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Kirsty Mcilroy

Russell Howard Right Here Right Now tour 2011 :DD AMAZiNG in love ! xx

3/7/11 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Russell Howard Right Here Right Now tour 2011 (L)(6) ! O6.O3.11 <3
Me, Myself, and I
kirsty mcilroy ;> ; 15 (d) ; saintandrews |-) ; springboig ;-x ; singall (k) ; my girls (yn) ; msn (m) + number (mp) <3 xo

obsessed with Russell Howard <3333 whata babe :* ! O6.O3.11 (L)(6)
The Other Half Of Me
Martyn Boyd

Martyn Boyd

love him ;p~ hes amazzzingggg (L) xxx

my babe !
Shannon Ward ;;; i love you forever baby ! <3 your my girl ;> bestfriends forver darlinG <3 xxxxxx
( 6 ) !
Dαnny Miller + Guy Burnet <3 minessss !
RUSSELL HOWARD :* mines (6) (L) xxxxx
shαnnon wαrd , elizαbeth smith , αnnαlise smith , connor keegαn , mαrk mccαllum , mαrtyn boyd , αmαndα ndlovu , x love yous tooo much ! yous arrr my world ! ; foralways <3 xx
www.facebook.com/kirstymcilroybabesx www.twitter.com/kirstymcilroy_x :*

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  • im yourss ( k ) x

    "Have you ever kissed under the covers?
    yeasss :$

    If you could have one thing right now what would it be?
    someone ;-x

    Your first serious relationship, do you still talk to him/her?
    yupp 8)

    Who is the last person you texted?
    emmm tj a hink ?

    Is your bed against more than one of your walls?
    nope :L

    Are you there for your friends?
    ofcorseaaaaa <3

    If your parents searched your room, would they be mad at what they'd find?
    dont think so :o

    Does a kiss make you feel better?
    depends whos givin the kiss naatmean ;o

    Do you think you can last in a relationship for 3 months?
    alreaddi have sweetheartt </3

    Do you like your school?

    Have you ever had sex in a cemetery?
    phaa no !

    Would you rather marry your ex- boyfriend/girlfriend or take a million dollars?
    both :DD but it depends on who the ex is ;o

    Are all guys players and cheaters?
    sum of them :o

    Has anything made you happy in the past couple of days?
    just beein with mie girols :-)

    Do you think anyone has feelings for you?
    yaat , but once again nott gonnae happinn ?

    Who was the last person you talked to last night before you fell asleep?
    jaimelouise ; last nite

    Your best friend has sex with your ex, what happens?
    shed get slapped in the chops :L

    Your ex wants you back, but you are in a relationship, what do you do?
    mmm... tell um to boost ;o

    Have you given somebody more second chances than you can count?
    the most av givin to the same persin is 3 ;p~

    After breaking up, what's the worst?
    someone dieng :( x

    Have you ever received a message that made you cry?
    yea :$

    Ever taken a picture kissing somebody?
    yep but it got deleted !

    Did you ever kiss someone with a tattoo?
    yaaap :$ not sayin who tho ;o

    Are you dating the last person you messaged on msn?
    nope ;-x

    Any girls like the last guy you kissed?
    aye ... sian a hink :L

    If your best friend needed somewhere to stay, could they live with you?
    ofcorseee <3

    Are you afraid of falling in love?
    naat no really , think a have at one point :/

    Do you get distracted easily?
    yess :DD

    When was the last time you had starbucks?
    abooot 3 weeks ago up the fort :P

    If you were granted one wish, what would you wish for?
    more wishes :L

    Is there someone you wouldn't mind kissing right now?
    yesss :$

    you never know what you've got until you lose it? true or false?
    true !!

    what annoys you about text messages the most?
    chain mail :/ sayin yer gonnae die nawrat :o

    do you still talk to the person you last kissed?
    yepp :-xxxxxx

    how many tattoos do you have?
    none .... yet

    do you think you are a good person?
    dont kno ?

    why aren't you dating the last person who you texted?
    cos a dont fancy ummm .... ;p~

    do you honestly have feelings for someone at the moment?
    yesaa , hees a wee gorjouss mann !

    have you kissed someone with braces?
    yep , at dancenrg ;o

    is there someone you cannot stand?
    oh god yes !!

    are you hungry?
    naatt at the momento

    whens your birthday?
    august 23rd <3

    do you hate sneezing?
    doesnt bother me ?

    who do you wish you could be with right now?
    jaimelouise ; jade ; sian ; jordan ; atley ; reece ; reece m ; dionne & martin <3

    what's been upsetting you lately?
    alot of things tbh :Z

    have you ever taken someone back after they hurt you?
    yesaa <3

    would you honestly say you'd risk your life for someone else?
    cant really answer tht !

    do you think someone is thinking about you right now?
    dont kno ?

    best movie you've seen in the past month ?
    Get Him To The Greeek ~ wift mie jaimelouise , omg RUSSELL BRAND ( 6 ) <3

    hair color you like on someone you're dating?
    doesnt matter to me ;)

    would you rather be blind or deaf?
    deaf , but not even then :O

    are you missing anyone?
    yesaa :( x

    have you ever kissed two people with the same name?
    yep :$ :L

    how have you felt today?
    bored , bored , bored !

    when's the last time you showe

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  • my first kiss ( k )

    Step one, name a song for every letter in your name
    K- kiss me thru the phone :DD
    I- in my heaaad ;o
    R- ridinggg solo :*
    S-soull sistaarrr
    T-take me awaaaii
    Y- you belong with me <3

    Step two,
    name- kirsty elizabeth mcilroy <3
    birthday- 23 august
    eyecolour- blue :DD
    hair color- light brown , but changing ?
    natural hair colour - blonde ;o
    zodiac sign- leo 8)

    Step three,
    the shoes you wore today were- ugg boots <3
    -weaknesses- brussel sprouts +o(
    -your fears- spidersss ! and clowns ;/
    -goal youd like to achieve- homeeconomics teacher ;)

    Step four,
    -your best physical feature- eyess :L ?
    -your bedtime- wenevir am tired :Z
    -most missed memory- too many tbh :(

    Step five,
    this or that..
    -pepsi or coke- coke :P
    -mcdonalds or burger king- mcdonalds <3
    -adidas or nike- nike
    -lipton ice tea or nestea- nesteaa
    -chocolate or vanilla- chocolateee :DD
    -cappuccino or coffee- cappuccino :*

    Step six,
    do youuu ..
    -sing- yaa , but a cany ?
    -dance- aye :$
    -take a shower- ofcorse :L
    -have a crush- yaa :*
    -do you think youve been in love- yep :Z
    -want to go to college- aye
    -want to get married- yeaaaaa
    -get motion sickness- naaaaat
    -think youre a health freak- nope :L

    Step seven,
    in the past month
    -gone to the mall- yeah <3
    -eaten an entire box of heros- naaat
    -eaten sushi- no ?
    -been on stage- yep :L
    -done skating- yaa yaa ( h )
    -made homemade cookies- naaaaat ;/

    Step eight,
    -age you hope to be married- mid twentiess ?
    -number of children- 1 ;)
    -what country would you most like to visit- LA or Floridaa <3

    Step nine
    in the opposite sex ...
    -best eye color? blue or green preferabli ;o
    -best hair color? witevir ?
    -short hair or long hair? short :)
    -tall or short- tallishh :p~

    Step ten,
    -number of cds that i own- alot :L
    -number of tattoos- nane , but soon !
    -number of piercing(s)- 2 =) , more too come tho !

    Personal quiz,
    what woke you up this morning? mie brother :Z
    where are you? mie bedroom <3
    is tomorrow going to be a good day? yaaaa ( d )
    do you like anybody? yaaaarrrr :*

    The past,
    ever thrown up in public? aye :L acto laffin that much !
    whats on your mind RIGHT NOW? dancenrg <3 cannnot waitt :P

    Step eleven,
    what kind of home would you like- a hoooose :L
    what do you want to be when you grow up- homeeconomics teachir :DD
    where do you see yourself in 5 years? aa job <3 or college ?
    do you like candy necklaces? naaat no realli 8)
    when was the last time you fell over or ran into something- yesterday :L me and jlo fell down the stairs :/
    do you listen to music every day- most dayss
    what was the last thing you ate? piece and sausaage
    whats your favorite type of soda- fanta or irnbru :DD
    have you ever moved house- aye :(
    are you listening to music right now- naaaaatt :/
    what was the saddest moment of your life- findin ma grannay deed in hur hoose :'(
    who makes you mad? alotaa peepol :L

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  • love the way you lie <3

    How old is the last person you kissed ?
    15 :*

    Were is the first place you kissed, the last person you kissed?
    the fort <3

    Have you ever kissed a friends ex?
    yeaaa :$ its wrong !

    What are you doing rite now ?
    this 8) and wift mie jaimelouise <3

    Regret something youv done in the last month ?
    yepp :$

    Have you ever used a sunbed ?

    Think about 2009, anything you would change ?
    yea , lotss tbh !

    Whats your natural hair colour ?
    blondishy :L

    How would your parents react if you told them you were pregnant rite now ?
    cant imagine ;o ! :L

    What is your bebo name and why ?
    kirstymcilroy ~ cos its ma name :L

    Do you like anyone right now ?
    yep ! , but no tellin :$

    Does someone like you ?
    yep , but its never gonna happen ;)

    What day is it today ?

    What can you hear right now ?
    airplanes , and mie jlo singing to it

    Last person to bebo you ?
    dionne <3

    Has someone irritated you in the past week?
    yes !! but im too nice to say anythin ;)

    Is there someone you want but cant have ?
    yeaa , but im prepared to let it go :L

    Favourite colour(s) ?
    blue and black

    When did you last have starbucks ?
    3 weeks ago ? mines and jlos shoppin spree :DD

    Last person to call you ?
    the big chief (the mother) :L

    Who last made you laugh ?
    jaimelouise <3 cos shes an idiot

    Whats your mood right now ?
    normall ? :L

    Have you ever been in love ?
    maibee :$

    When will you next see the last person you kissed ?
    tuesday next weeek <3

    Do you know if anyone hates you ?
    yep , but i dont care ?

    Do you know anyone who has ever done cocaine ?
    yesss +o(

    Last film you watched ?
    when a stranger calls <3 brilliant btw ( i )

    When was the last time you cried ? why ?
    last week , me and jlo wouldny stop laffin !

    Last thing you drank ?
    fantaaa <3

    Believe in love at first sight ?
    no really , but it dependss ;o

    Do you speak any other language ?
    suposidly spanish ? :L

    What colour top are you wearing ?
    black and blue tinkerbell top

    Plans for tommorow ?
    stayinn at the brothers ( yn )

    Is your life good atm ?
    ya ya ( h ) , coud be a teeni bit bettarr ?

    How many best friends do you have ?
    4 <3 ther amazin tbh

    Can you sing ?
    naaat ! , do it anyways ? :L

    Last time you were truly happy about something ?
    its a secret :$ :L

    Whose car were you last in ?
    daddys <3

    Ever kissed someone with the initials A, B or C ?
    nope ?

    Ever kissed someone over 18 ?
    naaaaat :$

    Do you own an umbrella ?
    yeaaaap , a black and pink one <3

    Whats the weather like outside ?
    sunnny ( # ) 8)

    Anything you would change about 2010 so far?
    naaaat no really ;p~

    Any last words to say ?
    catchyee <3 :* x

    0 Comments 154 weeks

close About You =P

1. Name;;
Kirsty Elizabeth McIlroy <3

2. Hair;;
Light Brown , but changing to dark brown ;)

3. Eyes;;
Blue ;p

4. Best Friend;;
best friendS ~ Plural ! Elizabeth Smith <3 Chloe Gordan <3 Annalise Smith <3 Amanda Ndlovu <3 Love yous !

5. Crush;;
that would be telling ;) Shia LaBeouf & Shane West ( 6 ) ! <3 wee tiny bit ah martin olsen to :$

6. Food;;
anything really :L but i love spicy food :D

7. Drink;;
fanta with a fruit twist ...mmmm... oh and alcohol ;p~ ima teeeeen :$

8. Clothes;;
New Look , Primark , River Islands <3

9. What your doing now;;
this quiz , on bebo and facebook , taken sickness tablets with elizabeth cos we feel very sick !

10. Music;;
dancy music and stuff a can sing to :L ( 8 )

11. Hobby;;
shopping ! out with the teaaam :D and bein out with family and friends <3

12. Do you think this quiz is awesome?
ya ya ( h ) ofcorsee ( yn )

13. Do you like the smell of petrol;;
yep a lavv it ! ( au )

14. If you found out you were going to die, then did alot of stupid things, then found out you werent going to die, what would you do?
do more stupid thingss :D phaaa :L

15. Coke or Pepsi;;
coke <3

16. McDonalds or Burger King;;
kfc :D McDonaldiess ofcorse :o <3

17. Blonde or Brunette;;
brunettte <3 but im a bit like a malteaser you see , dark on the outside and light on the inside you see :L

18. Lepricorns or Santa Clause;;
santa clause :$ hes a babe <3

19. If you shared a cherry bakewell with psycho John who would have the cherry;; 
me ;p~ but we coud share :L

20. Who would you rather punch, Paris Hilton or Gordon Brown;;
paris hilton for bein a dumb blonde ;o but gordon brown cos hes got a big nose :L

21. Are you going to comment on this quiz;; we would like you to;;
yes <3 it was very sexy ( 6 ) ! i love it ;p~ nite nite :L <3

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