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John Doe

They say you are what you eat.... well I must be eating a sturdy diet of fukn awsome!

6/26/09 | me too! | Reply

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Speak up!!! I cant hear you over my awsomness!!!
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Even in the cold arse rain she got me HOT 2 TROT!!

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Just funny shit! and stuff containing Megan Fox, transform bitches and roll out!
Skating, 100 meter dash from guard dogs, hurdles over fences, watching cartoons...
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Everything awsome!!!
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I have lotsa casha mula babay!!!!! and bein with family and friends
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  • B O L O
    B O L O

    hey broo hows things? gud yeah?? well countdown is already on hahaha only 4mnths to go lolz plus i got to talk to u bout something kk...

  • B O L O
    luv B O L O

    hey bro how r fings?? xx

  • B O L O
    luv B O L O

    hey bro how u??? how was new years?? xx hav lov bro big hi and lov to famz

  • K-Belle
    luv K-Belle

    whats the area code and all that-i dont know the rest of it ill ring you tomorrow night kool bout 7 - 8 our time,swt.

  • K-Belle
    luv K-Belle

    what ur landline man-ill just ring i tryed and got nothing back from u!! Love to nephew!!miss him heaps! xxoo kid

  • K-Belle

    oi txted did you get it?hawow? ps love the self promotion of yourself in the verb of the day!!!sturdy diet man!lol lov to monkey! xoxo kid

  • luv Knoose One

    hey man how's it goin? been gettin up much?

    11/2/09 via Mobile
  • K-Belle
    luv K-Belle

    um i finish this week at 5 cause the car is in the shop so iv switched shifts-i can still tx your celli though a?

  • K-Belle

    lol i just went over the message with tha monkey bout yous had gone to the zoo!I JUST REALISED THAT IT WAS YOU!WHAT A EGG A! dont answer that!lol

  • K-Belle

    That means ring Sister!!!hows bolo better get on to him too!man it was good when we all were together minus the grey area it was awesome man!need to do it again sune a!well come to you guys yea nex yea cheap flights just need to top up on the visa so im debt free by the time we come over!!even if its just me and d w!!well brother i will send it this tuesday if you likeness!!xxooxxoo to neph!!!pssst aunty kid id the best!lol

  • K-Belle
    luv K-Belle

    okay yep i member those i think asia helped herself to those her or tay?cause i member they were on the table in the garage for yonkis and then the caps and the cans had gone-yep got the book and can send the oil paint to!deleted your address so hook it up again,sorry bout the lateness but i got you a tee! itttsssss DOPE!hows nephew?mis him like crazy man, tin got a new job 10 days on 4 days off weekend starts on a thurdays til sunday primo a!HOOOLLLLAAAHHH!well be there soon the universe will provide!lol - how you?school?work?life havent talked in yonkers but that doesnt change much a!5 minutes on the phone with ya and its like i talked not long ago - but that doesnt mean dont ring me!!!

  • Knoose One

    Nah it sucks, there is these drains that used to be legal but yeah not anymore

    10/27/09 via Mobile
  • Knoose One

    yeah man south east around logan area

    10/27/09 via Mobile
  • Knoose One

    Yeah as much as possible, only walls im keen for trains soon, ah yeah true shit, I dunno aye I don't really talk to any other crews except for the ones im in and tc boys, where abouts in brisbane you at?

    10/25/09 via Mobile
  • Knoose One

    Oh true sweet as, yeah the stores here are good, yeah man I writer for tkc and atp, what about you?

    10/24/09 via Mobile
  • Knoose One

    Only started this year man what about you?

    10/24/09 via Mobile
  • Knoose One

    Haha yeah, brisburn man where you from?

    10/24/09 via Mobile
  • K-Belle
    luv K-Belle

    Hey bro yes its me i know im bretty sure i posted up on your face book-anyhey i hope you had a good one,well i need bank details-this year well just bank cash for monkey and send something small for xmas k,bou the postage-um i dont know where your paints are and i cant member wat else you wanted other than the tee which i got printed so get atn me k stink bum........and phone number so i can ring your ass!! love to everybodies!! xxoo sister,sibling,kid,kiri-the best!

  • luv Casual

    Hey bro! Sorry for the lateness and Happy age day for da 23rd bro! man we moved houses and we just got our phone on now dude and the net! useless company! anyway hows things bro? hows the famz and monster mali? lol got a Micro deck bro just aint skated on it yet lol paranoid i'll hammer myself lol....... so the new home num is 02 86781221... giz a call when u can and when im free i'll buzz ya big bro! Hope all is well and take care! one!