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Quarter Till

What's up BEBO! We been in th studio still working with lots of talent! www.dreamlikemusic.com , Check us out!

11/26/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, Luv 35
  • from United States
  • I am Down for Whatever
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  • Snellione

    Hey, hey...I sent ya a email a few nights ago! How's it goin'?:P :P Promoted a little in Thailand...handed a few dj's the album a different clubs playin' hip-hop! :) Other than that, still producin' on tha go and writing when it comes to me! Anywayz let me know wutz been up! Snellione

  • Forever F
    luv Forever F

    I'm coming up there this weekend homie, leaving out friday night. E.V.E.N.T.S FF

  • Lady Bisa
    luv Lady Bisa

    You are in my prayers.... Lady Bisa

  • Sing'R Soul
    Sing'R Soul

    QT, The E.V.E.N.T.S. thinkin about ya and prayin for ya!!! Much LOVE!

  • Forever F
    Forever F

    Yeah we got it. I'm finished wit my 16. I sent it to PR also. That track is extra!!! FF

  • Lady Bisa
    luv Lady Bisa

    Quarter Till, I think it was Hilarious how the phonecall went down...My Apologies...been a lil stressed lately... but you may call back whenever...that was too funny... But thanks for ringing...hope to hear from you soon...Tell The EVENTS I said hello... Big hugs, Lady*B

  • Lady Bisa
    Lady Bisa

    Quarter Till, I talked to Quill earlier today...and he will be getting in touch with you soon...I'm so excited and Grateful...but I really can't wait til I come back to you guys... Blessings, Lady*B

  • Forever F
    Forever F

    Man that sh$t go hard! u did a good job on the page, looking real good. I'm bout to get cleaned up and get some grub. I be back in ah sec

  • Tatyarna
    luv Tatyarna

    Well well Mr Tillman How are you.. Hope all is well... All is going good still i see... im so proud of you guys you have come sooo far in the last 2 years... wow... Dont ever stop..!!! Love ya Till Cassy xoxoxox

  • Snellione

    Wut up!! "10 New Tracks!! Just uploaded new beats I was experimenting on. #018 and #36 thru #45. These was tha ones i was gonna bring ova but since I neva came...Just scroll thru tha soundclick tool on my page. Let me know wat ya think as far as tha direction or what not.Hit me back when ya get a chance. holla!

  • Snellione

    Wutz up QT?! jus read ya email... be safe out there! We'll get up later this year!