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Becky Marie

R.I.P. Skye!!!We will all miss you chica!!!! I will NEVER forget you!!!! *~*Skye #15 RIP*~*

1/28/08 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

"Love is like the wind...You cant see it,but u can feel it" From A Walk To Remember
Me, Myself, and I
Hey the names Becky! I am 19 and graduated from East Mills High Schoo.i now go to Iowa Western Community College.I play volleyball, basketball, track, softball, and im on the dance team.I love to have all around have fun.I listen to nething xcept the shit that'll make u fall asleep!!!! Right now i work at CnMs where a lot of kids from my school work.its so xciting.my absolute favorite dog is the pitbull.i have 2 of them.they r the best dogs ive ever had....plus a boxer!!!!they r the greatest!!!!
The Other Half Of Me
Cassandra Lee

Cassandra Lee

Sistas 4 Life!!!!

Rap, Country, Punk, pretty much everything...I just cnt stand the fuckin music that'll make ya fall asleep in a fuckin HEARTBEAT!!!!
My favs are Dirty Dancing, Hope Floats, and Pure Country, In the Army Now, n Son in Law...But i love all the BLUE COLLAR COMEDY TOUR series bc they r absolutely fuckin hilarious!!!!
My fav. college football team is the HUSKERS
*~*Scared Of*~*
Funeral Homes..bc ever since i went to my 1st funeral(my Gma Thomas's)ive hated them ever since!!!
*~*Happiest When*~*
Im hangin with my friends, family, and my boyfriend mr anthony i love him tons
i fuckin LOVE FORDS!!!!THEY FUCKIN KICK ASS!!!!!But nething that runs is fine wit me cuz its a car/truck!!!Sorry Chevy luverz..
My Dad-I love u so much it hurts n i miss u loads!!!U gave me stength to know that i have the power to do nething if i set mymind n heart to it My Gma T-i miss u!!!we were really close.u helped me by giving me the courage to be myself no matter whos there My Uncle Norm-I WISH U WERE HERE!!!u were always the strong one in ur family n now i am n mine n i have to b to live on!!!!

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  • hEy gUyS

    omg!!!the past few weeks have bee really stressful!!! All ima say is that Make the best of life cuz u never know wt could happen.is so scary!!!!


    0 Comments 286 weeks

  • Hey

    OMG!!!2day was fuckin crazy!my school was n a bomb threat!n like a shitload of ppl left.i stayed cuz the whole thing was fuckin retarded not only cuz i knew the kid wasnt gonna do it but bc it was just plain out dumb!

    0 Comments 288 weeks

  • Hey

    To all the ppl who stood by my side thru evrything I really appreciate it n im so sorry for not listening to u guys when i should have n im sorry its no1s fault but my own.

    u ppl know who u r

    1 Comment 293 weeks

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    Megan Sparks

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  • Andy Tysor
    Andy Tysor

    hey nm u

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    Bebo Love

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  • Andy Tysor
    Andy Tysor

    nm u well got to go

  • Gretchen Obanion

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  • Kimberley Leggett

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    7/14/08 via Mobile
  • Cassandra Lee
    Cassandra Lee

    Now what??? Or is it what we already talked about!?!?!?

  • Cassandra Lee
    luv Cassandra Lee

    Oh ya baby were out of school!!!!!!!!!! Im so excited!!!!!!!!

  • Cassandra Lee
    luv Cassandra Lee

    Becky I like being a tard.OMG!!!!!......lol!!! Hellz ya 6 more FUCKING DAYS!!!!!!!! *~cASSIE~*

  • Cassandra Lee
    Cassandra Lee

    Becky...................... Whats up?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?

  • Becky Marie
    Becky Marie

    Hey chica!!!!wat the hell is up?????i will fo sho b comin to town Friday but im not sure bout Saturday yet....its still up n the air...do newho....well sorry to cut tis short but i g2g bc i gotta shower plus get ready for work.....l8erz *!bECKY*!*

  • Shelby Mae Gardner
    luv Shelby Mae Gardner

    My big ass lives in shen and i am alwys stuck at home cuz i have noone to kick it with lmao but ya nothing is new and u sound like a very busy person lol well u will be preeeeetttttyyyyy at the wedding and i dont keep pics jake has or had the one of us lol and that WHORE HUNG UP ON MEEEEE lol u no what im talkin bout but ya love ya

  • Shelby Mae Gardner
    luv Shelby Mae Gardner

    Ya thats right i will fuck you! omg men can be so weird and if u learned anything from me you can break them up :) trust me lol but ya that sucks i hate it when i give up really good opertunities and then i relized what i did and then next thing you no they have moved on it sucks i no what you are goin thru i had the chance to date jake again and i said i didnt no and the next thing i no him and kaile are datin so ya i no how bad it feels and the background thing is true but there are a million and one other true ones change it for ME please i need it:) :) lol well peace ~Shelby Mae~

  • Shelby Mae Gardner
    luv Shelby Mae Gardner

    Hey baby........thanx for the pic comment that would be my ex koda that i was talkin to u and i gave that one up lol the other nite is what im talkin bout if u remember but ya im bored and i love my background so u should go read it and my phone dont work anymore i dont remember if i told you or not so ya CHANGE YOUR BACKGROUND i am goin to keep sayin it untill u do got to love me right!!!!!!!!!!!! ~Shelby Mae Gardner~

  • Andy Tysor
    Andy Tysor

    lo ser jk jk