I love you Lots Babe And You Know It=-] Xx.26.12.07xX
Pixie Dust
Claire Fukin Guest :)
This Gurl Is Top Nosh! Shes Me Bitch And I Love Her
Love Yuu Gal xxx
Codie Fukin Sexy Cann ;)
This Burd Is My Lover And Shes The Best Lay Ever!!!! Whoop Whooop When We Guna Dance Dirty Next Tym ;) xxx Love You xxxx
Scared Of Kirsty Amber The Lesbain
Haha Shes A Men! And Wears Beautiful Flowers That Everbody Laffs At =-] Oh My I Love You Man woman Haha Fist Me Bitch Haha xx

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  • Mental Health

    The Brick Wall
    I Love Talking To A Brick Wall I Get So Much Fun Out Of It!! I Love Watchin Pain Dry Cuz Its Aload Ov fun! I love Lookin At The Wall Cuz I Can Talk To Myself LOL Only Jokin Do You Tink Im That Mental To Do That! Next Time Wen U Walk Next To A Wall Please Think Of me And How Mental I am Thanks Lol

    0 Comments 245 weeks

  • Do It Please

    Do It Please :D
    1.Wat wud u do if i Committed suicide?
    2.Wat wud u do if i Said I lov u?
    3.Wat wud u do if i Kissed u?
    4.Wat wud u do if i Lived next door?
    6.Wat wud u do if i Started smokin?
    8.wud you say yes if i asked you out?
    9.What do u think of me?
    10.Best memory of me?
    11.How long will we be friends?
    12.Do u love me?
    13.Have I hurt you?
    14.Wud u hug me?
    15.Wud u Kiss me?
    16.Wud u Do me?
    17.Are we close?
    18.Scale of 1-10, hw fit am i?
    19.Am I loveable?
    20.what am i to you
    21.Describe me in 1 wrd?
    22.Have u ever been mad at me?
    23.Wat reminds u of me?
    24.Do u know me well?
    25.Are you going to put this in ur blog to see what i say bout u?

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  • why do people jugde me!!

    why do people jugde me ? well i dont know really maybe because i have a loving family? or that im in love and love ma lad? or they hate the idea of me in love? maybe its because of my looks or my body? my hair colour or the colour of my eyes? the colour of my skin? if im fat or skinny? if im tall or small? or if i have a disability or disabled? or if you was gay bi or lesbain?
    it dont matter what you look like or how you feel or the colour of you skin, fat or skinny gay or not gay its wrong to jugde people how would you feel if someone came up to you and gave you hell just because you looked fat?
    think before you say and act because you maybe hurting other people but you will be hurting yourself when it comes back to you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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