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Lucy Fern

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  • Female, 24, Luv 64
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About Me

Loves her girlys! x x x x
Me, Myself, and I
ok i rlly fort i needed to update this as i havent bin on for ages, im 19 years old and live in a lil village called ravenstone, borin! i work at flagstaff in ashby, which i actually rlly love, couldnt rlly ask for a better bunch of pple to work with, all crazy and all individual! and of course kat works there so thts the best bit. i have a great group of mates, kat, heather, erica, lola and shona, they are all also crazy but then they would have to be to get along wit me rly! i love goin out and havin a laugh and partyin, even tho it isnt so much recently, ive jus got bac off holiday from Bulgaria, argh depressin comin bac to this place! had a fab time was aposolutely amazin, couldnt have asked for a better time and although not all my best mates were there still wouldnt have changed nethin for the world!

[♥] As We Go On, We Remember, All The Times We, Had Together, And As Our Lives Change, Come Whatever, We Will Still Be, Friends Forever [♥]
The Other Half Of Me


This girl is amazin! love her and miss her lots! x

my close mates
ready for a brilliant summer with my girlys! they are all amazin and im sure we will have a lot of random adventure lmao, well deffo with kat neway!
my bestest friend, shes always been here for me and i rlly don't no what i would do without her, we've had dodgey patches but nothin has eva come between us properly, i love her to bits, rlly miss her now shes at uni, gunna miss your randomness lyk wen u made me walk from flippin moira to measham in the heatness plus taking a detour and getting lost! love u lots chikin x x x
ok wel this is one random girl but omgosh do i love u lol, she told me to put thts shes fit, and gorgeous and the best thing eva lol she lyks to fink! no but she rlly is the best thing eva and i wudn't want her ne diff! i can tell u nethin wivout u judgin, even tho u may fink tht i'm wrong. i really miss her wen shes at uni, but it gives me an excuse to drive off and have a day out! really lookin forward to the summer and really hope we do get a weekend away 2geva, she is the bestest girl in the world! seriously i love her to bits
The newest edition, well not so new anymore, i love you just as much as the others tho, with ur lil twitches and dancerness, everythin you do u can tell ya a dancers! bowlin lmao dance up to the run way. our lil trips lyk to bosworth water park becos the sun was out then when we got ther it went in!:( but still have fun wit ya lil cricket set. can't believe ya going all the way to London but they are gunna be fab nites out when we come to visit you! love ya chik x x x x
My lil college buddy ur apsolutely crazy wen ur in a gud mood and happy and make going into college not so borin even tho no1 hardly eva turns up nemore. not known you for long but i can trust u with nethin and can tell u nethin and no that ul keep it to yaself. Last year was good but this year is going to better, spec wen ya 18 and can go out wivout worryin bout ID! my gosh Leicester that nite was awful lol getting turned away in the cold :( not seen u much ova the summer and missed you loads! love ya chik x x x
Leanne H and Leanne C
LEANNE H-This girl has bin wit me from the start and wev bin through heap loads of things 2geva, she probs cant remember but wen we were in the infant skool, i found out my mum was really ill and she stayed wit me the whole day and made sure i was ok! lol silly but i can still remember and makes me smile every time! we've deffo gotta do more together now tht they girls have gone off to uni! love ya lots!x x x LEANNE C- shes also bin wit me from the start and Ok totaly nuts and she has lyk two diff personalities, lol quiet leanne how she was at skool, and the Nutter leanne wit her youth group "Reach for the stars!" lmao she is a star! shes really clever and the first to go to uni out of her family! knew she could do it! love you lots my sweet, can't wait to come and visit you and hett! x x x
sho is a really gud friend and she puts up with alot from me cos she never says wot she wants to do! so i say for her lol, however she will speak her mind wen she wants to. come to the end of college but im sure we will still see each loads, spec wen we go off to uni, bring on uni!!

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  • James H
    luv James H

    Hey Lucy, Hows uni going? Longtime no speak xx

  • James H
    luv James H

    Hey Lucy, How are you doing? Hows uni? xx

  • Ferrie

    hiya sweetness just passin through lookin gd xxxx

  • Stuart

    awww right use well gotta cum up thatd b a laugh :P x

  • Stuart

    wat the fuck is lufbra :L :L aww well u will like edinburgh its gd :D what hotel use stayion at ? hotel la wilson thats a great hotel :L :L x

  • Stuart

    awwww well he does get the big heed sumtimes :L :L awww yeah lola wis sayin ull have to cum oot wi us lyk itd b a laugh :D :D isit any gd in england where u stay ? xx

  • Stuart

    i do man i had good tiime but cant see us going back there :L :L aww well lucky fuckin lola :L :L missin scott ? x

  • Stuart

    aww no am delighted tae b home like missed it :L :L hw is lola ? x

  • Stuart

    luccccccccccy hellllllll yeaaaaah hws it goin bud ?

  • Kat
    luv Kat

    I Think I Love You... You're The Bestest Friend Everrrrrrrrr In The Whole Widest World :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Scott Wilson Yeehhaa
    luv Scott Wilson Yeehhaa

    same same i bored already haha :( xxx

  • Scott Wilson Yeehhaa
    Scott Wilson Yeehhaa

    alright mate ;) xxx

  • Paige

    ok thats good then!!:) im looking foward to summer!! can't wait till kat comes back shes so much fun!!

  • Paige

    this may be random 2 u but just wanted 2 say hi!!

  • luv Mr. Katie Pop

    hiya lucy its kayleigh how ya doin. ait spoke to you in ages. wo you up to. plz reply speak soon luv me xx

  • Midgee.

    Heya Yh She Says Shes Ok Now Lol Nigel Went Into Work Last Night But Kelly Stayed At Home Good Good Yh Thanks Write Back Lorna x x x x