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  • Female, Luv 36
  • from warrington
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 847
  • Last active: 5/30/10
  • www.bebo.com/gawjus_iccul_emily
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Emilyy Jannee Quinn:D :D

Addy?? Ask!:P


ѕнє gσєѕ ѕσмєтнιηg ℓιкє тнιѕѕ...
ℓσηg вℓση∂є нαιя● вяιgнт вℓυє єуєѕ● ωιтн ℓσα∂ѕ σƒ αмαzιηg ƒяιєη∂ѕ..^
вσяη●14тн נυℓу 1995
ℓινєѕ ιη ρєηкєтн..
hAnnAh mAsOn,
mOllie duchArme,
Abby rAzac,
lOve You girLs x
hAnnAh mAson
hannah, hannah, hannah!!

love you so much, how can i describe you!!:D :D
funny, random, a great laugh..
great times!!
you takle after your mum! love you pam!!
yeh but i love you sooooooo much,
Abby rAzAc
love you sooo much abby!!
chilli chilli!:D :D XXXX so many amazin times to gether!!
i love you so much!
dead funny!!!
allthe funny partys we have been to!!
[sigh] i love you!

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    SeXy TeSt!
    How old do I look?
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    Would you rather be on top or bottom?
    [ ] Top
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    Do I have pretty eyes?
    [ ] Yes
    [ ] No

    Do you like my body?
    [ ] Yes
    [ ] No

    Would you be sad if I moved?
    [ ] Yes
    [ ] No

    Would you come visit me?
    [ ] Yes
    [ ] No

    Am I..
    [ ] Hott
    [ ] Beautiful
    [ ] Sexy
    [ ] Cute
    [ ] beastly mongrel

    Would you rather..
    [ ] Makeout
    [ ] Cuddle
    [ ] Fuck
    [ ] Go out

    Do you want to go out with me?
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    [ ] No

    Would you give me your number?
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    Are you going to repost this so I can answer for YOU?
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  • would yuuh???

    1. Give me ur number?
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    5. Have dinner with me?
    6. Drive me sumwer?
    7. Take a shower with me?
    8. Be my bf?
    9. Tell me u think im cute?
    10. Buy me a drink if i didnt have none?
    11. Take me home for da nite?
    12. Let me sleep in ur bed?
    13. Give me a sloppy snog?
    14. Let me shag u?
    15. Re-post dis for me 2 let me answer ur questions?
    16. Do u think im attractive, beautiful or sexy?
    17. Do u like my style?
    18. Do u think im funie?
    19. Do u care about me?
    20. Would u dance wit me?
    21. Would u sing happy b'day 2 me?
    22. If you could give me anything what would it be?
    23. Ever wanted to tell me something that you couldn't?

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63 Annoying Questions Survey

Song that always makes you sad: my heart will go on
Last thing you bought: chocolate
Last person you argued with: sisterr
Do you put butter before putting the jelly on: yess
One of your nicknames as a kid: quinny
Did you ever own at one time a Nsync Cd: noope
Favorite day of the week: thursdaay
Favorite Sundae topping: marsmelloowws
Did you take Piano lessons: nopee
Most frequent song played: n dubz.. stong again
TV show you secretly enjoy: dunneerr
Would you rather play basketball or hockey: basketball
Date someone older or younger: older
One place you could travel right now: ameriiicaa
Do you use umbrellas: sometimess
Do you know all the words to your national anthem: noppppee
Favorite Cheese: the really red one
Disturbed or My Chemical Romance: my chemical romance
Blondes or Brunettes: blondes
Best job you ever had: not had one yet
Did you go to your high school prom: not had it yet
Perfect time to wake up: afternooonn
Perfect time to go to bed: afer midnigt
Do you use your queen right away in chess: dont play it
Ever been in a car accident: yess
Closer to mom or dad...or neither: niehterr
What do you call your sweetheart lovingly: babe
What decade during the 20th century would you have chosen to be a teenager: dunneer
Favorite shoes you have EVER owned: uggs
Do you have an article of clothing from your childhood: naaahh
Were you in track and field: uh?
Were you ever in a school talent show: nopee,, but on holiday i was
Have you ever written in a library book: yess:P
Allergic to: ametop
Favorite fruit: kiwi
Have you watched sex and the city: yess
Baseball hat or toque: baseball hat
Do you shampoo first in the shower or soap: soap
Wet the toothbrush or brush dry with the toothpaste: wett
Pen or pencil: pen
Have you ever gambled at a casino: nope
Have you thrown up on a plane: noppe
Have you thrown up in a car: nooppe
Have you thrown up at work: noope
Do you scream on roller coasters: dunnneerr
Who was your first prom date: ...
Who was your first roommate: sisterr
What alcoholic beverage did you drink for the first time: straightvodkaa
What was your first job: not had one yet
What was your first car: cant drive
When did you first go to a funeral: neverr
How old were you when you first moved away from your hometown: 1
Who was your first grade teacher: cant rememberr:S
When did you sneak out of your house for the first time: a while ago
Who was your first best friend and are you still friends with them: lucy hopee and yehhh
Where did you live the first time you moved out of your parent: e nanss
Who is the first person you call when you have a bad day: mollie or hannah or lornaa
Whose wedding were you in, the first time you were a bridesmaid or a groomsman: auntyyss
What is the first thing you do in the morning: wash me face and teath
What was the first concert you attended: girls allowed
First tattoo or piercing: ears
Where did you go on your first airplane ride: greece
First celebrity crush: dunneerr

close can you dance???

can you dance???

My result is: yes!!

your the dancer everybody knows about as soon as that music starts you are on the floor for the rest of the night!!

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  • Beckie

    I just snagged $807 in 4 days at home on the computer! Made it with - http://x.co/KTIw Your going to be so happy!

  • Bethanyy

    OMG... this girl is topless on her msn cam. Shes trying to set a record for most msn cam views.... hit her up on ChasityFarabeejpaea@hotmail.com, its her msn messenger name

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  • X.Hannah Louise.X
    luv X.Hannah Louise.X

    hey :) i no same i only go on it like once every 2 months :P and i am good thank you babe but wbu ?? xxxx

  • X.Hannah Louise.X
    luv X.Hannah Louise.X

    hey babe :P havent seen or spoke to you in ages missing you at dancin lol write back :)) love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :D

  • Matt
    luv Matt

    im very good thabkiis!!! and how is yu rb ly xx luv is returned:P

  • This Sucks.
    This Sucks.

    yee i am thankyou :) just got home x youu? x il repay ya love in a few days lol xxxxx

  • Tony
    luv Tony

    here is ur luv bak now coz i kinda no can i ave more plz plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Tony

    ello emily liddddddddd

  • Matt
    luv Matt

    awwwww yer she is goin to the one in halifax. yu myt see me there some days. it is tomoz aint it i wont be there. watchin burnley :D . wouldnt really go anyways lol. but pryer is makin me come to some of ur audition thingy's so ye will see yu :D i really aint emo!! yu will have to apologise sexualy now:D only jokin. i aint no pedo or am i oj ill shut up now.

  • Matt
    luv Matt

    hey wuu2 rb :D

  • Matt
    luv Matt

    Lol Yer well i never knew yu danced. Lol Oj Well i aint done much exitin coz i aint got a gf coz i is a bore Lol I broke my guitar string yesterday and it cut a slit into my wrist so now i am a part time emo. Lol:S

    2/27/09 via Mobile
  • Matt
    luv Matt

    Im gud thankis:D Lol. U look gud in ur pj's Lmao. That was weird. I went in ur room and then i was like :o should i go bak out. Lmao, Was funni. Wuu2

    2/26/09 via Mobile
  • Troy

    Hiyaaa :D :D Yee im good tarr uu :P Aww thankuuu so did yourss (: x Wubu22 not saw uu in agess x writebackk loveyou x x x x

  • Lornaa
    luv Lornaa

    any time :D you are my bbffffff after all ;) :L you gooooooon you are right i guess :/ i have a sore finger =[ =[ i love you morer :P :P :L have my love anyway i wont send it to myyself i aint as weird as you ;) love yooooooo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • E.Q

    ThannksForZeeLoveBckkBabbeyy:D yess it is goingg to beee ace:P :P get yourr ornage cameraa out readdyy;-] Well yess i have it sooo much luckier than others:P but sometimes luck isnt always good babe!:P i am always in the hospital lol:D :D [[oh well]] i love you bagilions[:S] too lol xxx Honesstllyy:P :P KissKiissL;;xx from your bestestt xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [p.s i have no love left:( :( :( ]

  • Lornaa
    luv Lornaa

    argh i wish i was in my bed but nooo i have to go to school :| ahh some people just have it luckier than others i guess :L . aw thank you babeeeeeeeeey :) i would say happy birthday back but its not your birthday :| i love you bagillions too babaaaaaaaa and yes flash dance is gonna be accceeee!!! mate gonna look sexyyyy :L love youuuuuuuuuuuu squilliooooooooooons heres you love back ;) from your bestie westie :P Lornaaaaaaaaaa xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Niicola
    luv Niicola

    Emiillчч:) Yeahhh Thannkkuu:) uu?x Wattss uur msnn :P ii nOoo hahaaa camiii wass hahahaha Havee Mчч LOvee:) iiLYSMM xxxxx

  • Lornaa
    luv Lornaa

    hahaha corse babe :P love you bagillions if thats a word :L from your bestie WESTIE!! lornaaaaaa hehe xxx

  • Lornaa
    luv Lornaa

    sorry forgot love!!!