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Gatdamn, NOTHING?! really?!

10/11/11 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 21, Luv 20
  • from United States
  • I am Single
  • www.bebo.com/218Minnow
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  • Garb

    wudd up cuz?

  • Ashleigh
    luv Ashleigh

    ComiN ThRough With that Luv NiGGa ~> yuu Should Already KNo JuniOR :DD

  • luv MoMmy-

    here you go cuzz

  • luv MoMmy-

    hey what u doing junior? im chyllen, bored, so where u gunna stay at toight? drew wants to see u, i think , lol cant wait til the dinner tomorrow, u will pry be shy and not even talk to me huh? lol u smoke??- if u do- imma get ur ass high as fuck tomorrow- lmfao well heres some love cuzin :))

  • luv MoMmy-

    hey what u doing cuzin? i havent gave you a comment in a long time, but yeah just wanted to say high and give you me and calebs 2nd heart :D

  • Ashleigh

    shut ur face ..haha

  • Ashleigh
    luv Ashleigh

    damn don't u kno how too go an give sumone a heart when they give u one...haha...jokes but yea i juss thought i would swing through again since ur being a punk an can't write anyone back ..aight then ttyl

  • Ashleigh
    luv Ashleigh

    whudd it dew?...cuz...i juss thought i would swing through an say hi..err..all gay but yea here's tha luv...ttyl

  • luv KBenais


  • Myke Smiles
    Myke Smiles

    nadda dam juss party on da wknds cause theres no powwows for awhile ya kno! but guess i'll c u dis wknd!!!!

  • Myke Smiles
    Myke Smiles

    wuss good?

  • D'Anne Oka

    wassup what ya up to me nada just thought id give you holla peace

  • Myke Smiles
    luv Myke Smiles

    Nadda dam juss tryna get myself ah job!! oh yea hittin up dem powwows here N there:P But what chu been up ta ther lil cuz?