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never say never "/

8/24/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • from Ladinee Land ;)
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imaaa cool dudee! :)
Me, Myself, and I
Deani ,
MyGirls-MyWorld xD
Famalamm! ♥.
JakWright. Love This Guy SOO muchh :) .

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  • Random Questions ;) .

    1. Slept Naked? neverr. :)
    2. Taken A Shower With Someone? naaa :)
    3. Kissed A Member Of The Same Sex? onlyy friendlyy :D
    4. Drove A Car? yeahh only for abit thoo :)
    5. Stole Anything? yeahhh. :L
    6. Been In Love? yeashh :)
    8. Stole Money From Family/Friend? never stolenn it :D
    9. Gotten In A Car Wid Sum1 U Just Met? nopeee :L
    10. Been In A Fist Fight? yeahh :L
    11. Snuck Out Yours Or Someones House? yeshhh lol :D
    12. Had feelings for someone who didn't have them back? yushh!
    13. Been Arrested? Onceee.
    14. Hugged A Stranger? Yeashhh :L
    15. Met Up With A Member Of The Opposite Sex Somewhere? yup :)
    16. Left Your House Without Telling Your Parents? Yeahh :D
    17. Had A Crush On Your Neighbor? neverr.
    18. Had A Crush On Your Best Friends Bf? Nopee!
    19. Slept In A Bed With The Opposite Sex? yupp :)
    20. Lost A Friend? yeahh :(
    21. Been On A Plane? Yupp :D !
    22. Been To An Island? Yupp :D
    23. Slept In Until 3? Yushh everydai if i could ;) :D
    24. Love Someone Or Miss Someone Right Now? yeahh "/
    25. Laid On Your Back And Watched Cloud Shapes Go By? yeahh lol :D
    27. Played Dress Up? yeashhhh ! :L
    28. Cheated When Playin A Game? yeshhh ;)
    29. Been Lonely? neverrr.
    30. Kissed More Than 4 People In 1 Nyt? friendlyy wais yeah :) .
    32. Felt An Eartquake? neverrr,
    33. Touched A Snake? yeahh bwoyy!
    34. Ran A Red Light? when someone else was driving :D
    35. Been Suspended Frm School? nopee.
    36. Had Detention? Yess.
    37. Been In A Car Accident? yeshh "/
    38.Had A Party At Urz When Ya Parentz Where Away? neverr.
    39.Used A Fake I.d? nevaa wanna get some thoo :D .
    40. Crawled Through A Window? yeahh ;)
    41. Been Lost? yeahh lmao ! :L
    42. Been To The Oppasite Side Of the Country? yushh.
    44. Cried Yourself To Sleep? alotaa timess .
    47. Done Somethin U Told Yaself U Wouldnt? Yeaaa.
    50. Kissed In The Rain? yeahh :)
    51. Sang in the shower? alwaissssss dudeyy !
    52. Made Love In A Park? nopeee :L
    53. Had A Dream Tht U Married Sum1? yeahh lol.
    54. Glued Your Hand To Something? yupp :D
    56. Ever Gone 2 School Naked? nopeee :L
    57. Been A Cheerleeder? nopeee.
    58. Had More Than 10 Boyfriends? nopeee.
    59. Didn't Take A Showe For A Week? ewww noo.
    60. Ever Scared To Watch Scary Movies? nopeee.
    61. Played Chicken? yushh lol
    62. Been Pushed Into A Pool With Ya Clothes On? yeahh lol
    63. Been Told Your Hot By A Stranger? yeahh :L
    64. Broken A Bone? nopeee.
    65. Been Easily Amused? yess :L
    66. Laugh so hard you cry? goood timesss :D .
    67. Mooned Flashed Someone? yeahh lmaoo! :L
    68. Cheated On A test? yeahh maybee once :D
    69. Forgotten Someones Name? yeah lol.
    71. Done SOmethin While Drunk? yeashh lmaoo :L
    73. Blacked Out From Drinking? neverrr partyy dudee!
    74. Played a Prank On Some1? yeahh lol
    75. Gone To A Late Night Movie? yeahh :D
    76. Made love to anything not human? nooo!
    77. Failed A Test? yeahh :)
    79. Smoked Pot? neverr !
    80. Cheated On A Girlfriend/Boyfriend? neverr egaa.
    81. Celebrate The 4th Of July? :D
    82. Thrown Strange Objects? hahhaaaa!
    83. FeltLike Killing Some1? yeahh !
    84. Thought Bout Runnin Away? triedd it :L
    86. Got A Piercing? yeahh boy love em :D
    87. Cut Ur Own Hair? yeahh lol.
    89. Made A Parent Cry? yeahh "/
    90. Cried Over Someone? yeahh quite alot.
    91. Kept Somebody Else's Clothes U Borrowed? yeahh :)
    92. Dated Someone More Than Once? yess.
    93. Had/Have A Dog? nopeee.
    94. Have An iPod? yeahhh love my music ! :D
    95. Smoked A Cigarette? nopeee :D
    96. Been In A Band? oncee lol.
    97. Drank 25 Drinks In One Day ? nopeeee.
    98. Broken A CD? yupp.
    99. Love Some Who U No U Cant Have? yeahh "/
    100. Wanted Someone But Could Never Have Them? yupp . (N)

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  • Jodiiee

    hiii yahh uu ok#?/ xx

  • Phillipa'
    luv Phillipa'

    Ill put u in my case nxt time indeeeed it will i miss everyone uhoh i am dnt u worry im bak sundaz we g6 skwl tuesday tell him i said hi did e have a gd holiday? X

    9/3/09 via Mobile
  • Phillipa'
    luv Phillipa'

    Argh i hate it wen ders goss n im away aha ladine u dnt undastand venice was amazingggggggg meva seen a place quite like it :-D i kno yea aha;-) leaving thm today tho aha france nw lol and neitha can i aha x loveyou

    8/31/09 via Mobile
  • Phillipa'
    luv Phillipa'

    Aha it was 33 degrees at 7.00 last night im quite dark now tbf aha one week and 2days left im going venis 4 da day tomoz yum and these italian boys omg ooooft aha were u going nice loveu

    8/28/09 via Mobile
  • Phillipa'

    shuv u in ma case i cudnt fit another thing in der its 11am and 28degrees god italys amazing aha oh okie then fill me in wen im bak aha :-D loveyou x

    8/27/09 via Mobile
  • Phillipa'
    luv Phillipa'

    Ladine u cnt do that to me I'm not back for like 12 days private mail me shah fill me in o goodie wens he back? I won't have much of antan I'm peelig already grrtrrrrrrr going italy tomorrowncant wait aha lovenyou x

    8/26/09 via Mobile
  • Phillipa'
    luv Phillipa'

    I'm good thanks how's u n jak?anything g happens while I bin away ,? Holiday wikid got a nice tan fort I broke my toe but think it's just brusssed or something was in the snow today in Switzerland while it was still roasting aha I love holidays x

    8/25/09 via Mobile
  • Phillipa'
    luv Phillipa'

    Ladine how's it going???

    8/24/09 via Mobile
  • Jodiiee

    ohh cool cool xx

  • Jodiiee

    yhyh i am yy?? xx

  • Jodiiee

    whyyy did uu add me? xxxx

  • Tezz.Kiid.
    luv Tezz.Kiid.

    :) ma names 2 good 4 u ;) :P :L Good Good Yh im Good thanx :) cadets , work , gym :) best be izwell ;) w/b xx

  • Tezz.Kiid.

    Ladinee Palmer You Wastee Cadett :) u okaa?? wubu2? ent spke in ages i rang u da ova day and u was bein a idiout lol w/b xx

  • Kirsten'

    Birthday Sex Birthday Sex Birthday Sex ;) ahaa DOT DOT DOT. . . ILOVEYOU x x

  • LoveYou
    luv LoveYou

    Shutttt Ya mouth RUDEGAL!! that photo is fooking NASTYYY! i no carnt waiit SALUU!! 8) Gunna be a good un' ;) Love Ya hunnyyy <3 xxx

  • LoveYou
    luv LoveYou

    Asiff You dent reply to my lastt comment :( LOOSER!!! ;) love you LOADS! :P woooop :D