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and you know that you're truly in love when you couldn't sleep coz finally reality is better than your dreams.

2/28/09 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

what's minnie without mickey. what's patrick without spongebob. what's me without you?
Me, Myself, and I
DEWY...not dawn
Filipino...and partly spanish!! yeya
15 years young
selwyn college

karate,friends,family and God!
te quiero tanto que memoria porti
i love my pen
adventures of dadj!!!!
dewy --- the pelican, ayla --- the seal, dawn --- the lizard and julie --- the big blue whale!!! lol
adventures of djd
dawn's a toothpick, julie's coke in can and dewy's coke in a bottle!!!
Philippine All Stars
you guys are the best! i worship you!
its just the awesomest life changing activity...

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  • Denis Xhiha

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  • Boss Lady
    Boss Lady

    happy birthdayyy!

  • Shabaya

    do my poll

  • Lydia.
    luv Lydia.

    its been frickn two weeks since i wrote to you!!! lol sowi =[ lokw my computers broken so yeah... i couldnt write!! k.,,, first! omg i miss u so much!!! =[ hows skwl!!!!!!!!!! anyone new??? lol........ like i remember when i waz new ahahahah MAn!!!!! why did u have to leave BIO????? is dawn still in it ?? i want to go see it =[=[=[ tell the others to put the video on bebo ^_^ lmao anyways..... im going to skwl in korea now i frickn wak up at six thirty everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!arghhh my skwls like far away(=[) have to bus twenty ,minutes and,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i made like heaps of new friends hahah skwls quite boring and we are in our exam week!! i like stayed up until 2 AM and still my grades are like BADDAZZ/////////////:( anyways!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i reli reali miss u heapz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BBYE write back soon! ILY

  • Clarissa
    luv Clarissa

    ahahaha u suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuckk yyaaahh all goood ahaha lol dawn is the , MAN; lols mayte geeet well buht still come just watch us kk ?

  • Clarissa

    deWWyyy ahah loving the tectonic i need to learn more i keep forgetting :L :L

  • luv Daisy

    hey twinny ! thats fine that your replys are late ; iknow youra busy girl ! :) WOW yaaaay coool ; ur learners ; wooo you go girl ! thats awsum ; now all you gotta do is get use to driving around ;) fuuun ! ooo salsa .. ilike ;) thats gonna bee wickd ! haha ngaaaw big guys and little guys ; sheeeesh : dont want you too get crushed :O aaaaaah ! youl do fine my love :) im gooood ! just the usual ; schl and stuffs , ahhh hectic as ! hahahah more thicker ! howsabout wen she always spells words really rong ! :L like missing letters in a word or an xtra letter in a word .. GOSH :L keeep in touch :) dont worry bout the late replys ! love loves ! xo

  • Lydia.
    luv Lydia.

    heyyy =] im like tanned as! like everyones like oooh ur tanned hahah omg lol ur like busy as 10o clock?? im like jelous hahah i wanted to be in alstars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( hows bring it on an\d kia tu going??? miss ya lots!!!!!!1 XOXOXOXO

  • Lydia.

    hi!!! sowi late reply =[[[[ my trip was like boring as!!!!!!!!1 well its reli hot in korea im like at home aldatym... b=[ lol the floating picture ahahahah i would neva do that again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lmbo!!!!!!!!!TOO SHY ' 0 '

  • Daisy

    hy my darling ; just dropping bye to say helo ! missingyou ! mwaaah ; xx

  • luv Daisy

    LOL ; yaaah hopefully theres no teachers lyk ms jom there :P actually, she gave me goood comments in my report :L xcept she said iget distrcted easily.. beeeetch haha! aaaw LYDIA :( how saaaaad ! imiss her ; and like coming back to hang with u and dawn aint gona be th same cos she wont be around .. stink . OMGG you needa put the pics up ;) ha they were cooool :DD DETOX - hmmm iwana do it for six days ; like you cant eat you hafta drink this stuff, 2litres everyday . it cleanses and cleans your body and gets all th yuck stuff out :) haha oooh yaay coool that multicultural went well.. wat wat wat ?! you hd to do the costumes ? poooryou ; daaang you are one busy girl .. keep me updated y superstar :) keeeep shining ! love yaaa always . xo

  • Daisy

    :DD OMGGGG; im soooo glad to hear from you ! daang.. you are one busy girl ! go hard ! it will all pay off in the end iguarantee :) ihave been good, iam finally use to this place ! istart schl on mondy; cant wait ! OMG lydia went to korea ? aaaaaaaah ! wen ? has she gone for like ever ? :( saaad . imiss you, her and dawn . tell dawn isay hello :) miss jom is a BEEEEEEE; stuff her :L aleast you pass all your tests! sheesh, give you a break ! maaan yr gonna be so coool dancing in your dress doing the salsa :) woohoooo, you go girl ;) gonna be craaaaazy cooool ! break the ice ! LOVEYOU little miss . keeep being the superstar that you are ! &dont ever change . missyou heaps . mwa xo

  • 8/12/09
  • luv Emily

    oh my god dewy :O please let me copy those photos of our dance group please :D

  • luv Daisy

    LOL iknow ; that is soooo the longest blog , ineeded to update my fellow beboers :) and yessssss istill have your medical thingy :D im gonna ryt you a letter ad send it(: aaaaaw iwish ican be late with you in science too :( aaaw gooodtimes ; your gonna dooo soooo well in sci ; you brainy girl ! well keeep in contact my love ; iwont EVER forget you :) dont be silly ! and :L :L about the letter thing ! priceless . love and misss yoooou tooo . xxxo

  • -Dollz

    Hey! wahtz uhb? Hw ur holz been?

    7/18/09 via Mobile
  • ºTaazee

    14 yeap thatz me im' supp0sd t0o be 4th f0rm .LOL

    7/16/09 via Mobile
  • ºTaazee
    luv ºTaazee

    Yeah theree' quhd ay x

    7/16/09 via Mobile
  • Jaymee

    ahfy :L