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Me, Myself, and I
Final Fantasy is a video game which is just more than a video game.It takes fantasy to a whole new level.You learn to love the final fantasy characters and all what they stand foR.Some of the characters from final fanatsy would be Cloud from Final Fantasy 7 which some people say is the best final fantasy.But its up to you which Final Fantasy is the best.So become a fan of this band if you have any respect for final fantasy and all it stands for.
Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates (DS, Spring 2008)
Final Fantasy XI: Wings of the Goddess (PS2, Xbox 360, PC, Winter 2007)

It's summertime, and that can only mean one thing-you're hot, and you're itching to play a revamped classic RPG. Well, maybe it's just hot. But if you are antsy to, say, replay the original Final Fantasy with new graphics, bonus features, and more, today is your lucky day.

Final Fantasy I for the PSP is out! With content added in from every conceivable source, including the Gameboy Advance remake Dawn of Souls, and the added enhancement of a 16x9 display, the PSP version may well be the "ultimate" release of the game that started it all. Until Square Enix remakes it again, anyway.

Head on down to your local game store, or wait for the larger retailers to get the game in stock and onto store shelves (probably in the next day or two). Final Fantasy I for the PSP will cost you $29.99, and so will Final Fantasy II, when it's released on July 24th.

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    FF7 STORYLine.. 364 days ago

    - Over 2000 years ago

    An interstellar race known as the Cetra arrives on the Planet. They are on a
    quest for the Promised Land. The Planet is an ideal location as it contains
    the Lifestream, pure magical energy drawn from every living thing on the
    Planet. There is already humanoid life on the Planet and the Cetra settle in
    tribes amongst them.

    - Approx 2000 years ago

    Jenova arrives. He/She is known as the "Calamity from the Skies". It lands
    at the north of the Planet and Cetra who have settled in a place called
    "Knowlespole" go and investigate. Jenova appears disguised as a Cetra,
    promising peace, but infects the Knowlespole Cetra with a terrible virus that
    mutates and destroys them. Jenova then moves across the Plant infecting and
    destroying the Cetra tribes.

    Jenova's landing caused a huge wound in the Planet and the Lifestream gathers
    there at what becomes known as the Great North Cave to repair the Planet. Five
    Huge Robotic Weapons of increasing power are created by the Planet to kill
    WEAPON), but before they can be used, a few surviving Cetra manage to defeat
    Jenova (now in permanent female form) and seal her in rock.

    The Weapons go into hibernation and the few surviving Cetra disperse amongst
    the Human population.

    - Over the next 2000 years

    The people of the Planet grow more sophisticated. The centre of commerce,
    government and power is centralised mainly in a large city called Midgar. This
    city becomes more populated over the years. A commercial weapons manufacturing
    company called Shinra figure out a way to draw power from the Lifestream in the
    form of pure Mako. Mako is used by everyone as a source for materia and magic,
    but Shinra creates huge reactors that suck Mako from the Planet. This allows
    Midgar to become a huge, sprawling and prosperous city. However the speed of
    Midgars technological change is not matched by its democratic changes and
    Shinra finally take over the running of the government and form their own
    military wing and secret police force to keep a hold on power.

    To keep a charade of democracy, a mayor is elected to run Midgar, but he/she is
    merely a puppet in the pay of Shinra. Shinra develop an elite armed force
    called SOLDIER, where promising soldiers are treated with Mako to enhance their
    abilities. They also create the Turks, a shadowy collection of assassins,
    spies and undercover thugs to carry out less obvious empire building on the
    companies behalf.

    Over the last 50-odd years of Midgars history, it has become place of two
    extremes. Wealth, luxury and power fuelled by the Mako reactors are the lot of
    those who live high above the ground on Midgars raised Plate structure.
    Poverty, deprivation and oppression are endemic in the under-city, making life
    a constant struggle for those who live in the slums under the Plates of the
    Higher Midgar.

    - 57 years ago

    Vincent Valentine born. At some point in the next twenty years he joins the Turks.

    - 48 years ago

    Nanaki (Red XIII) born in Cosmo Canyon. He is one of the few remaining of
    his species. At some point during Nanaki's growing up, the Canyon was attacked
    by a vicious tribe know as the Gi. Nanaki's mother was killed. Seto, Nanaki's
    father fought off the Gi, but was turned to stone in the process. Nanaki is
    never told the truth as to where his father went and grows up believing Seto
    abandoned the Canyon to the Gi like a coward. Nanaki's species is very long
    lived and has some connections to the Ancients. This may explain why Hojo took
    an interest in Nanaki many years later.

    - 33 years ago

    Barret is born in Corel. Corel at that time is a prosperous town built on the
    coal mining industry. Coal still being the principal source of fuel for places
    outside of Midgar at this time.

    - 32 years ago

    Cid Highwind born.

    - 31 years ago

    Professor Gast

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    ______000000 I N A L________________
    ______000000 A N T A S Y_____________

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  • Final Fantasy Dissidia (PSP)

    This was announced for the PSP and looks like a fighting mash up with characters from all the F F games.So far several characters have bean revealed Zidane,Kuja from lX Cecil,Kane from lV a Warrior of light & Garland from l.Before you ask yes Sephiroth will make an appearance because what would it be without him? The fighten looks frantic & echoes Kingdom Hearts.

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