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  • from my room =O
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About Me

The Other Half Of Me
Mike Mossy

Mike Mossy

I love miiiiike moss :D

i love luke blakemoore ;)
tbh Luke Blakemore, is the bestest mate you could ask for, i love him and i can tell him anything, i love having our bitchy times on the bridge ;) love you babes x

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  • To Do 2009

    -get sooo drunk i spend the night sleeping over the toilet like ginger tim well it was over a bowl but it had the same thingyy :/
    -beat Corin at arm wrestling
    -get a hoodie
    -paint room
    -tidy room before painting it just got messy again
    -give davids hat back
    -buy own food
    -meet the cheese guy again. i havent seen him for a while
    -stretch ear to 10mm
    -get lip pierced
    -get nose pierced
    -get neck pierced
    -buy grey skinnies
    -buy more black skinnies cus my ones are broken
    -get the bus TO school
    -make friends with a hobo he smelt funny but he was lovely, i gave him my lighter :) and now i need one again... D:
    -buy the massive bottle of vodka
    -go to the cinema...havent been for a while
    -buy something for myself when people i know are not even in the shop
    -walk on my own in town
    -Go to cadbury hill
    -tell bonnie how annyoing and bossy she is.

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The Secret Handshake - Everyone Knows Everyone - One Full Year

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  • Daniel S
    Daniel S

    OMG... this girl is showing everything on her msn cam. Shes trying to set a record for most msn cam views.... hit her up on KeelyRomainxfhew@hotmail.com, its her msn messenger name

  • Daniel S
    Daniel S

    I pulled in $546 in 2 days using the internet! It came from - http://bit.ly/cFDvyJ You will love me for this!

  • Mike Mossy
    luv Mike Mossy

    Love you too bestest buddy xD

    10/8/09 via Mobile
  • luv Suzii

    Trekk buddy ;) i'm soo just gonna laze about and stuff my face with food today :L lovee you :) xxx

  • luv Suzii

    i love you too lex(: fun on the trek tomorow :L we're so fucked just bring the pizza and it'll all be good (Y) :) xx

  • Mike Mossy
    luv Mike Mossy

    heyurr ;) how are youu? x

    9/29/09 via Mobile
  • luv Suzii

    I love you Lex (: xxx

  • luv Suzii

    Dear Lexii i owe you a present ;] you can have some of my choccy... and i will help round the house :L Dont worry, the letter was returned to where i found it ;) xx lovee you :)

  • luv Suzii

    i loveee you :)

  • Suzii

    Oh baby, you're at the top of my to do list ;] I have no idea either :L i think its all the cookies i've been eatinggg LEXII :( My hairs gone orange :L Lovee youuuuuu too (: xx

  • luv Suzii

    i don't quite remember that....when was this? :O :L x

  • Suzii

    :O Why ever would you want to UN-farmer yourself?!?1 be proud of your farmer heritage, Vernon :L Ohhmygoshh, we have chickens too and i''m not that keen on them :L whenever i go outside they make funny noises :L and we have little baby chicks :) which are quite cute tbh... Yess...real unicorn :P just don't touch the horn...its...err...delicate :L Lovee you, Lex :) xx

  • Suzii

    Why would you want to be UN-farmered:O be proud of your farmer heritage, Vernon :L haha i have chickens lol xD and little chicks ^.^ they're so cutee but i dont really like the chickens either :L i go out there and they glare at me >.< Yes...real unicorn :) just dont try pulling its horn off =) xxx x

  • Suzii

    :L Its a unicorn conspiracy :O its all lies! :L ahaa one day i will find a unicorn and sent it to you in the post :) my family are weird, they're wannabe farmers for fucks sake :L i think they're gonna re-decorate the house with a chicken theme, sexy eh ;) ♥ xxx

  • Suzii

    :L aha its a unicorn conspiracy :O Its all lies :L ahaha one day i will find a unicorn :L and send it to you lol (: my family are weird too...they're wannabe farmers for fucks sake :L i think they're gonna re-decorate our house with a chicken theme ;) sexy tbh ;) xx

  • luv Suzii

    :L Lexii babes! xD i love you more than unicorns and rainbows >.< :L x

  • A.
    luv A.

    i know ;)

  • A.
    luv A.

    I Love Lexxi :D

  • A.
    luv A.

    haha was i lookig horribly wet? haha

  • A.

    guess what?!........i just blew you a kiss did you catch it? x