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Me, Myself, and I
The book is basically a piss take of the world today. It pokes fun at the way people are today, and the past. Whether it's Hitler,a dog loving incest freak, Tony Blair, the biggest prat in political history, except for Bush, and makes us wonder:
1. Whatever happened to civil liberty?
2. Isn't the war on terror a fron for us to believe in our cynical government?
3. Whatever happened to people power - why is the goverment patronising us in this way, and should we trust politicians worldwide?
Hilarious,rousing and extremely satirical, you will be laughing hard. A great story of nanny states, UN bums, politics behind screens, shady national dealings, and another possible world war.
This is what is really happening to the world - an unpatronising parody that will shock some but will amaze others. You will never look at the world the same again. Taboo subjects like fascism and communism without style substance or subtlety - possibly the best book you'll read for a long time!

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  • A new beginning!

    Friday July 13th, 21:00
    I have started on my book today, and hope that it will go well; hopefully I will not get slated for taking the michael out of Adolf Iosef or Benito. In fact I am only referring to them comically as I go deeper into the book, to get the feeling of satire going.
    As a writer, I am worried, of course, that my book will not sell. it may be extremely awful, and probably will offend people - but then again so did that stupid ignorant fat cunt Bernard Manning. Well, that makes me feel better about myself.
    I have also started reviewing the work of others in an unbiased fair and judgemental way - it's bloody hard as well. Some are truly terible, others are magnificent pieces of fart - oops, I mean art. Well, it's goodnight from me, and goodnight from him, (whoever he is) but feel free to ask questions, leave comments,review (I can take criticism fairly) and generally worship me - thank you readers.

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