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We all stroke the dog.

9/14/08 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, Luv 30
  • from Kingston
  • I am In a Relationship
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About Me

One day, The Shortbread Supervillians will take over the world.
Me, Myself, and I
You've probably seen me about;
Long ass hair
My slightly light greyish hoody
Band T shirt
Dark Blue Jeans
My cheapass shoes that are still G.

If you shout my name, It'll take me a while to find out where you are, So like, jump and wave or something.


"It don't matter what people think, They're all twerps"

Love is a four letter word, that starts with L and ends in Y
Honestly, this girl means more to me than anyone has ever.
Nothing can ever change that

You can't see it all in a day, it takes time, come visit my living room of lyrics
and you'll find, theres a picture of my future in my frame of mind

Iambic pentameter is where it's at

My msn for those who need it: im.okay.i.promise@gmail.com
TBH, Anything and everything, Sway, Billy Talent, Tenacious D, Wiley, My Chemical Romance, Sex Pistols. to name the few that came to mind, trust my music taste is mashed
Songs that changed my life
Nobody puts baby in the corner - Fall Out Boy
Thank you for the Venom - My chem
Products - Sway
Tribute - Tenacious D
What the world needs now - Burt Bacharach and Elvis Costello

Seriously, don't ask the stories behind them.
The Warriors, Fight Club. Shaun of the Dead, I Am Legend. Anything that is basically freakin' epic in any way, shape or form
I'm too cool for sports
Scared Of...
Dying alone, The Dark, "Alone in the Dark" gave me the shits. Any type of bird flying near or over my head
Happiest when...
With the amazing people/person that make/s my life amaze.
The people that make me happy
Are all listed to the left, and slightly downwards
The friends box is basically what I was saying to look at

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  • The Death of a Cabaret Bar

    I'm standing in the middle of the stage.
    The spotlights are on, honey and this is my time to perform.
    I'm worst at what I do best but dear God,
    It comes naturally
    A mutter goes through the crowd as I start my piece.
    I deliver and finish with clarity and not a sound is heard
    Bar the old wheezing man at the back
    I bow and stagger off stage,
    Ready for the sudden turning point of the evening

    A shoddy display of confidence
    Providence to the others
    For it to be spat back in my face

    [Verse 2]
    A tap on my shoulder, I turn around and see the gent from earlier
    With an aged face and a weak smirk upon it, He remarks in a low tone
    I go out the back and the air turns cold.
    The slight mist in the air and strong smell of whiskey,
    Reminds me to keep on breathing
    A inch to my left, the moss on the dumpster is starting to bloom
    Beautiful but ugly in a world full of hgh achievers
    I return to greet my audience.

    A shoddy display of confidence
    Providence to the others
    For it to be spat back in my face

    [Verse 3]
    Only to see the crowd departing to continue their day to day lives,
    As I stand alone on a beer drenched stage
    I dont bother encouraging them to stay
    As I don't need an audience to judge my act.
    So I gather my things and flick off the switch
    And cover up my ugly face with the hood of my jacket.

    See, I can write songs, You better believe.

    Andays in a a bad mood

    I love all of you, and I fucking mean that.


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Bella Morte - "Earth Angel"

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  • you playing guitar hero 3
    you playing guitar hero 3

    haha yeah i was bored =p. i do make better ones lol you should see some i've done =p

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  • This is just so I remember this crap

    If you speak Dutch, It might go a lil' something like this.<br>
    Ik wou dat ik mijn leven in zwart-wit zou kunnen leven.<br>
    Maar alleen zien in verschillende blauwe kleuren
    Ik leef zo optimistisch als ik kan.<br>
    Sommige dingen lijken me altijd neer te halen
    Ik stop mezelf niet ...

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"Just for fun!" - Recent Matches
78%  "There’s something there" - 
77%  "There’s something there" -  Joshy
82%  "Same difference" -  Anynething

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