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1/25/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, Luv 73
  • from Everywhere (:
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Hey Luke, want to eat my muffin? :D
Me, Myself, and I
The Other Half Of Me
Blue Eyed Girl

Blue Eyed Girl

<-Awesome and lives in Austrailia:P

Pink Floyd, The Who, Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, Verve, AC/DC, Guns n roses, Red hot chilis, metallica, Def Leppard, R.E.M, Jimi Hendrix, BFMV, H.I.M., Ax7, you know, those kick ass bands...
Something funny...
Oh, i'm meant to do this "Sports" thing?
Scared Of
erm...Your face...
Awesome At...
Everything! xD

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  • ARGH!!! This just pisses me off=P

    Test for Dementia

    Below are four ( 4) questions and a bonus question. You have to answer them instantly. You can't take your time, answer all of them immediately. OK?

    Let's find out just how clever you really are....

    Ready? GO!!! (scroll down)

    First Question: You are participating in a race. You overtake the second person. What position are you in?

    Answer: If you answered that you are first, then you are quite wrong! If you overtake the second person and you take his place, you are second!

    Try not to screw up next time.

    Now answer the second question, but don't take as much time as you took for the first question.

    Second Question:

    If you overtake the last person, then you are...?
    (scroll down)

    Anser: If you answered that you are second to last, then you are wrong again. Tell me, how can you overtake the LAST Person?

    You're not very good at this, are you?

    Third Question:

    Very tricky arithmetic! Note: This must be done in your head only.
    Do NOT use paper and pencil or a calculator. Try it.

    Take 1000 and add 40 to it. Now add another 1000 . Now add 30.

    Add another 1000. Now add 20 . Now add another 1000

    Now add 10. What is the total?

    Scroll down for answer.....

    Did you get 5000?

    The correct answer is actually 4100.

    If you don't believe it, check it with a calculator!

    Today is definitely not your day, is it? Maybe you'll get the last question right....

    Fourth Question:

    Mary's father has five daughters: 1. Nana, 2. Nene, 3. Nini, 4. Nono. What is the name of the fifth daughter?

    Did you Answer Nunu?

    NO! Of course it isn't. Her name is Mary. Read the question again!

    Okay, now the bonus round:

    A mute person goes into a shop and wants to buy a toothbrush.
    By imitating the action of brushing his teeth he successfully expresses himself to the shopkeeper and the purchase is made.
    Next, a blind man comes into the shop who wants to buy a pair of sunglasses; how does HE indicate what he wants?

    He just has to open his mouth and asks.
    It's really very simple.... Like you!


    0 Comments 277 weeks

  • Life Soundtrack:D

    f your life was a movie, what would the soundtrack be?
    So, here's how it works:
    1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
    2. Put it on shuffle
    3. Press play
    4. For every question, type the song that's playing
    5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
    6. Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool...

    Waking Up:
    I am The Walrus - The Beatles

    First Day of School:
    Master of the house - Les Mis (don't ask:L )

    Falling In Love:
    Heroes - David Bowie

    Fight Song:
    My generation - The Who:D

    Breaking up:
    FREEBIRD(WOOP) - Lynard Skynard

    I Ain't Got You - Eric Clapton

    The Improtance of being idle - Oasis (CRAP!!!)

    Mental Breakdown:
    Telephone Blues - Eric Clapton

    MeatLoaf - bat out of Hell

    I'm A believer - Smash Mouth:D

    Getting Back together:
    Needles and pins - Ramones

    Something Beautiful - Robbie Williams

    Birth of Child:
    What's The frequency Kenneth - R.E.M (now i know what to call my child...grainger:L )

    Final Battle:
    The Clansmen - Iron maiden

    Death Scene:
    Hey Joe:L - Jimi hendrix

    Funeral Song:
    Banana Phone - Raffi:L ( b=very happy funeral:D )

    End Credits:
    Better - GNR!

    Copy this into your blog!

    0 Comments 280 weeks

  • Do this Please


    HAV3 WE 3V3R..
    Had A Relashionship_

    WOULD YOU 3V3R..
    Hug Me_
    Kiss Me_
    Snog Me_
    Have A Relashionship With Me_
    Let Me Sleep In Your Bed_
    Hang Just Me Nd You_

    DO YOU..
    Like Me_
    Love Me_
    What Do You Think Of Me Overall_

    4 Comments 285 weeks

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  • Laying Down My Life

    OMG... this girl is showing everything on her msn cam. Shes trying to set a record for most msn cam views.... hit her up on CharitaLaughbaumzzxqe@hotmail.com, its her msn messenger name

  • Laying Down My Life

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  • Hannahh'

    and? ;] im getting ym hair done tomorrow so stfu.

  • KillerKimmi

    Oh no way i so wanna see lol. :)

  • KillerKimmi

    mop head. :)

  • Lauren Argyle 2/25/09
  • Dr Awesome
    Dr Awesome

    Bullshit are you christian

  • Lithium
    luv Lithium


  • Hannahh'

    how very dare you comment my pictures as that. >_> WEMO! :D xox.

  • Lithium
    luv Lithium

    Im All Good Ta GdGd Well You Can Have More Love Thn =D Been UptoMuch?

  • Lithium
    luv Lithium

    Yes CUM PIE Yummmmmmy xxx Love Back =] How Yuu

  • luv Blue Eyed Girl

    Hey :) <- New haircut :D 8 Days :O How are you??? I'm excited Where have you been recently anyway? It's like you've disappeared.... Anyways here is my love xxxx

  • Hannahh'

    awwk crap hahaha. x

  • Hannahh'

    heyaaXD rape? haha x

  • Cameron Murray
    Cameron Murray

    You be lame...

  • Robb.

    i well made this skin blud! lmao ebuyer ftw! mcgahan ftb!

  • luv Blue Eyed Girl

    HI! Ha! I said it that time ;) I'm am fabulous, except for the fact I lost both my badminton games... Oh well. Guess what? I am having a sleepover too :L Tell me if the new Bond movie is any good, I might go see it. And yes, I do get 6 weeks off like you do. :O 362 days til I can learn to drive. I am so excited I wanted purple hair, but I'm not allowed :( I got 2 of the weird virus thing. And you already said happy birthday to me on my birthday :D :o Since I'm already here, I'm going to give you my love And thank you for your love :) I'm trying to use up all the characters again. Oh how about we play guess the song, I'm gonna leave lyrics, you have to tell me which song it is, NO GOOGLE. ♪Consider this The hint of the century Consider this The slip that brought me To my knees failed What if all these fantasies Come flailing around ♪ Any ideas??? BYE!!!