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Daire Nolan

so em my girlfriend Jen, she's kind of amazing

8/17/12 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 22, Luv 692
  • from Kilkenny
  • I am Engaged
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  • Member since: March 2006
  • Last active: Jun 25
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About Me

Sometimes People Are Envious.because my girlfriend is a model!! and shes a ride ;)
Me, Myself, and I
Rip Tommy Mcguiness 1992-2007

My Name Is Daire Nolan.
I Live In Wonderland.

Jen Hughes <3
she is amazing, i love this girl so much she is my world
ive never felt this way before about ANYONE
shes just amazing words cant describe how lucky i am
forever and a day

fucking frog eating baguette dickhead!! :L

now fuck off you beady eyed little shits

ah yeah ;)

The Other Half Of Me
Jen Nolan

Jen Nolan

FOREVER AND A DAY! parkinsons extreme ;)

Im Currently Listening Too, Metallica, Thin Lizzy, Acdc, A Perfect Circle, Inme, my girlfriend is a pretty kick ass musician too, infact her drumming skills are mind blowing i could learn alot from her
Head Automatica, Fightstar, Alterbridge, Vayden, Trust Company, And Taking Back Sunday.
Pulp Fiction, Se7en, Anvil, Anchorman, Knocked Up, 40 Year Old Virgin, From Dusk Till Dawn..Pirates of the Caribbean but only when im watching it with Jen ;)
La Batt Ice Wins! Hands Down
Miller.. Watch Out! Heineken!!!!!!!!! cheeky vimto ( I like it cos Jen likes at and she is my girlfriend so I love her )
Scared Of
Snakes!! (Cunts) Droppin Drumsticks,
Its Scary When Your On Stage! Clowns! crayolas :O
Happiest When
hangin out with my girl Playing Music, Listening To It, And Watching It Live..
And Watchin United Win!! Training..
Jen &lt;3
Forever and a day PLUS 3 hours, a few minutes, and .5 mili secs :D I love her :D she is a spoon, she saves me when i have bad dreams about crayons ;) cool with a times new roman c is my girl! couldn't ask for better she makes me so happy :D i am keeping you Hughes and for those of you who do not know, we are engaged, she shall be my wife, because I love her, so much.....that is all

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  • How To Brew Your Own Beer!

    How to Brew your First Beer
    Brewing at home for the first time? This simple guide takes you through your first batch of beer including what's needed, how to brew and how to bottle. A short guide for the new homebrewer on how to brew your first extract beer!

    Equipment Needed
    You don't need a large set of fancy and expensive equipment to brew your first batch of beer. Many brewing supply stores sell starter kits for $75 or less. It can cost much less if you can borrow some or all the equipment from a friend. Here's a quick summary of what is needed:

    A Large Pot - at least 3 gallons in size, though a larger one will generally result in fewer spills

    Tubing & Clamp - to siphon the beer - most is 3/8" ID food grade plastic tubing. Clamps are available at your brew store.

    An Airtight Fermenter - a 5 gal plastic bucket with lid, or a glass carboy. If you can afford it, purchase a glass carboy as they are easier to clean and don't leak. If you get a carboy you may need a large brush to clean it

    An Air Lock and Stopper - sized to fit your fermenter

    A Bottle Filler - available from your homebrew supplier - should be sized to fit your tubing

    A Thermometer - with a range of 0-100 C or up from 32-220 F

    Bottles - You need just over 2 cases in 12 oz bottles to bottle your beer. Do not use twist off bottles - get the bottles that you have to pry the lid off.

    Bottle Brush - While not absolutely required, you usually need a good brush to get your bottles clean

    A Bottle Capper - a hand driven device to cap your bottles

    Bottle Caps - New bottle caps sold at your brewing supplier - you need about 50 caps for a 5 gal batch

    A Sterilizing solution - Household bleach can be used, but it must be thoroughly rinsed to prevent contamination. Your brew store may also have other alternatives such as iodophor and starsan that also sterilize well.

    Ingredients Needed
    The list below assumes you want to brew 5 gallons of a simple ale. You can use BeerSmith to formulate your own recipe or download recipes from our recipe page if you are looking for a different style.

    6 lbs of Unhopped Pale Malt Extract - Usually this comes in cans that are 3 lbs each. Malt provides the sweet base that the yeast will feed on to make alcohol. Available from various manufacturers.

    2.25 Oz of East Kent Goldings Hops - Hops add bitterness to your beer. Pellets are most common and easy to store.

    1 Package of Wyeast American Ale liquid Yeast (#1056) [ or White Labs California Ale #WLP001 ]

    2/3 cup Priming Sugar - such as corn sugar. Also available from your brew store or grocer.

    The Complete Brewing Process
    Brewing consists of five simple stages.

    Brewing the Beer - The pale malt extract and hops are boiled together with water for about an hour to sterilize the extract and release the bittering qualities of the hops. Frequently grains are steeped in the mixture prior to the boil to add additional color and flavor complexity.

    Cooling and Fermenting - The hot mixture (called wort) is cooled to room temperature and siphoned or transferred to a fermenter where it is combined with additional water to achieve the desired 5 gallon batch size. Once the mixture drops to room temperature, yeast is added to start the fermentation process. Cleanliness and sterilization are very important since the wort can be easily infected by bacteria while in this state. An airlock is used to keep the fermenter sealed during fermentation. Your beer will ferment for 1-2 weeks.

    Priming and Bottling - Once the beer is fully fermented, it is usually siphoned to another container to prepare for bottling. Here priming sugars such as corn sugar sugar are mixed with the beer, and then it is siphoned into bottles and each bottle is capped with a bottle capping device.

    Aging - Once the beer has been bottled it needs to age for 2-6 weeks. During aging the yeast will ferment the remaining sugar you added and create carbo

    0 Comments 293 weeks

  • 4 d girls....go on...

    $4 the girls$ 57 days ago

    1: Wots ur name?...
    2: R we close?...
    3: Wot dya tink of me?...
    4: Do u av a crush on me?...
    5: Wud u kiss me?...
    6: Would u fuck me?...
    7: Describe me in 3 words...
    8: If u had me for 30 min wot wud u do?...
    9: Did u evr wana punch me?...
    10: Wot waz ur 1st impression of me?...
    11: Do u stil tink d same?...
    12: Wot reminds u of me?...
    13: If u could giv me neting wot wud it b?...
    14: How wel do u no me?...
    15: Wot do u lik best bout me?...
    16: Did u eva wana tel me sumthin u cudn?...
    17: Cud u eva luv me?...
    18: Give me a nickname nd explain y...
    19: aNyeting u wana say b4 u go?...

    12 Comments 332 weeks

  • hash plant

    ___ ________________0000______________
    ___ _______________000000_____________
    ___ ____00_________000000__________00_
    ___ _____0000______000000______00000__
    ___ _____000000____0000000___0000000__
    ___ ______000000___0000000_0000000____
    ___ _______0000000_000000_0000000_____
    ___ _________000000_00000_000000______
    ___ _0000_____000000_000_0000_0000000_
    00_ __000000000__0000_0_000_000000000_
    ___ _____000000000__0_0_0_000000000___
    ___ _________0000000000000000_________
    ___ ______________000_0_0000__________
    ___ ____________00000_0__00000________
    ___ ___________00_____0______00_______

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  • Jen Nolan
    luv Jen Nolan

    hey lover :)
    have a love I miss you and I miss your face :( but next weekend bear :DD free house ;) cuddles yay :D absolute bants dar, we can even play pacman :O you wont catch me ya ghost, ya wont catch me ya cunt :L :L
    hey um daire wanna be my husband?? yay :D
    i love youuuuuuuu :*
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Jun 19
  • Jen Nolan
    luv Jen Nolan

    hey baby
    happy tuesday :*
    i love you just saying :DD
    miss my bear :( cant wait for my bday ;)
    your on my mind nolan
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Apr 23
  • Jen Nolan
    luv Jen Nolan

    Hey boo :) just said i'd give you a bit of bebo lovage ;) back to shitty monday bleh! Missing you :( great weekend though :) wednesday will be awesome bear i love you so much <3 mwah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Apr 15 via Mobile
  • Jen Nolan
    luv Jen Nolan

    Hey boo :)
    I love you just sayin ;)
    well done on getting a job yaaaaaaaay now we can go on holidaysssss :D :D
    Dont ruin the nice day :L :L
    mwah :*
    I miss your face
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxx

    Mar 20
  • Jen Nolan
    luv Jen Nolan

    hey there fiance ;) :)
    i love youuuuu just sayin like
    cant wait for the weekend boo even if its only one night together :( :(
    ima buy cans and get you drunk :D :D and you know what follows after drinks in my house ;)
    itll be a great time we'll even play colms quiz game bahahaha
    love you bear, forever and a day
    ps watch out for the shaaaaades fuckin shlim pickins, shkyline dream over good night vienna :L :L
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxx

    Mar 6
  • Jen Nolan
    luv Jen Nolan

    heya nolan, i love you :) :) hilarious weekend as always boo :L dont you go acouzin me of nathin or il baitcha at the statino :L :L have a love you twat cunt :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Feb 24
  • Jen Nolan
    luv Jen Nolan

    have a love lover :*


    love you freepio

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxx

    Feb 5
  • Jen Nolan
    luv Jen Nolan

    hey you :)
    have a love cos
    1) i love you
    2) i miss you soooooo much
    3) i've had a shitty week and i get to see you later anddddd
    4) (lets be honest here) cos you made me PANCAKES
    You are the bestest tara...i mean....daire :L :DD
    oh oh....SOPRANOS :D
    yay its gonna be an epic weekend..we need to duscuss your best friends trying to kill me though maybe if i had that boot on a coat hanger i coulda fought back :L :L
    :* heres one to keep you going

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxx

  • Jen Nolan
    luv Jen Nolan

    hey Daire....em....are we ok :L :L :L :P

    I had a lovely weekend the drunken bants were hilar!

    Glad you enjoyed Ed even though I feel like a twat for crying when he played our song :/

    4 exams this week baby.....oh repeats here I come :(

    Miss your face Nolan, love you bro

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Jen Nolan
    luv Jen Nolan

    "daire nolan is offline leave a message" youuuuuuu fuck!!

    il text you baaaaaaaaabes ;)

    oi love yewwww

    last lovage for my one and only :*

    enjoy your poo ;) :L :L

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Jen Nolan
    luv Jen Nolan

    you get crazier every day boo i love it :L :L

    oh no probs baby just lob out yer lad ;)

    uuuuugh christ owwwwwld people!!!

    hey dar.....i like to sing in the shower ;)


  • Jen Nolan
    luv Jen Nolan

    d'awwwww bo you weresooooo cute

    all mine :DD yay


  • Jen Nolan
    luv Jen Nolan

    alright cock muffin :DD

    you have successfully make me giggle (i didnt pee on myself though ;) :L )

    yaaaaaay i am goin il sit down the back in me public masturbation jacket uuuuuugh ;)

    love you more

    OH YAY i cant wait to see you and mister squish :DD

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Jen Nolan
    luv Jen Nolan

    just a quick one before i get my study onnnnn :'( minus craic this week better hurry up and finish!!

    i love you nolan :DD

    haHA :L (my new laugh that you slag me for)

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxx

  • Jen Nolan
    luv Jen Nolan

    have a love you spaz boy :) youll never catch up on me ;)  
    what an amazing xmas break we had....lols and bants laaaaad :L  
    now to look forward to seeing the other amazing ginger in my life.......diarmuid :L :L lol jokes ed sheeran babes :D :D cannot wait hes cool with and aerial black c! 
    so i kind of love you....you... you...fuck!!
    mwah :*
    hurry up next weekend study is minus craic:'( 
    cant wait for the cork gig btw...cos yano, im goin ;) ...audio fires all of the way yessaaa...see what i did there ;) :)  
    daire....seriously....im goin!!
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxx

  • Jen Nolan
    luv Jen Nolan

    love you more daire nolan audio fires so dont pontaneusly combust on stage cos i hear theres a case of it goin around

    get some just for men off paul and youll be graaaand ;) ;)

    oh turkey pasta yes please but no creme fraiche cos i dont like that :L ....and i want toast

    uuuuuugh fuuuuuck MISTER SQUISH :L

    my knicks are unraaaaail lad sure didnt me nanny buy em :L :L

    oi love yewwwww xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Jen Nolan
    luv Jen Nolan

    a love for daire the dynamite nolan ;)

    hows bobeeeeeny :L :L

    thanks for a fun few days, we are fat fooks :L glad youlike your pressie the sticks are quite epic i gotta say ;)

    home now with baby hund :D

    i love you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xx

  • Jen Nolan
    luv Jen Nolan

    challenge accepted ;)

    yeah he choked on vomit...well not his own but yeah it was awful innit :L :L

    i miss you too :'(

    that is my line!!

    oi love yewwwwwwwwww

    just for men :L :L

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  x

  • Jen Nolan
    luv Jen Nolan

    some love for my one and only

    you better start returning these you bastard of bastards :L

    yano daire being a drummer you best be careful you dont spontaneously combust on stage lol

    cant wait for tomorrow boo xmas pressies hehe yay hope you like yours i love my chain its so pretty...you know me ;)

    eh eh....fuck off!! i love you

    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxx

  • Jen Nolan
    luv Jen Nolan

    GUN SHOW tonight baby wahheyyyyy rockin it laaaad
    have a love cos i love you :) :)