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home again

11/10/08 | me too! | Reply

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Ah Grasshoppa,you have much to rearn abou bebo
Me, Myself, and I
ass wipe comments willl be deleted and if you gay-tards think i wont
i will!!


---[]--- Support ROCK
---[]--- add the GUITAR..NOW

If you are a chav or gay form a orderly line and FUCK OFF!!


this is my impression of a nerd

I Am The He-Man!!!!!!!!

you fink yur da best come an have a go den ya runtly lil wimp

"Retard the flames with your urine, Retard"

Genlemen let us leave, this McDonalds is full of retards.

Im back with a new connection so SUCKIT BIACTHES

"if you want to have sex you have to use a sexomophone"

the wise words of my seven year old sister
Green Day, My Chemical Romance, Fall out Boy, Madina Lake and Foo Fighters
tenacious D, borat halloween, xXx 1&2 american pie and the texas chainsaw massacare the 51ST State, green street
hockey , rugby and boxing
Scared Of
homos , homless people skeleton ninjas [theyre watching me] and earwax [old people are covered in it EEEEEEEEEEWWWWW] Elvis(he lives under our fridge and he raped my dog
Enemy List
YOU!!!! That dick-weed at xtravision who gave me an ice-cream stick instead of a spoon with my ben and jerrys, skeleton ninjas, Elvis, cyber molesand the universal league of faggits who drink from the carton , nerds and nerdlings(the smaller nerd, trust me Im an expert nerd hunter)and lastlythe carebears (see blog) also albino crabs and cactuses shaped like dicks
toast, when people puke in the shower(david!), and fat kids who think theyre great and get in a fight with me(it dosent end well for them)
Spork-hunter, nerd-slayer and chairman of A.I.D.E.S(anti indusrilization during eagle seaons

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  • hahaha naomi i copied your blog

    the vending machine except it goes down

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    What was the you`re first impression of me?
    Do you still think the same?
    What reminds you of me?
    If you could give me anything what would it be?
    What do you like best about me?
    Did you ever want too tell me something you couldnt?
    Could you ever love me?
    Give me a nickname and explain why ?
    Are you gonna put this on your blog and see what i say about you?
    Anything to say before you go?

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  • Boredom

    Damn this blog is boring.....wait why are you reading it then because you adore me and want me to let you shine my boots...no because you cant youre sad if you dont have anything better to do than read my blog about nothing

    1 Comment 262 weeks

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  • Matt

    random comment.... your site looks awesome

  • Darren

    i think it might be ....not sure

  • Naomi
    luv Naomi

    hello hello hello. whats up? Im watching the Green Mile. Is drinkability even a word? Just done yo blog. Give Darren your luv for today. "Where's the luv? And where are my keys?"

  • Rachel
    luv Rachel

    I asked 2 people to join so can I be a moderator now?

  • Darren

    well duh! where else could he live the freezers too cold and the ovens too hot

  • Rachel

    Elvis lives under your fridge?

  • Fail Town
    Fail Town

    Hello darren,join my group biatch.

  • Rachel

    Hellooo Whats up?

  • Naomi
    luv Naomi

    I made the skin,but forgot to put it up!sorry biatch i'll put it up soon I cant today because im going to someones house but maybe tomorrow.

  • Rachel
    luv Rachel

    You never asked me to.

  • Rachel
    luv Rachel

    I see you made a quiz. About crap. How delightful.

  • Naomi

    OKAY! I'll make you an Oscar skin But it'll take a while,okay?