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8/18/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • Female, Luv 551
  • from United States
  • www.bebo.com/imm_fuhkin_awesome11
..-' [kayla nicole]
Me, Myself, and I
-;-thhah ones ii ph'ucks wiiddt.'
.-luhh cedd

The Other Half Of Me
Dell A Savage

Dell A Savage

myi luhh savaqee boii .!! =)

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Dell A Savage

[myi luhh S A V A G E boii.!! D]
diis boii iis so funniie tooh mehh.'
hehh keep mehh laff'n andd hehh ah qoodd frawndd.!
hehh sweet mostt of dha tiimee andd mehh andd hiim talkk aboudd anyi andd everythanqq.'
we rlly aiint neva been madd at eachotherr
tooh mehh hehh ahh kewl ass dudee budd sometiimes hehh be onn hiis luhh periiodd or wuddevah andd be triippun.'budd iionn be stunniin idd.! :/

i luv yahh frawndd.!!

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  • ii qott'emm.!

    i finally know who && whudd ii wantt,
    i know ive saiid tht ive foundd tha riight one too many tiimes,
    butt tha wholee tiime he wuss siitt'n riiiqht in frontt of me,
    he has always been there, he nevaa leftt.
    i meann ive toldd alot off boys they complete,
    && outt of all those boys i liied toohh i only meantt it wen i saiid itt to one boy :-)
    hee knows who hee isz, i love hiim widd all my heartt andd cantt lett'em qo andd wontt lett'emm qo.!
    i lovee hiim uncondiitionally, no matter whudd wee do toohh eachotherr at dha endd off tha day we still lovee eachother,
    hee hass been here every siince 5th qradee andd i doubt hee isz qoiinq any'whea anytiime soon :L .
    juss thiinkiinq boudd hiim makesz mee smiile,
    lol iif i toldd ahh boyy tht aiintt hiim tht i lovee you,
    i liedd cuss wen i wuss telliinqq yoohh i lovee you,
    i wasntt ova hiim andd still lovedd hiim..so i juss toldd youu whudd ya want'd toohh hear..ive only been in lovee widd two ppl..ive only meantt i lovee you wen i saiid itt toohh two boys,
    budd outta thosee two boys iits only onee i cantt lett qo or cantt liive widd'oud...
    ivee beenn throuqhh soo muchh widd hiim.hee hass putt me throuqhh alott of paiin butt i feel liike i cann be myselff aroundd hiim.he iis liike onee off my bestt friends;lol andd if ya dntt liike hiim andd wantt mee too lett'emm qo well all i qotta sayy is fukk you andd i d c whudd you qotta sayy, butt i still lovee ya doe, butt i cantt lett somethiinq qo i lovee andd caree aboudd =)
    budd ive toldd one of my male bestiie i lovee hiim andd i meann dhat shidd.
    budd thiis one boy tht i cantt qett off my mindd isz liike driviinq mee crazy brehh, iinn ahh qoodd way doe.
    hee is juss diifferentt fromm otherr boys tht ive talk'd toohh.
    hee iss soo awesomee andd isz ahh qoodd person widd ahh qoodd heartt, andd sweet inn hiis own luh retarded way,
    andd he liikes peacan passion ice creamm, fruiit loops, andd pott pies lol..hee prollyy qon bee madd att mee wenn hee readd dhat partt butt ionn care..hee weakk anyway lol j/p.!!! i lovee youu andd i rlly meann itt.
    youu rlly qott my heartt andd youu C O M P L E T E mee.

    [awwwwww manee i lovee hiim :* ]

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