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Most Haunted The Group 2010

most haunted MAY be making a return, check the comments box for karls statement

11/1/10 | me too! | Reply

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Me, Myself, and I
This group was created by paranormal loving individuals who are fans of Most Haunted. We are here to help keep you informed and discuss the show. If you are a fan please JOIN! Both skeptics and believers are welcomed. Please keep this a friendly and safe community for all users.

Check out our blogs, polls, forums, and official forum Most Haunted Groupies. Also feel free to leave a comment if you have any information or you love the group. :D


If you have any questions please ask any one of our mods and we will get back to you. Thanks. :D

Lisa - Creator of group, US Moderator, Resident believer and Sensitive
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  • Bebo may be shutting down

    Lisa G by Lisa G
    I'm not sure if anyone has been keeping up with all the latest news about Bebo. Two years ago AOL purchased the company and now they are looking for a way out. There is a rumor that the site may be shutting down in late May or early June. This will happen if AOL cannot find another company to purchase it from them. I advise all the members of this great group to go ahead and move to our newest fan forum. This will allow everyone to keep up with all the MH news, comment about the show, and chat during the lives. You can sign up at http://mh-groupies.forumotion.com/

    You can read more about the AOL/Bebo problems here >> http://www.bizjournals.com/washingto...

    I hope to see all our loyal fans in the forum soon.

    Group creator,
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  • Karls Response to Chris Conways statement

    Dan Barnes by Dan Barnes
    Hi everyone, I thought that it would be a good idea to post some news and updates every month to keep you informed of all things MH, and this is the first.

    Here is an old – but current – topic:

    Usually I wouldn’t bother commenting on the ramblings of ex Most Haunted employees or the s…illiness of the forums, but because of so many inaccuracies recently I have been asked as a special favour to make a comment.

    Firstly, the accusations made by the alleged medium Chris Conway are false.

    Let us deal in facts:

    Firstly his contract finished on the last ‘Live: Series’ shoot, I am more than happy to publish this contract on the net.

    He was never asked to be a part of Prague and it is this that has obviously started his negative responses. He was sent a courtesy email on 01.02.10, along with everyone else, informing of the rough dates that the live may fall on. He was never offered a position on it, as shortly after the email was sent we decided to use alternative people in that role. No other correspondence was sent or given and no inclusion in the live was offered or inferred. The fact that we have been obtaining the services of other individuals for some time will become all too clear on the live. Any comment to the contrary is a lie.

    We have never held the locations a secret on live shows, as with the very nature of the show, these things get out anyway – and we have never hidden the fact. If the alleged medium uses any information prior to a shoot for their own advantage, then that is only fraud on their behalf and a complete loss of trust with everyone they work with, we can only trust them – we can’t control them.

    I am not going to go into the reasons why we decided not to use Chris as I feel that it wouldn’t be professional to do so. Save to say that if anyone goes to Lincoln Prison, have a look at the first room on the right where you shall see all of the information given out as ‘psychic’ on the show written for all to see. That is fact and something which no-one, even you believers out there, can deny.

    We are all shocked and saddened at the things being said by someone that we plucked from obscurity, showed nothing but respect and kindness to, and have given a platform to launch their career. He isn’t the first to show such dishonour and sadly I’m sure he won’t be the last.

    To all those that have supported us I extend a hand of gratitude and deep thanks for all of your kind messages which makes us realise that we are doing the right thing.

    We have always made Most Haunted for the millions of true fans in the UK and worldwide, that make this the most successful paranormal brand in the world, and will continue to do so.

    Anywho, onwards and upwards. The Live in Prague is looking superb and promises to be the best yet.

    Most Haunted is an ever changing beast and the future is bigger and better than ever so watch this space and see you all in Prague.

    God Bless you all…even the angry ones.

    Love and light

    Karl xx
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  • Most Haunted Live,Gothic Prague,Evil Within.Locations......

    Simon H by Simon H

    Night 1... The Old Town Hall, Starom?stsk� n�m?st� The beautiful and gothic Old Town Hall of Prague is steeped in history. Many fascinating but tragic tales are associated with the building, stories of ghosts and other unexplained phenomena are rife. The Old Town Hall promises to be an exciting yet terrifying location for the Most Haunted Live team?s first investigation of Prague!

    Night Two... Prague Waterworks. Far below Prague?s museums & busy bars, favoured by tourists, lie a labyrinth of dark, dank, ominous tunnels. A maze of underground streams, rivers & tunnels that all lead back to the ancient and treacherous waterworks, an area so heavy with activity that locals who work there are petrified of talking about it. Where better for the team to continue their investigation!

    Night Three...Castle Krivoklat. The team journey outside of Prague to the medieval Castle Krivoklat, a magnificent & imposing structure once utilised as one of Prague?s more unpleasant prisons. There are many rooms for the team to investigate from claustrophobic underground cells to more luxurious prison rooms paid for... by the wealthier criminals to a room considered so terrifying it is simply called the Hell Room!

    Night Four... For the fourth and final night of Most Haunted Live, the team journey to the fearsome Castle Houska. A place so shrouded in mystery and intrigue that no one knows when it was built or why! What is known is that Castle Houska is said to be built on the gateway to hell, this promises to be a dramatic finale for the Most Haunted Live team!
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Paranormal Investigation LIVE [teaser trailer]

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  • Fan  Art
    Fan Art

    A creative work not much for drawing but original!

    Beth Harris 0 Replies
  • Most Haunted

    Hi,I was thinking about the show I've never watched but since Most Haunted is on Bebo I will watch,only question I have is for anyone on the Team of "Most Haunted":Has there been a favorite Haunt or the Most Haunted place that is like the Ultimate Haunt or scary place?Does anyone have a favorit...

    Beth Harris 0 Replies
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  • Most Haunted Live:Gothic Prague,Evil Within.....

    Starts Thursday the 25th till Sunday The 28th Of March,At 8pm Till Midnight Live Only On
    NOT TO BE MISSED!!!!!!!!!

    Click on link to get to the MHL Website for News,Photos and the webcams-

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  • The Team:)

    Who will be entering Gothic Prague - Evil Within this March?

    Yvette Fielding
    Karl Beattie
    Cath Howe
    Ciaran O'Keeffe
    Stuart Torevell
    Lesley Smith........

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  • Most Haunted Live: Gothic Prague Evil Within-Another terrifying Live...

    The Czech capital, Prague, is known as a popular tourist destination and the city of 1,000 spires, but behind the stunning architecture and charming winding streets lies a gruesome history of witchcraft and blood-soaked tyranny. This March, Yvette Fielding and her ghost-hunting team travel to macabre Prague for their darkest investigation yet : Most Haunted Live: Gothic Prague Evil Within.

    Legend says that Prague was once besieged by flocks of witches, forcing the city's terrified residents to light huge bonfires to drive away the evil invaders. In modern times, this ancient ritual is marked each year in April on witches night.

    The city is also the site of several ancient castles, which are renowned not only for their architecture but also for their grisly past. The gothic splendour of Karlstejn, for instance, was home to the infamous Katerina Bechynova in the 16th century. Katerina supposedly murdered fourteen innocent people. Will the Most Haunted team come face to face with her and the rest of the tortured souls who wander the streets of this ancient city?

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  • Jen Gibson
    Jen Gibson

    New DVD  released in December 2011.From the Most Haunted group.This was filmed in October .Something to look forward to

  • Jen Gibson
    Jen Gibson

    For someone who has decided not to continue paranormal shows .I have to say Yvette seemed to enjoy her guess spot on Alans show.Im wondering since Cieran was in a Sunday Paper free mag.Could this be the start of gathering interest in the show returning .Is it posssible they are still negotiating .Ihave to say that the last two Halloweens have been really sad without them .Please come back soon.

  • Jen Gibson
    Jen Gibson

    Like all of you I have been searching for any news.This is what I have come up with.Yvetter stood down from MH to concentrate on other thins.So it was strange that she did a Ghost Huntinw With TOWiE.Channel five might have been a new home for the show.That was at the time that Richard Woolfe was program director,He no longer has this role ,so who knows if they might take the show there.Also on other tribute sites.There has been some talk that the group where out doing secret filming.It was also stated on ciaren o keefe twitter when asked if he would be back on screen."Watch this space" Yvette is a guest on Alan Titchmarsh show so we can hope for news.But I would say if nothing is said bout it.It means as yet no new home for the show.As to Most Haunted Live 9 .It is not the last two lives but the live series they run over 8 saturdays.Most Haunted Live 10 could be later in time for a new show ???????????? Lets hope

  • Rose

    does anyone know what channel it will be on ?

  • Sylvia

    i sent a photo in ages ago and i would love a copy of that photo again,,does anyone know how i can get a copy back...

  • Jewly Kimm

    I want to like this team... I really do.. But they just SCREAM TOO MUCH! I know they tried to quell it some but it is just not working. If you want to document the paranormal.... THEN INVESTIGATE allow us to share in your experiences... if you want to just be scared then go to a Halloween haunted house... I can't see or hear ANYTHING that you supposedly hear/see if you just SCREEM AND YELL.... Please INVESTIGATE the paranormal... don't just SCREAM at your own shadow.. Like I said.. I DO WANT TO LIKE THIS TEAM..

  • Dan Barnes
    luv Dan Barnes

    New news... I quote: "Despite the fact that Most Haunted Live did not return over Halloween 2010, a member of Antix Productions has confirmed on behalf of Yvette Fielding herself that Most Haunted Live will be returning to our screens in October 2011. This is to make way for a special Halloween live during which the team will re-investigate the top 5 scariest locations as voted by the viewing public. Whether or not this will be a total re-launch of the show or whether this is purely a special one-off in order for the team to officially draw the curtains on the phenomenon that has been Most Haunted since it's original beginnings back in 2001, is yet to be determined" === Thoughts? == Source from various MH forums and wiki

  • Simon H
    luv Simon H

    brill news:) MH To Return!!!!!

    11/5/10 via Mobile
  • Dan Barnes
    luv Dan Barnes

    MAJOR GOOD NEWS!!!! thanks to all the most haunted fans who DESTROYED the comment walls on "paranormal investigation live"'s facebook we have a new statement from Karl, This is ripped from his facebook: Both Yvette and I would like to thank you for all your support over what has been a difficult weekend. Please rest assured we are doing everything in our power to bring Most Haunted back on your screens, bigger and better than ever before: more science, more fear and more interactivity. I will keep you all informed. Thanks once again, your loyalty is so very much appreciated. Lots of love, K xx 3 hours ago · Comment · Like " he has spoken.. hopefully we will see series 15 shortly :D

  • Ian Simpson
    luv Ian Simpson

    i just cant get into the paranormal investigation live, there is absolutely no excitement, please come back on our screens you are really being missed tonight

  • Charlie J 10/30/10
  • Trudy Denise Coventry

    we are missing you big time the coventrys what to now if all the team is comeing back we love the most haunted team

  • Tanyaa.


  • Dan Barnes
    Dan Barnes

    Confirmation that most haunted is GONE... Ripped from the paranormal investigation live messageboard on facebook: "ASHLIN MARIE BARRETT I know this isn’t anything to do with Paranormal Investigation Live but I have one question. Why did Most Haunted get dropped without a reason? I think the fans need an explanation as to why Most Haunted has just mysteriously disappeared. Hello Ashlin. This is supposed to be a Q&A only about Paranormal Investigation Live, but of course I’m aware that some people still have questions about Most Haunted. Obviously it was a well-loved part of the schedule for over 8 years, but earlier this year it felt like it was the right time to give the brand a rest. I really do think that all fans of Most Haunted are going to enjoy this new show though and I really hope that people do check it out in two weeks time." Sorry to say guys but we wont be seeing most haunted again, its shelved

  • Dan Barnes
    Dan Barnes

    The move to channel 5 is NOT happening, Purely down to Richard woolfe resigning as head so it is highly unlikely we will see it anytime soon, In terms of antix it seems they are focussing PURELY on "ghost hunting with..." for now, Karl is also planning a horror movie aswell so there is a lot going on, Again i will update when i have more information, But yep.. as far as livingTV are concerned most haunted doesn't exist

  • Rose

    any truth that it going on channel 5?

  • Dan Barnes
    Dan Barnes

    So its sort of semi official.. most haunted is NO MORE, no Halloween live and no future series, LivingTV have removed ALL pages to do with most haunted and most haunted live from their servers and a "new" show has taken its place called "Paranormal Investigation live" I'll provide more information as it happens

  • Rose

    does anyone know if most haunted will return?

  • Nickx

    how kum u guyz arn't on t.v no more we need u back

  • Sylvia

    dont ever change,,i love you guys...xox