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bebos gay

1/26/11 | me too! | Reply

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Jacinda Rangiawha
Me, Myself, and I

- family.
- 4teen years young & only year 9.
- junior teaka.
- heatherhill campus/college,
- god.
- proud maori.

The Other Half Of Me
Kuki Flower And Maori Princess

Kuki Flower And Maori Princess

Kei te aroha au ki a koe

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  • <3

    family&friends. mummy. nanna. junior teaka. the pools. leather. lonsdale. converse. movies in bed on a rainy day. black nail polish. paua necklaces . GOD. songs with meanings. gladiator shoes. sleeping. dream catchers. modelling . the color purple . taking photos. spending time with people i love. helping people. short dresses. high heels. laptop. phone. bestfriends. loud music. forehead kisses. singing. airforces. hoodies. trackies. summer. hugs from behind . pretty hair. people i can be myself around. tigers. being spontaneous. the smell of petrol. hoop earrings. alone time. photographs. beach hair. quality time with members of your family. seeing old friends. the smell of library books. dancing in the rain. first kisses. finding loose change in your pockets. strawberries. bracelets . mario's voice. supre. internet. hazel eyes. fish&chips. valley girl. watching funny stuff on youtube. eyeliner. drawing flowers. rice&milk. playing at the park. going to the theatres. chadstone. jay'jays. skinny jeans. ripped jeans & shorts. big pretty rings. tattoos. lip and nose piercings. warm showers on a winter morning. anklets. milo's. strawberry lip balm. water. burger king. hawaii. new york city. basketball. cats. texting. tight tops ;D

    dogs. rude people. mondays. catching public transport. drugs. smokers. people who do weed and think there hard. people who take photos of themselves drinking alcohol to appear cool. liars. players. people who steal my food. racists. people who flirt on msn or facebook but dont even talk to you in real life. losing friends. losing people you care about. the colour yellow. stupid little bitches. people who write mean blogs about others because they dont have the guts to say it to there face. dumb teachers. when i dont get things i want. when people annoy the heck outta me and think there funny. trusting people then getting let down. needles. the dentist. making plans with old friends and it never happens. over priced clothing. vegetables. school projects. winter. rainy days.

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    - Die my hair with blonde streaks
    - meet anastasia
    - tongue pierced
    - monroe pierced
    - meet rowenah & deborah
    - get my nose pierced
    - eyebrow pierced
    - go city with my baby boy
    - belly & my lip pierced
    - new clothes
    - new shoes
    - job
    - get a tattoo

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