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Shane Murray

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  • Male, 24, Luv 217
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I

Im Shane, Wee Boy roun Roslea, Murray in Belfast

Ders a wee bit more to me, but im sure no1 reli cares lol

Its all on me facebook anyway!

WEE BOY till the day i die
Respect. lol
I feel like taking off
Im gonna be your Supernovaaa
So how's your week been?
Without me...how you keepin?
Leeds Utd AFC, Roslea Shamrocks GFC...and the usual kickabouts with the lads...everytin and anythin reli, from water polo, equestrian riding and bowls to croquet, lacross and ballet
Scared Of
bogie men under my bed, the dark, and the curtains moving. rats and cathal delea when he's had a few....ohh and Tommy as well (the sexual predator) lmao
Im used to naked fla by now.
Happiest When
playin footie, betn on footie, footie trips, drinkin, goin out, chattn....too many otr tings to mention lol
this weeks motto:
march on together
sweet about me
nothin sweet about me

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  • Fermanagh Sayings!! lol

    100: Perfect - reply to "How are you?"
    A great feed: A hearty and enjoyable meal, normally at a reasonable price.
    A wee want: Lacking in everyday social skills, not the most accademic.
    As happy as a mouse in a mail sack: An expression of contentment.
    As the man says: In other words.
    Bleather: General discourse or chat.
    Blindy: A person with poor eyesight.
    Boys a dear: A sign of exasperation.
    Broze: Inconvenience or unhandiness
    Brutal: Harsh beyond belief.
    Buck daft : A moment of madness
    Butther: Butter.
    Cheep: An audible sound.
    Childer: Offspring
    Clatty: Disorderly or untidy.
    Claw: See hoke.
    Codding: Joking.
    Caddy: A youngster or adolesant.
    Come here : Please listen to what I'm about to say
    Come you here: Please come a little closer
    Courtin': Dating someone
    Cub: Male. The son of
    Culchie: Someone not from the town.
    Cuttie: Female. The daughter of
    Fierce: Mighty.
    Filum: Motion picture.
    Flure: The Floor.
    Foosie: Sweet tray bake.
    Foundered : Cold. Perhaps at risk from hypothermia.
    Full: A pre-cursor to being drunk
    Full as a tick: A phrase most commonly used after " big feed"
    Full of the blade: Response to "hows' she cuttin' "
    Get it handy: A job or task which can be executed with ease.
    Give her dixie: To push something (normally a car) to its limit.
    Good man yourself: Thank you very much.
    Hallion: A naughty of mischevous teenager.
    Handlin: Complicated.
    Happy days: An indication of contentment.
    Hashing: Talking, sometimes annoyingly so, and with very little interest to the receipiant.
    Hate: Heat
    Have you the spuds in?: Have you eaten yet.
    Hoke: To rearrange or create a space for something.
    Hows' she cuttin' ?: How are you doing ?
    I 'clare to goodness: I am somewhat surprised.
    I havn't a baldy: An incomprehensible situation
    Kip: A filthy place. Untidy perhaps resembling the contents of a skip.
    Lieing up like a brute: To lounge around, sometimes after a social event the previous day.
    Loaded: The stage reached after "full"
    Lock: Any number above one.
    Lockjawed : Suffering the acute affects of alcahol.
    Mighty: See Fierce.
    Mizzle: Something in-between rain and drizzle.
    More power to your elbow: Well done.
    Not a hep : A small amount.
    Not a pile: Uneventful.
    Pishing: Precipitation.
    Powerful: See mighty or feirce
    Quar: Automobile
    Quit: Please stop.
    Rare tare : An uncommon event
    Red out: To clean out.
    Rightly: In agreement
    Santy: Father Christmas
    Says I: I said.
    Scarse: Unbelievable.
    Sefetee: Safety.
    Sham: An acknowledgement used in conjunction with a hand motion similar to that of a "high five"
    She: See yoke.
    Shlay: A Small village in east Fermanagh.
    Skay: A provincial Fermanagh town.
    Skitter: A young child. Can be a term for loose bowels.
    Suckers: Wild or domesticated animals killed for pork or ham.
    Take it handy: To wish good luck.
    Talk t ya: Goodbye for now.
    Tay: A cup of tea or your evening meal.
    Terra: A situation which was found to be intolerable
    The shaft: Belfast.
    The very best: General response to a well-being enquiry.
    Tip away at: To carry on with.
    Up the country: Any where north or east of Fermanagh.
    Wake (weak) as a kitten: To feel fatigued.
    Whisht: Please be Quiet.
    Ye buck: You rascal
    Yoke: A term to describe any object.
    You could trot a mouse on it: An indication that ones cup of tea/coffee is strong
    Your arse in a band box: You're pulling my leg.

    0 Comments 269 weeks

  • If

    If you can keep your head when all about you are losing their's and blaming it on you...
    If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, ut make allowance for their doubting too...
    If you can wait and not be tired by waiting, or being lied about, don't deal in lies, or being hated, don't give way to hating, and yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise...
    If you can dream - and not make dreams your master...
    If you can think - and not make thoughts your aim...
    If you can meet with triumph and disaster and treat those two impostors just the same...
    If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools, or watch the things you gave your life to, broken, and stoop and build 'em up with worn-out tools...
    If you can make one heap of all your winnings and risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss, and lose, and start again at your beginnings and never breathe a word about your loss...
    If you can force your heart and nerve and sinewn to serve your turn long after they are gone, and so hold on when there is nothing in you except the will which says to them: "Hold on!"...
    If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue, or walk with kings - nor lose the common touch...
    If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you...
    If all men count with you, but none too much...
    If you can fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds' worth of distance run...
    Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it, and - which is more - you'll be a Man, my son!

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    Still a premiership team, top class strike force, contenders for a european place, FA CUP finalists 2005........ LEEDS?

    Micky Flanagan 0 Replies

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  • Dianemarie Mellott

    You have to check this out http://tinyurl.com/3plxqnb

    8/13/11 via Mobile
  • - BarryMurray

    Swindon Swindon Swindon,,,,, cum on d fuk

  • - BarryMurray


  • Jassoonn

    well wdc

  • luv Roisin.


    9/14/09 via Mobile
  • Pauric

    Yeah sarah put me on facebook der yesterday!!! still not sure how it works hi.. but shore feck it...!!!jesus dis college ting is some buminn bout hi ya just do nothin !!! lyin bout drinkin...plus youd be ten times worse...ha so any craic dese days...lol

  • luv Pauric

    whats crackin now shane..u get dat room painted yet ya bum or is pauline stilll doin it..

  • Mikaela Mc Ardle

    god ur such a mouth!!! :L

  • Sean Monaghan
    luv Sean Monaghan

    ha joker :) loaded lol??

  • luv Roisin.

    Yea they ou wed:O :O :O :P . .Ah wel wats dun is dun:) . .Emm y wats in belfast??. .Is tat wher u ar??. .Ha a real daly. .wah ya mean??. .I luk lyk em??

  • Roisin.

    Em ano. . Al grown up i am :P . . Em hopin ta do p.e teachn i tnk:o. . Ha ano i dfo aint countin dwn tha days. . Dnt tnk dy'r guna b al dt gud:o:L . . Em nah nt headn 2 tha fleadh tis yr:( yu?

    7/25/09 via Mobile
  • Roisin.

    Ach als quiet wit me. . At nathn hi. .shockin bord. . Countin dwn ta wks til tha leavin results r ou:o. . Nly 2 nd a half ta go. . Dn of ta dub 4 colege:D . . Mon county council. . Ou fixin tha potholes r ya:P . . Tha a ful tym job is it?. . Sumtin ta b at a supose:D

    7/24/09 via Mobile
  • luv Roisin.

    Ach wel ya boyo ya:P . . Lng lng tym no talk. . Yu bn dwn n tha gr8 place dat is broomfield l8ly?:D

    7/24/09 via Mobile
  • Caela Fillis
    luv Caela Fillis

    yeooo yeah im working flat out saving for le caribe.. havent seen a soul.. missing joe and duff about the house. so jealous of their travels. much craic with you? hows the placement jazz going?

  • Gary Cartledge
    Gary Cartledge

    I did indeed lad....wee 206!lol Could me tempted 2 make a journey down 2 ur part of the world in the near future, bring Dingle in Snoozy down! Wat u think?