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Big Hill, Little Steps but each little step takes you closer to the top.

7/4/09 | me too! | Reply

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Laurie Anderson, System of a Down, Jan Gabarek, The Doors
the Princess Bride, Raise the Red Lantern
Only the ones I can do lying down
Scared Of
Ghosts, Lightning and Spiders also drowning and falling and things I can't see.
Happiest When
I don't have to worry about money. Drinking good coffee and thinking about chocolate
Books I've read that were really worth it
Don Quixote, Too Close to the Falls, Annie Proulx books, The Thursday Next books by Jasper Fforde, Haroun & the Sea of Stories, The Book Seller of Kabul. Beirut Blues
These are some of my favourite authors
Salman Rushdie, Ben Okri, Jasper Fforde, Mary Janice Davidson

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Because the Night - Patti Smith Group (1978 top 20 hit)

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  • my laptop

    some fucker stole my laptop!!!!
    It makes me sad.

    0 Comments 240 weeks

  • getting on

    what does it mean when you get out of bed in the morning, though you were certain you wouldn't have to, and nothing out of the ordinary happens, though it should? You go down stairs to make lunches for school but you are still certain there is something out of place. What does it mean when nothing out of the ordinary happens though you are certain it should?
    It means it's your birthday and you need to trade in your family.

    1 Comment 265 weeks

  • well

    Well not much is going on in my head, I like to keep it blank, it is so much easier to clean that way. Well actually that is a lie because it is full of clutter I just don't look at it cos it is too depressing. It's like when you walk in the kitchen one morning after not doing the dishes for a few days and you look at the shit on the bench and you think fuck what a mess, and you don't know where to start and you haven't really got all day to do it anyway so you just turn around and walk away - don't even look at it, just keep moving and maybe one day the tidy up fairies will come along and sort it all out for you and life will be sweet. or something.

    0 Comments 278 weeks

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  • Sheriff Cemal
    Sheriff Cemal

    Your wrong

  • Morgue-An
    luv Morgue-An

    Hullo mother dear

    6/22/09 via Mobile
  • Morgue-An
    luv Morgue-An

    "I will not use my motorboat for three days" Shit that was a tough one :L

  • Morgue-An

    cars in pieces at the moment, It's entered into a trackday onn 22 september so must be going by then :)

  • Morgue-An

    thief, I'd rather pics of my car were displayed

  • Sheriff Cemal
    Sheriff Cemal

    I would like pancakes

    7/6/08 via Mobile
  • Marcus Infinite Ink
    Marcus Infinite Ink

    Y*I*K*E*S ~ lol

  • Morgue-An

    yes I came across that picture somewhere on the net a few weeks ago and had a chuckle.

  • Marcus Infinite Ink
    luv Marcus Infinite Ink

    Hey a girls got to do what a girl got to do to gather her friends for wine and a catchup ! I narrowly escaped a tupperware party a few week. back. My daughter had one. Pricelist terrified me. I am too good at having the stuff go missing. $2 shop for me lol. Mind you I have to check them out as I have heard a rumour you can use it for resin moulds!

  • Marcus Infinite Ink
    Marcus Infinite Ink

    Go you. only one more 21st and a couple more weddings to go and my bank balance will be mine! Making the cake is a pile of fun though

  • Marcus Infinite Ink
    Marcus Infinite Ink

    wahoo I feel special !! welcome aboard. Thanks for the add. Great way to amuse yourself on a friday nite when you have no social life lol.

  • Ashy Babe
    Ashy Babe

    You mean a tandem?i think that would test our relationship. And my legs would get tired.

    5/28/08 via Mobile
  • Ashy Babe
    Ashy Babe

    Yuk. No bike for me. I guess I'm off to Rebel Sport then...

  • Ashy Babe
    Ashy Babe

    Me too. So I can sell the damned thing. And then hopefully my bank balance will recover soon after too.

  • Sheriff Cemal 5/22/08
  • Gregarious H
    Gregarious H

    Hi - back from the badlands God cant you just see it now...Hope to see you there! Will be somewhat like a school reunion. Probably be amazing who shows up and what they are like now. Will be worth it just for that!

  • Megan Wiseman
    luv Megan Wiseman

    Helllllooooo back to you chicky:} WHY ARENT YOU IN BED WITH YOURE SNUGGLE BUNNY!!? ha lol:}