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St.Roker : The Loucher Years

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
This is the history of how the world's greatest ever clothing Empire, St.Roker, rose from the dregs of the drinks trolley to take over the known universe, fighting countless battles with tracksuit clad scutters, and even more with bottles of Gin.

Freed from making well cut clothes for badly cut people, Hampton St.Roker has a plan. He is going to make some very fine clothes himself instead, and then find a sufficient number of fops, cads, and roués to eek out a living from it. No idea how, you understand, but not to worry. Fate, history, and a fair amount of apathy have conspired to hand me, cousin Bertie, the task of documenting the road from feckless, gin soaked libertines to feckless, gin soaked clothing magnates. There will be ups, downs, and delegation of anything remotely taxing. So pour yourself something grain based in the region of 50% proof, slip in a tobacco enema, and don your favourite dressing gown. My journals await...

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