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Lelini Vailea

i gotta let go of you for somebody who could do what you couldn’t ♥

10/5/11 | me too! | Reply

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the stars lean down to kiss you while i lie awake and miss you!
Me, Myself, and I
against the world

<--- being able to flaunt my smile like i
aint hurtin' or breaking down inside ♥

cant be fxckd with fakes cos ima OG!
quit hating& get with it - live it up! ©

i dont know whats down this road but
i gotta go cause im outta love. if you
say you really love me then why am i
hurting i gotta let go of you for somebody
who could do what you couldn't.

they tell me one is a lonely number next
to number two but i would rather be that
lonely number woman than be with you
because to me its all or nothing, nothing
standing tall.

if i cant come first, rather not come at all.
cant sleep one night feeling what im feeling
is neglect. they say that love is real but i
don't feel the full effect and maybe i can't
take it no more.. ♥

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  • if a guy really loves you, he is prepared to take you to the temple.

    We were given - two hands to hold, two legs to walk, two eyes to see, two ears to listen but why only one heart? because the other was given to someone else, for us to find

    If you love someone because he/she is really beautiful its not love, its infatuation. If you love someone because you shouldnt leave him/her, its not love, its compromise. If you love someone because you kissed him/her, its not love, its inferiority complex. If you love someone because you can not leave him/her thinking it will hurt his/her feelings, its not love, its charity.if you love someone because you share everything with him/her, its not love , its friendship.
    but - if you feel the pain of the other person more than him or her even when he/she is stable & you cry for him/her thats love.

    i don't understand how you can smile all day long but cry yourself to sleep at night; how pictures never change but the people in them do; how your best friend can become your worst enemy, or how strange it is when your worst enemy turns into your best friend; how forever turns into a few short months that you would do almost anything to get back; how you can let go of something you once said you couldn't live without; how even though you know something is best for you, it just hurts the same; how the people who once wanted to spend every second with you, think a few minute of their time is too much to spare; how people make promises despite knowing how common it is for promises to be broken; how people can erase you from their lives just because its easier than working things out ..

    i dont know how people can live with a heart full of lies, tell you so many things you want to hear but actually goes way past the limit where they have you in tears, they guilt trip you into believng them; what if things didnt go that way? i mean, it was so picture perfect it could have lasted forever but it just wasnt enough - you are the best ill ever have! theres never a day where you dont cross my mind but in a world where two hearts are easily broken sometimes i love you is goodbye ..

    wanted by many, taken by none, looking at some, waiting on one.

    it's amazing how one day someone walks into your life, then the next day you wonder how you lived without them. you know if you find your true love, the trouble is trying not to lose them - once you've found them ♥ dont take him / her for granted. if you find your true love, hold onto him / her, never let him / her go - if you fail to do this, you might not get him / her back ..

    love is like the wind - i cant see it, but i can feel it!


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