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this band is so dead cos of the writers strike.

2/14/08 | me too! | Reply

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"Saving you ...did I save the world?" "I don't know, I'm just a cheerleader."
Me, Myself, and I
ємραтну ιѕ тнє αвιℓιту тσ "¢σηηє¢т" ωιтн σтнєя ρєσρℓє ση α мєηтαℓ ℓєνєℓ.

ємραтнι¢ мιмι¢яу ιѕ αη єƒƒє¢т σƒ тнιѕ ρσωєя тнαт αℓℓσωѕ ƒσя тнє ∂υρℓι¢αтιση σƒ тнє ѕυρєянυмαη αвιℓιтιєѕ σƒ σтнєя єνσℓνє∂ нυмαηѕ.

тнιѕ ρσωєя ιѕ ¢υяяєηтℓу σωηє∂ ву σηℓу σηє ρєяѕση...ρєтєя ρєтяєℓℓι.

тнιѕ gяσυρ ιѕ ƒσя ∂є∂ι¢αтє∂ ƒαη тσ ∂ιѕ¢υѕѕ ραѕт ρяєѕєηт αη∂ ƒυтυяє єνєηтѕ σƒ нєяσєѕ.

α¢qυιяє∂ ρσωєяѕ ιη¢ℓυ∂є:
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#мαηιρυℓαтιηg тнє ѕρα¢є-тιмє/¢σηтιηυυм
#яα∂ιαтιση мαηιρυℓαтιση
#ѕυρєянυмαη ѕтяєηgтн
#ѕρσηтαηєσυѕ яєgєηєяαтιση

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  • Heroes the Video Game

    "Ubisoft has announced that they have licensed the rights to produce an as yet untitled Heroes video game. The game is expected to be offered for PCs and console gaming platforms."

    I can't wait for it to come out. How mad play as all ur characters lol..

    Tell us ur thoughts on it.......

    1 Comment 291 weeks

  • Rumours for Niki, Nathan and Adam

    !Online’s Kristin has some ‘insider’ info on the three characters whose fate is uncertain after the final episode of Volume Two: Nathan (shot to death by a mysterious killer), Niki (probably dead after the explosion) and Adam (Kensei), buried alive by Hiro.

    Here’s the rumors:

    Ali Larter: According to Heroes insiders, Niki is not expected to return to the show. But her devilish alter ego, Jessica? Oh yeah, we’ll see her as soon as the show comes back to the beloved airwaves—when the strike is through! At least, that’s the plan according to sources who tell me producers had “done all they could do” with Niki. Micah is not gonna be happy. But at least he’ll have Monica…

    David Anders: I’d bet my beloved, signed Hiro poster that Hiro’s sworn nemesis will return. (I’ve seen that ’90s flick The Vanishing and know people can be dug up after being buried alive! Maybe we can even get Kiefer Sutherland to do the digging!) Sources tell me it’s not set in stone, but the tentative plan is for Adam Monroe to be back to torment our favorite squinty teleporter—i.e., the “carp.” Here’s hoping he does.

    Adrian Pasdar: I’ve heard the production and writing staff is somewhat split as to whether Nathan should return to the show. Allow me to be the first to say WTF? Heroes without the brothers would be like Prison Break or Brothers & Sisters without the brothers: a waste of time! Surely Claire’s blood can save her own father, right?! Let’s say a little prayer for the older Petrelli, shall we?

    0 Comments 293 weeks

  • Volume 2: what changed Volume 3: what's next

    As most of us know, Volume 2 was heavily criticized by the fans and Tim Kring even apologized vowing to make the end of Volume 2 better and promised that Volume 3 will be even better. Thus, leading to script re-writes and also a alternate ending because of the strike allowing for Sylar to return.

    What was Changed During Volume 2:
    NOTE: These changes occurred for various reasons

    1) Kristen Bell was originally suppose to be in 8 episodes and then killed off but due to fan support they are keeping her around for a bit longer

    2) Elle was setup as a Bob’s step daughter and the daughter of Meredith which in turn would have been Claire’s SISTER but they dropped it due to lack of storyline and plot holes.

    3) Stephen Tobolowsky (Bob) also had a slightly different story, he was supposed to be more evil then he is now and even recruited his SON WEST to make Claire turn against her father this was dropped early in Volume 2 for “various reasons”.

    Wow, so Claire was going to be Elle’s sister as Kristen Bell almost leaked when she was signed on to the cast and I never saw that West would be Bob’s Son, but it did feel like he was sent to watch Claire early on. Also, it did feel like Bob was planned to be this big EVIL character and then they backed off.

    Ok now for what many of you want to know….the current direction for Vol. 3…please keep in mind nothing has been written and all of this is the “current” plan the writers have for the show. There is plenty of things that can change between now and well….whenever the show returns.

    Spoilers Below

    The Current Plan for Volume 3:

    1) Ali Larter will return to the show (as Kristin at E!Online has already reported) but are planning to wrap up her storyline up in Volume 3. (editor’s note: Also, there are rumors floating around that Ali Larter’s evil alter ego Jessica will be a part of the Volume and not Niki.)

    2) Micah’s storyline will end also

    3) David Anders (Adam) will return and will meet a new friend

    4) Adrian Pasdar (Nathan) well thats it up to the fans and he “might be back so don’t worry.”

    5) Zachary Quinto (Sylar) will be more bad ass then ever and when we come back he will kill a star on the show

    6) Villains is the start of something bigger for Heroes and hopefully it will be more fast pace then Generations (Volume 2).

    or of darker storylines for the Superhero genre so it is good to hear that Adam and Sylar will be back terrorizing the Heroes.

    0 Comments 293 weeks

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    Darren Speirs by Darren Speirs
    he can only take one power right now but if he take an other power he loses his only one i think if he reconects with his mother he will be a to take more than one
    0 Replies 225 weeks
  • Peter's Empathy

    Sam by Sam
    We have said that Peter's empathy is the ability to 'connect' with people. In series 1 he dreamt about Nathan's accident while it was happening, because he is emotionally linked with Nathan. He aslso has the dream about Charles just before he hears about him dying. What do you all think?
    0 Replies 289 weeks
  • Peter vs. Sylar fight in '5 Years Gone'

    Sam by Sam
    Eveyone says he uses radiation manipulation in that fight but, it is so blatently fire!
    If you listen closely, when he uses it, he says 'fire', and you can see the flames on his hands. If it were RM, thet would just glow. What do you all think? This is cos i just watched that episode again on my new box set... Luvin it!
    4 Replies 289 weeks

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  • Heroes

    I'm sorry but this group sucks. You described the power incorrectly.

  • Deidre Royalty

    sawp Check out this link to pimp out your profiles hehe! www.sick-offer.com MuAh bye

    7/14/08 via Mobile
  • Heroes worldwide Fanclub 4/12/08
  • Ellie J
    luv Ellie J

    yeah thats heaps good! whens heroes gonna come back tho? isn't it september for season 3? look i recreated maya's power on myself :) anyways looking forward to the quiz BYE xx

  • Ellie J
    Ellie J

    you shud make a quiz about the first season tht wud be fun :) xx

  • Ellie J
    Ellie J

    lol i managed to stumble along this page when i was looking for pics of fire on the internet so i cud photoshop it onto my hand (: nice page! xx ellie

  • Steve

    Hey I just wanted to let you know I have registered for your website and it's lookin good.. Keep up the good work..

  • EmpathicMimicry

    new vids uploaded. check me out. new sneak peek at seaosn3. not geart quality though.

  • EmpathicMimicry

    check out the new blog entries

  • Heroes fan club.
    Heroes fan club.

    Join this band. http://www.nbc.com/heroes/ Updated every week & every day. Heroes Rules. - Plase don't mark as spam. Highly appreciated :D

  • Heroes

    Man this page is good I just updated mine Check it out please i got polls and quizes and all that stuff on it

  • Heroes fan club.
    Heroes fan club.

    Join this band. http://www.heroesfansite.bebo.com Updated every week & every day. Heroes Rules. - Plase don't mark as spam. Highly appreciated :D

  • EmpathicMimicry

    forum is up dont forget to register. see our saying.

  • Paul Anderson
    Paul Anderson

    Wow, how good was the new episode, Adam Monroe is Teketo Kensi never seen that coming. I bet its Mohinder that kills Mr Bennet. Next weeks episode is called 4 months earlier and it explains EVERTTHING, how is peter alive, wheres his memory, hiw is DL dead. Wooo can't wait the trailer for it is on my page if anybody wants to take a look. :D

  • Cee

    Thanks for the request, if anyones interested I have Heroes Inc a group not only including "Heroes" aka peter, hiro and gang but other shows and films that portray a hero base... http://www.bebo.com/heroesinc


    Please Join :D :D :D