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Laura Kirby


12/12/07 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, 21, Luv 85
  • from Cott
  • I am Single
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  • Last active: 8/7/08
  • www.bebo.com/LauraK__X
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About Me

".....♥- laurakins..lovin..langy -♥....."
Me, Myself, and I
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: Fuck Me Sideways <3
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Sσ Tнєяєѕ Tнiiѕ Gυяℓ Caℓℓє∂ [ℓαυяα]__♥
&& Tнєяєѕ Tнiiѕ Bσγ Caℓℓє∂ [ℓαηgу] && Hє Has Hєя Hєaят__♥
Sнє Bє¢aмє Aи Aиgєℓ Oи [∂є¢ємвєя 31ѕт]__♥
&& Sнє'ѕ Bєєи Liiνiiи' Liifє Tσ Tнa Fυℓℓ Fσя [15уєαяѕ]__♥
Sнє Fℓυттєяѕ Hєя Laѕнєѕ Oνєя Hєя Sнєχii [вяσωη єуєѕ]__♥
Wнiilє Sнє Tωiiddlєѕ Hєя [вяσωη нαιя]__♥
Sнє Dσѕи'т Caяє Wнaт Yσυ Saγ Bєнiiи∂ Hєя Ba¢к__♥
вє¢αυѕє тнє fα¢т ιѕ,, ѕнєѕ σи уσя мιiи∂__♥
Tнiiѕ Gυяℓ Aℓѕσ нaѕ мѕи [ℓαυяα.ℓσνєѕ.ℓαηgу@нσтмαιℓ.¢σ
The Other Half Of Me


Cool kid.. Shame About The goofy Teeth =]

bestfriends. langy. happiness. weekends. shopping. makeup. straighteners. mobile. chocolate. perfume. cuddling up. sleeping in. going out. beer. cigs. chillin out. photographs. conversations. christmas. birthdays. colour. cute texts. smiles. being wild. people that dont care. tatoo's. piercings. cuddles. kisses. sexytime:P
live for the weekend.
best friends... ●--♥--●
this is my goldfish. it died 1/9/07 :( it was alive 10months and langy caterpulted it at me..:( sorry [X] i had 3 more one called "stitch" that died on my birthday:( bcoz sum1 put a tab end in my fish bowl at ma party.. :( . "jonny" who also died on my birthday:( .. "nicki" hu died the day after boxin day.. :( R.I.P STITCH ..(fave) MARY DAVIS LANG (2nd fave) JONNY & NICKI I LOVE YOUXXX

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    1.Would you be in control?
    2.Would you pull my hair?
    3.Would you wisper in my ear?
    4.Would you talk dirty to me?
    5.Would you kiss me with a little tongue or a lot of tongue?
    6.Would you say my name?
    7.Would you go down on me?
    8.Would you let me give you a hickie?
    9.How many rounds would we go?
    10.What would you wanna do afterwards?
    11.Would you take off all ur clothes then take mine off slowly?
    12.Would you lick and bite me all over?
    13.Would you like 2 play or get straight to the point?
    14.Would you want me to take my time?
    15.Would u fall asleep when we were done?
    16.Would u want me to go fast or slow?
    17.Where would u wanna "do it" at?
    18.Would u be loud or quiet?
    19.Would you mind if i liked you?
    20.Would you do it 2day?
    21.Would you do it 2morrow?
    22.Are you going to re-post so I can answer them for you?

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  • A.O

    oryt loraa you okaay ? what you been up to recently ? tapp back love you annii o'connor x

  • Gazz

    heyy you fancy a chat sumtym? you from hull? and dyou have msn ? wb xx

  • Kay-Tee Baybeey Ii'LoveHiim
    luv Kay-Tee Baybeey Ii'LoveHiim

    dont kno but nice bebo babes keep it up love yhooo .... ps..have me love...darl..

  • Adam Wilson
    luv Adam Wilson

    u looking sexy

  • Goo Shorty
    Goo Shorty

    hiya cuz tiz ur gawjus Millee wubu2? tapp bakk bi@tch love yhoo 4evah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxx

  • Goo Shorty
    luv Goo Shorty

    iya darl!! it wo proppa shit @ ma dads tho x betta wid u tho x ur da bzt cuz.... g2g emmas strssin lv ya lots millee xxxxxx

  • Goo Shorty
    luv Goo Shorty

    hiia laura well aint spoke 2 u in lyk....4eva mmmh well maybe since lyk a couple ov yearz ago...member wen i left skool dahl???? yep dat waz well upsetting lol but lukin bk now i aint know bad gal!!! lil miss guddy??? mmm ok maybe not quite xxx w/b cuz xxxxxx av ma lurvin x

  • Jess.X

    Merry christmas darlin LoveYou <3

  • -

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkii  iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrr  rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrbbbb  bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbyyyyyyyyyyyy  yyyyy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D :D :D :D :D :D ow ya doing i aint spoke 2 ya on ere 4 ages haha so i thought id leave a real long nice comment 4 ya hahahahahaha wot ya doing 2nite owd gd????????????? u gt all ya crimbo shopping dne yet????????????? see ya later xx

  • X.Miss Charley Jade.X
    X.Miss Charley Jade.X

    yh i got myspace but dnt no ow 2 wrk it :L :L i do beauty :) :O asif kirsty did that lol mucky cow :L :L y ppl fall out wid rachel ?? wt u do ova weekend ?? holla bk love u xXx

  • X.Miss Charley Jade.X
    X.Miss Charley Jade.X

    Heloo Drlin Sorri It Taken Me Ages To Rite Bk Not Been On er In Days :L :L Im Livin Bk At Ma Das Now N Jst Been GOin College N Livin It Large :P :P Wt U Been Doin ? U N Langy Stil Goin Strong ? I NO Miss U 2 Hun Wb With Love ..:D U Got Ne Cotty Gossip 4 Me ??? :L I Love U xXx

  • -
    luv -

    oioi kirby u ok? im ok ta jst been at priory all day doibg the pantmine lol its been orite suppose lol, i aint gt a clue wt im doing 2nite aint spoke 2 eny1 part frm nutta lol, wot u doing 2nite? did ya watch the fight the ova nite it was well gd lol wb xxx

  • Liam

    oioi drl thought id drop in n say oioi lol u ok wubu2 thes days hit bak ly xxx

  • *LikleMizzDannielle//.

    Naw then me Luuvely*-! haws yu am guurd thnkz not up ter muuch just at ome -- wbu u huni w/b Lotzzzz a Luurv..xxx

  • ..ℓιℓ..мιѕѕ..αℓι¢ια..[ιηℓσνє]...мя...∂αηηу....
    luv ..ℓιℓ..мιѕѕ..αℓι¢ια..[ιηℓσνє]­...мя...∂αηηу....

    alwayz sed even tho we dnt vum on it hears ma love oo yer brooke as blocked me on everything ahahah fuckin stupid lil cow luf yoo xxxx

  • X.Miss Charley Jade.X
    X.Miss Charley Jade.X

    Orite My Crazy Friend :D :D Ows U Been ?? Wt U Been 2?? Ne Gossip Lol Holla Bk I Love You !! <3<3<3<3

  • Lil Lauren
    Lil Lauren

    hiiia drlin. im gr8 ta n u? n yeh ma fingers r fine now but it killd haha asif i had ta go ta hospital for that5 lol u shud ov being thr evry1 in tha waitin room was proper laffin at us hahaha me n matty r fine now fank go we r still havin daft lil arguements but its all gd now lol wb love yah xxxxxx