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Donnie Darko Fans

Why Are You Wearing That Stupid Man Suit?

11/4/07 | me too! | Reply

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Jake Gyllenhaal
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Wake Up Donnie
Me, Myself, and I
October 1988 and small town USA is about to witness the end of the world. Its home to Donnie Darko, a brilliant but troubled teenager, plagued by terrifying visions which he alone knows the meaning of.

With his class mate and soul mate Gretchen and mysterious ex-teacher nicknamed Grandma Death, he must unravel the starnge occurences affecting his school, his home and his life before a horrifying specture known only as 'Frank' leads Donnie to the edge of his sanity. "Wake Up Donnie!"

"A wonderful beautiful twisted masterpiece"
-Empire Magazine

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  • Donnie Darko

    The story is set in the town of Middlesex, Virginia during the 1988 presidential election campaign. Donnie Darko is an emotionally troubled teenager who sleepwalks and visits a therapist with whom he discusses his deepest thoughts throughout the film. One night, an unidentified jet engine falls into Donnie's bedroom, which he unknowingly avoids by sleepwalking outside and following a voice in his head. This voice belongs to Frank, an (apparent) imaginary friend in a man-sized rabbit costume. Frank prophesies that the "end of the world" will occur in "28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes and 12 seconds."

    Donnie is instructed by Frank to perform further acts, which cause a certain chain of events that allow the final scenario to take place: Donnie floods the school, which gives him the chance to court Gretchen Ross, a new classmate and potential love interest; he pursues the concept of time travel, leading to a talk with his science teacher who then gives him The Philosophy of Time Travel, a book by an elderly resident of the town named Roberta Sparrow (known as "Grandma Death" amongst children); and he burns down the house of a motivational speaker whom Donnie had ridiculed at a school assembly, thereby exposing a secret "kiddie porn dungeon." The arrest of the motivational speaker causes Donnie's mother to have to chaperone Donnie's younger sister and her dance group on a flight to Star Search.

    Donnie also begins seeing "portals," wormholes that protrude out of people's chests and are described in the book by Roberta Sparrow. He is shown a "portal" by Frank in a movie theater, where Frank also reveals himself to be a teenager of the same age as Donnie, with a wound in his right eye. One particular portal eventually leads Donnie to a gun in his parents' closet, which he takes and keeps. On Halloween night, with Donnie's parents both out of town, Donnie takes Gretchen and two other friends to seek advice from Roberta Sparrow when they get ambushed by two bullies from school. In the ensuing struggle, Gretchen gets run over by a car and dies instantly, after which the bullies flee. The car that killed Gretchen stops and Donnie soon sees the driver. After realizing that the driver is Frank in a rabbit costume for Halloween, Donnie shoots him, killing him.

    As the prophesied time of the world's end draws near, Donnie takes a car (a metal vehicle is needed to travel in time) and retreats with Gretchen's body to a hillside overlooking town, where a "portal" opens in the sky. Donnie's mother and sister experience turbulence on their return flight, and a jet engine detaches from their plane. The engine travels through the portal to 28 days earlier, crashing into Donnie's bedroom and fulfilling a predestination paradox of time travel. This time, Donnie laughs and chooses to stay in bed.

    The story ends on the morning following the jet engine accident. Donnie is dead and his body is removed from the house as his family mourns. Gretchen is alive and rides by on her bicycle. Never having met Donnie before, she just remarks with a neighborhood kid about the sad event. She waves to Donnie's mother and there is a sense of recognition between them.

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  • Sir.Pizza.Burger

    The Soundtrack is the most depressing album of all time. Love it though.

  • Craig Duncan
    Craig Duncan

    Brilliant Film, loved it for years. I first watched it when I got kicked out of my mums house when I was about 14 (feels like a lifetime ago) and stayed @ my friend Billy's house. Had to watch it twice to get my head round it but I loved it. S Darko was a total let down though. Should have just left it as it was.

  • Insanity
    luv Insanity

    I this movie so much. I literally know every line :D My favourite bit is when Donnie tells kitty to insert the life line up her anus :L The ending made me cry though :( S.Darko Kinda sucked ...

  • Stark

    Faveorite movieeeee! S.Darko? Not so much :/

  • Rebecca

    Scary :(

    3/13/10 via Mobile
  • V'

    Best movie evAR made!! =D

  • Kenny M

    greatest film ever ..

  • Face Book
    Face Book

    ths movies epic y is there no more members :L

  • Josh Úlfhéðinn
    luv Josh Úlfhéðinn

    Fucking amazing movie. Makes you contemplate what it would be like if we had made different choices in the past...

  • Líàm MçGèé
    Líàm MçGèé

    My favourite film. Ever.

  • Katie

    I This Film! :)

  • Alex

  • GasolineGracee
    luv GasolineGracee

    Holy shiit ii RAPE this film !! ^__^ xx

  • Rafiki.Sykes
    luv Rafiki.Sykes

    best film ever made

  • Leah

    Life is one long, insane trip. Some people just have better directions than others. favourite film. the ending with Gary Jules' Mad World playing always makes me cry.

  • Shit.ARachnophobia.

    I love this film so much i watched it like five times in one day!!! :DD

  • Nikki.

    S. Darko is a fail.

  • Síobhàn Davis
    Síobhàn Davis

    best film ive seen in ages

  • Stephen Gibb
    Stephen Gibb

    dose any1 have a pic of frank where he takes his hat thing off in the cinema

  • Greg
    luv Greg

    Pity that s. darko sucks balls. but donnie darko three should be good !