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Cerayana 'Cera' Valentine

'Born in the dark, By the devil been kissed, Trained in the shadows, A natural Sadist.'

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
My name is Cerayana Valentine.
It is a mouthful so over the years people have shortened it to Cera. I'm twenty-nine years old. I try not to stay in one place, I keep myself busy.
I work as a social worker, which I also combine with my own secret company, the IPNA.
The more criminal of my clients like to call me the social worker of the underworld.
My parents are Yuffie and Vincent Valentine, which makes me the heir regent to Wutai, though I don't go there as much as i should.
I have a son, kiede (Kee-eh-day), and two younger siblings, Alexi and Talua. I was married once, years ago, but my husband died.
(Moments in time can vary, depending.)
Complexion: Drastically pale.
Height: 6ft 3
Hair colour/length: Straight, black, waist length.
Eye colour: Garnet

As her father is fused with the demon Chaos she was born one with the demon wrath, or 'destruction' as most who know about the legends call it. She and the demon were once seperate minds in the same body but a torturous medical experiment resulted in them morphing into one, emphasising her unatural appearance despite the original intent to remove the demon.
Academically, I specialise in biology, chemistry and profiling. As a teenager I used to assemble motorbikes and cars but physics never was my strong point.
From a very young age I have studied the martial arts and mastered many techniques. I'm also bilingual.
I use different alias' to retrieve the information I need but I can be there when you least expect me to be.
Suprisingly easy going. Prone to mood swings. Doesn't like to get caught up in Melodrama. Quite humorous at times but also serious. Because of a failed experiment she sometimes has a child like demeanor, not always sure how to react in some social situations and is usually confused inside. Very hard to provoke but horrific temper if she is.
There is always a side to her that nobody knows about. She has killed and does kill without hesitation.
Very protective.

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    3. "Carpe diem" (Seize the day)
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  • Why do you think people are depressed

    1. Their afraid of loss and being alone
    2. Their afraid of new things and new people
    3. They see reality as it really is and empathise with it
    4. They hate themselves and regret everything they didnt do and sometimes did do
    5. All of these, and theer is nothing wrong with em, they make you human


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  • Rice Wants You'
    luv Rice Wants You'

    [[IM ACTUALLY ONLINE :D Teehee! How are you? I apologize for not coming on, sooner...]]

    Sophie looked up at Kiede, with a slight smirk. "I hope you like the house. And I suggest you don't come into my bedroom. I don't exactly keep my room tidy and all." She laughs waiting for Kiede's reaction. She looked at Kiede's shoes with a nod, "Yes please, you can leave them inside though." She opened her front door and placed her keys on the table in the kitchen. "Well what would you like to drink? We have tea, coffee, water, juice - anything you want." Sophie stated walking to the fridge. "Well, yeah, I did... afterall." She laughed taking her mug out of the fridge. "Journalism is hard, but I guess it's worth it. What about you, Kiede?" Sophie gazed at Kiede.

  • Rice Wants You'
    luv Rice Wants You'

    Sophie glanced at the man in front of her. She was speechless. "K-Kiede?" Sophie was stuttering. She took his hand gently. "No, of course not. Come on in." Sophie offered realizing the cold air which has suddenly surrounded them. She was so star struck. "Of course I remember you..." She mumbled to herself. There were sudden tears in her eyes, Sophie turned around and gave Kiede a huge hug. "I've missed you."

  • Rice Wants You'
    luv Rice Wants You'

    (Haha, why thankyou. (: awwww. Well don't worry.. not too long now. :) You can do it!! ahh! nice! :)) Sophie sat up, looking at the clock. The knock on the door has abruptly surprised her. "Who could it be?" She muttered to herself, picking up a robe by the stand. She jumped out of bed and went downstairs. She was not in her best state however she didn't care. She peeped at the door hole. A seemingly familiar person. "Hello..." She greeted silently. She couldn't remember who it was outside.

  • Rice Wants You'
    luv Rice Wants You'

    Ooc: awww. Hope you're okay love. <3 haha I'll be on bebo more! Cos we've just started summer! Done with IGCSE :) but hope you're okay <3 yeah! With kiede :D it'll be awesome! Hehe. Yes! David'll certainly be involved! :) <3

    6/17/11 via Mobile
  • Rice Wants You'
    luv Rice Wants You'

    OOC: Hey!! How are you? Yeah, haven't talked for so long!! Miss roleplaying with you! :) Oooh. sounds like an amazing idea!! :) Yes! I would still LOVE to roleplay with you. :)) Yes! Why wouldn't their names be there? Hehe. Cera and Kiede played a HUGE part in Sophie's life. :) <3

  • Kakashi Hatake

    I earned $131 in a month browsing the internet! Heres how - http://goo.gl/PzuPD You will thank me for this!

  • Rice Wants You'
    luv Rice Wants You'

    Sophie laughed, "Thank-you Kiede," She grinned as she gazed at him. "Wow, that's unusual." Sophie smiled, "I mean.." She frowned looking back at him, "People don't usually study alot." She noted. Sophie then let out a small laugh. "Yeah, you ought to know dad." She grinned, "He's a truly easy-going guy and I love him to bits." She laughed, "Yeah, that would be okay," Sophie smiled as she took her shoes out too. "Dad?" She called out softly. [:L Aha, okaay. (: Teehee;) they will, they will. :] YEAH!! Let's create dramas!!;) XD hehehe thanks lovee. (: Nice talking to you. :L Sorry it's really short.. but like I had a REALLY long day.. and I'm just so exhausted now.. ;( Btw, I'm Krystal. (:]

  • Rice Wants You'
    Rice Wants You'

    ((YAY!! :L xD yeaaah!! (: haha aww oh well though. At least they get to spend time together. *wink wink nudge nudge* :L yeah I have schoolio next week D: I'm kinda excited tho!! :3 xD. Lucky! And thanks :) all the best to you too love!! Btw.. what's your name? :D ))

    8/11/10 via Mobile
  • Rice Wants You'
    luv Rice Wants You'

    "Yeah, journalist." Sophie smiled at kiede. "Well I just knew what I wanted to do when I became the best journalist of the year in school." she smiled nightly at Kiede. "Really? What are your hobbies then?" she asked. She laughed at kiede's comment, "Thanks, and no my dad's not like that love." she opened her door and head in the house, "Dad? Cera's son is here.." she called out to him; waiting for a response.

    8/11/10 via Mobile
  • Rice Wants You'
    luv Rice Wants You'

    "Yeah," Sophie smiled at Cerayana. She then looked at kiede and burst into million laughter, "Well I love photography." she thought for a while, "And actually I want to be a journalist when I finish school.." Sophie smiled at kiede. "What about you?" she asked. She then smiled at Cera, "We certainly will say hi to dad for you." she took kiede's arm and walked with him. ------------- "That one," Sophie smiled as she points at it with her other arm.

    8/10/10 via Mobile
  • Rice Wants You'
    Rice Wants You'

    ((YAY! I had been waiting for you! :L xD yeah, actually that would be really interesting ;D awww he has to leave again? D; this is the last week I'll go on everyday.. Cause we have school next week D; hehe! Glad you've been fine too, lovee. :3))

    8/10/10 via Mobile
  • Rice Wants You'
    Rice Wants You'

    Sophie nodded, "Yeah, I agree. I shouldn't doubt anymore.." She looked up with a smile. "Dad's been better now, I guess..He's managing, anyway." She shrugged. "Yeah, I like meeting new people too.." Sophie agreed with Kiede, "We have alot of things in common Kiede!" She listened to Cera and giggled, "Well don't you want someone who would take care of you and Kiede?" It has been a long time before she has thought of getting another partner, after since Mark has passed away. However, she feels nothings. She blushed and looked down. "Let's go." She winks at Kiede. "Nope, just across the corner.. and left." She smiled.

  • Rice Wants You'
    luv Rice Wants You'

    [[Wouldn't it be exciting if Sophie falls in love with Kiede? :D hehe. and then wow. (: I've been good thanks! how're you? I'm gonna go on more often. :)) ]]

  • Rice Wants You'
    Rice Wants You'

    Sophie looked down, "Yeah, I understand. But I don't want anyone hurt just because of me and dad..." She paused and rephrased what she has said, "I mean, dad can probably handle himself.. which is good.. as he's been fighting the Paladins for, oh so long." Sophie laughed at Kiede, "Yeah, I actually might agree with you, Kiede. I mean, doesn't it get too boring if it's only you two?" She laughed, "Whoops.. that doesn't sound right." Sophie frowned at the thought. "Well you know what I mean." Sophie then grinned, "Yes, very close." She winked at Cera. "Wouldn't everything be perfect if you become my mum and Kiede, my dad becomes yours." She said with a giggle and looked at Cerayana. "Okay, well Kiede and I are off then." She looked around and smiled at Kiede, "No, you look great, don't bother changing." She said with a smile.

  • Rice Wants You'
    luv Rice Wants You'

    [:L yeah, I'm back again! xD Sorry for the really REALLY late and weird reply. :S but it's like all blegh now hehe. Yeah, no one ever comes on anymore.. ;( but I still have youu. (: <3 :D ]

  • Rice Wants You'
    luv Rice Wants You'

    [:L I'm sorry I haven't been on for ages. :S Well school's out at the moment. (: summmerrrr! Woohoo! xD awww.. well it's okay though. I'll be on more, jsyk. :L yay! okay, I miss roleplaying! :) Yeah, sometimes hardly anyone's on so like you stare at the page -.-' for the whole day.. haha. I've decided that I will only be on during holidays or weekend. :) how've you been? :D ] Sophie smiled at Cerayana, "Awww, thanks." She nodded, "I need to get as much protections as possible, but in one condition." She paused, "No one gets hurt." Sophie smiled at Cera, "Of course," She said, "I'll be here all day that you two would get sick of me.." She giggled. "Yeah, you're excellent Cera." She said with a smile. "So," She stood up, "Do you want to come and see my father?" She asked as she looked at both Cera and Kiede with a grin. "I'm sure he would love to meet you, Kiede seeing dad and your mum are really close." Sophie added, with another smile.

  • Rice Wants You'
    luv Rice Wants You'

    Sophie nodded, "Yeah, they have.." She sighed but giggled when Cerayana clapped. The only people she feels comfortable with is Cerayana, her father and now Kiede, but not with other people. Sophie nodded. "I've been trying to do that, for oh! a very long time..and I now suceed." She said with a grin and smiled at Kiede, "Practice!" Sophie took a bite of the pancake, "Mmm.. they taste, oh SO delicious!" She said taking another bite. "You're a fabulous cook, I must say." Sophie nodded as she understood what Cerayana was talking about, "But that's cool, you know." She smiled, "Well you've been taking care of me for my whole life now." She said with a grin, "I would know how you take care." She said flashing another smile. "Oh really?" She smiled, "Well one day, Kiede, I'll take you to see my father." She said proudly.

  • Lazarus A
    luv Lazarus A

    =-He kept his eyes on her, the flames seeming to burn out completly, before appearing behind her, his voice about the right side of her ear, saying as he smirked somewhat, his back just barely touching her own as he would look about the surrounding. Crimson hues hidden under the lids of his eyes.-= "Coward... Says the runner.."

  • Lazarus A
    luv Lazarus A

    =-He smiled, a burst of seeming crashing flames had slammed into the ground, the flames being black and ghostly, clearing to show himself straitening his jacket, a black cigg set at the left of his lips, two violet foiled rings markign where the filter was, his signature, looking through the dense wooded area, seeming her clearly as he would smile to himself, inhaling on the smoke, the end glowing in an amber hue, the ground beneath him a ghistly white, washed with a light breeze, showing it to have been turned to fine ash, the grass around his form blowing away to reveal the bare ground. Keeping his gaze set on her from a distance.-=

  • Rice Wants You'
    luv Rice Wants You'

    [[No worries, I haven't been roleplaying much either. :L Sure! They can be good friends. :D Teehee, I'm fine! How're you? xx]] Sophie smiled at Cerayana and Kiede, "Well, yeah, the paladins." She shrugged, "But they're not as bad, I can control myself now." She beamed delightfully and dissapeared. She then re-appeared next to Cerayana and Kiede. "Delicious," Sophie smiled as she looked at the toast, pancakes and waffles. "Well if I don't sound too much of a fatty," She laughed, "I'll take the pancake and waffle." She said with a slight embarassed that she eats alot. "Oh," Sophie smiled amusedly at Cerayana, "Breaking the rules? what kind of rules?" She asked with a slight giggle and looked at Kiede, "Yes, it's nice to finally meet you too," She beamed and looked at Cera, "Well, as usual, dad's being his caring self. I haven't seen mum lately." She shrugged, "Maybe I've always home late." She smiled, "What about you two?"