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Elenoa Leuluaialii

havent been on this biiitz for a minute!!

3/29/10 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

the head chief
Me, Myself, and I
nice to not meetcha! i got one of those long samoan names that make no sense but do=) but for the most part-ppl call me tu'i,chewy or elenoa,but if you say tu'i,you have to pause afta TU or else it sounds like an asian name and im far from lookn asian.haha.movin on,GOD is good 4rill-5rill!why?cuz he's blessed me with a smart pops who will go thru all his kids before he remembers my name n' is the only person i know who has a samoan-british-australian accent yet speaks better english than me, a luvn mom who is more stylish than me.ha.sistas who've been nuthin but 2nd n' 3rd mamas since i was born, so i gota run shit by like 50 ppl before im good to go,brothas who i blame the reason why i'm a tomboy cuz i alwayz wanted to b like dem.nieces n' nephs who drive me crazy but they DRIVE me! a BoyfrieNd who loves me to death n' says i'll be the death of him one day.a fam wid a bloodline that runs thick'a than water..God iS gooD! n' im thanKfuL!
The Other Half Of Me


she's soOO special... yea, sPEciaL ED!! =p

Lovers roCc- RAs- some Roots- BaY areA slaPz- CounTry- alternative- samoan slapz' espcially them good ol' five stars n' young lovers, and almost every freddy fender kutt..myself in tha shower and the raps i make up in my head when im on one..haha i'll pretty merch listen to anything that im feelin..
I lOVe love love documentaries, love love love karate movies, the discovery channel, City of GOD, 28 dayz/weeks later, 40 yr old virgin, can't hardley wait, dumb n' dumber, i love to watch the antique road show, man vs. wild and a whole lotta other stuff but can't call it riigh now..
One LOVe to nobody..its ONe nATIOn.. RaIDers mayNe!
Scared Of
my momma.. she's short, loud, sassy, n' fiesty.. haha..she chaanged! i got scaredy pants for eyeballs..
Happiest When
everything i need to have done is done.. chillin wit familyee, folks, n'sewer... making clothes...buying earings.. reading a good book and n' jus simply doin me..
EFf.tee.kay shOUt-OUt
thot i'd make a slot for you slutz! haha.. love you heffaz! ya'll know who you are... yee love- n' thass how we roll!
shit i can't help from saying..
A'e!, hellosha, sorry, No thanKs No tIme, sorry, dude n' Doooode, hellla, i love you, i hate your face, thats kooooo(high pitch voice), why wud you do that for, dooode who does that shit, r u serious?, who? who cares, what tha heo, what an idiot, what a fatt ass, heffa, hella fun tho, thats crazy(but really not), thass hellla funny(sarcastic), woOw, oi oi OI, awwwww cuzzzz=), fucc tha next nigga, did you say ax her?, wut tha fucc do i look like, awwwwwww man, fussin doode, i noticed, hella uggz, booO nigga, i meeeean, why?, wudda boo'sitter, boo face, and theeen, wudda fob, and thass what happens, im good, you good?, wut a bernard.. etc... yea yea yea...

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  • not the baby~Boo survey! hahaha...

    what is his name?- joshua jennings

    what pet name do you like to call them?- that good ol' "baby".. fat boi and on a personal note, champ..dont laugh.. hahaa

    how long have you been together?- he was GOD sent six years ago in march..and we're still truckin... time flys when your havin fun..soOO gay! haha

    how did you meet?- long story n' tOOO random, juss know that like a thief at night, i stole sua's heart at first sight... hahaha

    what did you like most about them?- love how we are so much alike yet go about it in totally different wayz but it works.... if im weak at something hes strong at it and vice versa.. it was automatic....

    what do you like the least about them?- he's a time bomb! hahaha....

    What is the best thing they have ever done for you?- what hasn't he done for me is the question.... he's a blessing =)

    Has he met your parents yet?- yup!

    What would your kids look like?- random! hahaha..

    Do you still kiss a lot?- duh, imma fuzzin ipu keke five real! haha

    who asked who out?- we argue bout it all the time, but trust when i say he asked ya' girl out...haha... six real! hahaha

    Do you think you will get married?- Mos Def.

    Can you see yourself growing old with them?- our clocc started already...

    what is the one thing you would like to change about them?-
    can't say dude is perfect...cuz i for sure aint.. sua is who he is, you either love it OR hate it... and i love it AND hate it..hahaha..wut can i say... unconditional love, imma love him regardless...

    what do you think they would like to change about you?
    o'boi, where do you i start! hahaha

    what is the first gift they ever bought you?-
    A CAR! haha well, it wasn't the first...
    a nice necklace and bracelett with my name on it.. super cute!

    Do you have a favorite song together? yup! got alot of those..

    which famous person do you think they look like the most?- i swear he reminds me of omarr epps.. hahaha

    wOUld you say the two of you are a good match?-
    everything happens for a reason...and he happend to me!! does that make sense? haha, who cares,sure it does!! of course! HE'S MY SOULMATE! FIT FOR ME LIKE THE SOUL OF MY SHOE!!!!

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  • sUrv Deeez for chewdeez!


    Eye Color: burnt cocoa butter brown..haha
    Hair Color: debating what color to dye it next =)
    Height: 5'9 but i put 5'10 on my drivers license...sounds kooler
    Favorite Color: BROWN!
    Screen Name: you cee it!
    Favorite Band: five stars and sublime
    Favorite Movie: dumb n dumber all because dude chucc's the snow ball at ol' girl hella hard... haha.. good stuff..
    Your Car: Acura
    Your Hometown: fouR hunnit n' eiGht wayz..straight out the sOuth BAY! shark taNk!
    Your Present Town: san jobia`bout it
    Your Crush’s First Name: bone crusher..
    Your Style: fuNky fresH to death!

    …Have You Ever…
    Sat on your rooftop: yup, and fell off of one too.. then got beat up on the way to the hospital...samoan parents are fun..hard fall..hard times..haha
    Kissed someone in the rain: sad to say but it was slobber...haha.. nah, butta yea...sounds kool i guess..=)
    Danced in a public place: duh, can't practice super hard in my room while looking in the mirror for nothing...haha
    Smiled for no reason: of course, its better than muggin for no reason...
    Laughed so hard you cried: yup..those are the best laughs..
    Peed your pants after age 8: hahaha..i dont wanna lie.. so NO..haha
    Written a song: and sung it to myself tooo.. =)
    Sang to someone for no reason: you can't shut me up..ask anyone who lives with me... duh, singing sally =)
    Performed on a stage: sooo many times... thanks to all those lotu tamaiti's where my mom sa ini'd me to "say it louder", "do your actions" and of course all those " do you want me to slap you in front of everybody " ..i can now perform anywhere..
    Made out in a theater: yea, cuz the actors were doing it too..looked kool..=)
    Gone roller skating since 8th grade: its been a minute...
    Been in love: im still sOOOO in LOVE... its lovely...

    …Can You…
    Write with both hands : sure, one hand is in kindergarten tho..
    Whistle: not at night..momz said the itu's didn't like ppl who whistled..haha
    Blow a bubble: yea, but it alwayz looks like a butt with a cracc in the middle.. haha..tru tho..
    Roll your tongue: sure, even when i speak spanish..
    Cross your eyes: yea.. its a good look..
    Touch your tongue to your nose: nope..my bigg lips are in the way..
    Dance: duh, dancing darell..
    Speak a different language: if i dont want you to understand, you'll catch me saying it in gee language..
    Impersonate someone: haha.. my favorite thing to do for a joke..
    Cook anything: anyTHING??? sure...=)

    …Finish The Line…
    If I were a ... boy, i'd ask for my number..haha..what? i would..haha

    My life ... is full of mistakes n' achievements, good choices n' bad choices, lessons learned n' lessons to be taught, good times n' hard times, love n' hate, pressured yet carefree, breathing but need to take a deeper breath sometimes, calm yet crazy, working hard n' hardly working, friend n' foes, forgive n' forget, being stucc n' movin on, down n' out but brighter dayz, being weak n' being strong, changed, changing n' has room for more change, my life is one hecc of a test...

    I dont... practice santeria, i aint got no crystal ball, i had a million dollars, but i, i spent it all.. dope song..

    I wish ... a nigga would =)

    So many people don’t know ... GOD..

    I Know ... that if you sow in tears, you reap in joy..

    My family ... annoys me..hahaha..but i gotta love it...i guess..hahaha.. i'd take a bullet for each and every one of them... love em' to death..

    My Friends ...are fam to me.. and you already know how i feel about my fam...

    LOve ... is for succaz...haha..guess imma succa for love.. shuxx.. =)

    I'm ... in love wit a stripper...

    My heart is ... stolen!!!! damN, sua's such a thief!! hahah.. my heart goes out to everyone i love... bigg fatu five real..

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  • for mY leo's!


    The ruler of Leo is the Sun. The glyph is generally thought to represent the tail of the lion. It can also symbolize the heat or the creative energy of the Sun. On entering the sign Leo, the Sun is said to exemplify cosmic splendor. The meaning attached to this seems to be that both the good and bad characteristics associated with Leo are perpetual.

    Through the ages, Leo has signified the coming of thebest growing season and thus reflects the abundant generosity of life. In this aspect Leo is seen as the ordained provider.

    Personal Traits
    The Leo is a dominant, spontaneous, creative and extroverted character. They possess grace, dignity and an expansive personality. The lion is king of the animal kingdom, and an appropriate symbol for Leo who tends to dominate his environment. Ambitious, courageous, strong willed, positive, independent, self-confident are all words that describe the Leo traits.

    Leos were born to lead and are most effective when in a position of command. Leos are straightforward and uncomplicated individuals who know what they want and pursue it with enthusiasm and a creative spirit.

    They are not easily daunted, and will persist through the most formidable of circumstances.They tend to be stubborn, and will hold onto a belief, or stick to a course of action through thick or thin.

    Because of their positive nature, they tend to expect the best, and when things don't turn out as they had expected, they react immediately and badly. Although, they may suffer from short bouts of depression when life doesn't meet their expectations, they bounce back quickly and move on with their normal cheerful and demonstrative nature. Leos walks forward always, head held proudly and face turned towards the sun

    Positive Traits

    Leos possess a strong positive nature and don't shrink from any adverse circumstances. Leos like to live on a grand scale. First class is the only way to go and luxury is comfort. In personal relationships, Leo is open, sincere, genuine, trusting and generous.

    They are direct and to the point and lead with their emotions. Leos are proud people, with an idealistic and humane nature. They are basically outgoing, happy, kind and generous. Self expressive, intelligent and broad minded, they are philosophically inclined.

    Main positive traits: Dignity, will-power, generosity, loyalty, confidence, ambitious

    Negative Traits

    Although outgoing, spontaneous, warm- hearted and straight forward, a tragic flaw in Leo is gullibility. They are too trusting and generous to people they like and love. They are not good judges of character and are inclined to treat those close to them as if they were perfect beings incapable of wrongdoing. Because no one can possibly live up to this kind of expectation, Leos are often disappointed.

    They do recover quickly however, and may have numerous love affairs. Their love of pleasure and beauty, and their expectation of perfection drives them from one attractive partner to another.Quick tempered, blunt and nasty when they have been affronted, they are deeply hurt by malice or hostility. Leos can be too sensitive to personal criticism, and when their dominance is threatened they can go into a sudden rage.

    Main negative traits: Conceited, arrogant, laziness.



    In professional life, they do well in a career where there is room at the top. In the political arena, they keep going until they reach a powerful position in government. In business, you can find Leos as President or Chairmans or on the Board of Directors. They always strive for a position of leadership. They are excellent organizers, managers and leaders.

    Many of them go into business for themselves. They are ambitious by nature, and prefer to take charge and delegate. Leos possess a strong creative and dramatic bend, and you will find m

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  • Ave

    Hey long tyme figured i'd stop on thru to see how the beautiful chewy's doin' on her end.... hope all's well wit wat lyfe brings you to... hey is Sue still n VA, if so can you let her know that I'll be out there next week an it'll be nice to see her... did her number change??? Well luv take care an b bak on thru to see how lyfe is in chewy world :L :L :L

  • luv Kimberly

    Ummm can you please take Will picture from my random photos so I could delete it.... You know, I did that for you right???? :L :L :L Cheeeeeoooowww said just how it's spelled. Some white guy here at work keeps saying that over and over here and I can't seem to get it off my mind. :D Love you 2E!

  • Milo A
    luv Milo A

    miss ya a ili of a lot..aint seen ya in a while hope all is gudd!!! weo jus thought id stop by and show luv..hollah wen u kan..

  • Shalei


  • Kimberly

    Hey I'm not sure how to send a picture in your comments so I saved it in my random photo's album. Now I'm just curious what it means?? :L

  • MZz. Lealao
    luv MZz. Lealao

    thanks for the luv.. been a minute since weve seen each other... how are you doing? and sua? nate said he saw you the other day when he was riding around with his cousins.. so whats new? Oh.. you know us.. driving these kids around .. lol.. Nates doing lacrosse.. their record is 3 and 1 .. he scored a goal in the first game.. Tiarra finished bball season at school 1st place co champs.. then started her AAU league for basketball.. her first tournament is first weekend of April.. and Monster.. oh.. he just started t-ball.... his first game is the first weekend of april too.... thats pretty much all we do.. we only know whats going on with the family by reading myspace stuff .. aint that some shiet.. lol.so i told my kids you met the jabbawockeez.. and arras hella bummed.. lol.. she was like.. why didn't she call me.. haa haa haa.. hope you've been practicing on prom dresses cus shes planning on going next year.. can you believe that? time flies.. well we miss ya.. n luv ya ~FONA ~

  • Kathy M
    luv Kathy M

    Hiya Yea Im OK thank you how are you and the rest lol hope everyone is alright... Nice TO hear from you write back when you can Love Ya XxXxXxXxXxX

  • T.Lafo


  • Kathy M
    luv Kathy M

    Hiya how are you ?? hope everything is alright... Glad to see you have bebo write back when you have time..... LOVE KATHY XXXXXXXX

  • luv Kimberly

    Hey Tui Love, love, love the pictures. :L @ you trying to copy it. Just right click on it. :D :L @ you guys splittin' on the freeway. I ain't mad at cha'! The drive could get crazy. Next wedding is Angela's in Vegas. Woooo Hoooo Can't wait for that one. Nita said give her two more years :L and by the looks of your pictures your heading down the 1 to 2 year lane as well so just let us know. :L All of the kids are so big now give them hugs and kisses for me and send my love to Mom and Dad. Love you 2E!