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Pete Wentz Haters

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
okay... first things first:
anyone who likes him...
this is a page for people who DON'T like him.
so please leve us all alone and stop coming up with bullshit like:
"omg ur all just lealous of him coz hes so much mor talented than u put 2gether"
"u wish u wer pete cuz hes so much hotter than u, get lives u saddos!"
or some other shit like that, then again, i ask you to shut the fuck up and leave us all alone coz we've heard it all before, it's not true and you know it.

now that thats out of the way...

he's NOT hot
he's NOT a good bassist
he's may have got his cock out on tha internet but that does NOT make him cool.

end of.


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  • Kendra XD
    Kendra XD

    you FUCKTARD you are some idiot he IS hot he Can play the bass and YES he IS de shizz soo GO FUCK YOURSELF

  • Tay Thatismyfulnamestupidbedo
    Tay Thatismyfulnamestupidbedo

    this band is a waste of space. Hate is a terrible word u shouldn't hate anyone. I believe Pete is AWESOME and that u r a club of wannabe losers

  • Be Your Own Spotlight
    Be Your Own Spotlight

    This is so halerious its sad. I guess you have nothing else to do but put people down

  • Be Your Own Spotlight
    Be Your Own Spotlight

    This is so halerious its sad. I guess you have nothing else to do but put people down

  • Matt

    Terrible bass player.

  • Ryan Mark Edward Sandford
    Ryan Mark Edward Sandford

    omg. you guys. ffs. he's a twat.

  • Abbiée.

    tbh, most of you need to get a grip you dont know him enough to 'hate' him.. some life you must have to create a hate page about someone :L

  • Beaumont

    Pete wentz makes fall out boy fun! how culd u guys hate him and ye he can be a prick sometimes but he's fun. and he's nice too, trust me i've met him. If all you guys were sensible and not to act like children then u wuldnt have this page. u 'd just keep hating him in ur own little way.

  • Ryan Mark Edward Sandford
    Ryan Mark Edward Sandford

    i FUCKING hate him! he ruins fall out boy. i swear that guy sucks his own back stage

  • Love.Kills.Slowly

    seriously wtf is the point wat has he ever done 2 u just leave him alone!!!!!!!!!!!

  • SyringeSuicide

    OMG!! leave him alone.how would u feel,if some1 told the world that u lissed a guy??huh!! wat da fuck is wrong with u jackasses!! hes hot..he CAN play...and ur the FAG!!! I Hope U D** fffffffffffff fffffffffffffffff ffffffffffff ffffffffffffffff fffffffffff fffffffffffffff ffffffffff ffffffffffffff fffffffffffffffffffffff ffffffffffffffffffff fffffffffffffffff ffffffffffffff fffffffffff ffffffff fffffff

  • Sleeksta

    FUCK U MUTHA FUCKING WHORES! PETES THE FUCKING GOD DAMN REASON I PICKD UP THE BASS.... GO FUCK YOURSELFS U COWS.... IF U HATE PETE,I HATE U.....FUCK THE HATERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCK THOSE DAT DONT LIKE PETE,FUCK THOSE THAT HATE FALL OUT BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE "band members(moderators)" CN GO FINGER THM SELFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Teniko-Chan. XD
    Teniko-Chan. XD

    ok i wouldnt say i HATE pete... but its fxckin retarded that he gets ALL the credit for the band! he plays bass ffs! you can barely tell he's there unless you only like fall out boy for pete wentz looks! but then your just a shallow pervert who has no standards! >.> patrick is the singer... and no one notices him! o.O btw... pete isnt a talented bass player! the bass riffs in fall out boys songs are piss easy!

  • Leaahh Lunatic
    Leaahh Lunatic

    wtf how could you hate him he is HOOOTTT nd he is the awesomest bass player so wtf us all suck

  • SkidMac

    Your all gaaay.

  • Ewan B
    Ewan B

    I searched "pete wentz is a prick" in google and came up with this page. Nice. He is an up himself arsehole, who thinks he is something more than a faggy fashion accessory for 15 year old girls who only go to his gigs because they think he has cool hair or whatever. Meanwhile hes on stage plugging charities and trying to be political when really noone is paying any attention to what hes saying. Also, he claimed at a gig in glasgow yesterday that fall out boy were bringing the UK the circle pit. I'm sorry but what!? Prick.

  • Toolee

    yeahh =S wierd. i changed tha username like it told me ta so hopefully it'll be alrightt... that is gayy... whats yer one and i'll add it?? x

  • Luseesaw

    Aoife did you get that abuse thing aswel? not good XD btwww msn wouldn't let me add your addy again gay xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx