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in america init

8/30/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 19, Luv 374
  • from NEWBURY
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 3,552
  • Member since: June 2007
  • Last active: 6/13/10
  • www.bebo.com/Gringokid
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
i dont use bebo anymore
i'm in2 anything wiv passion i think nas makes big statements krs1 is a fuckin legend the game is raw thers n MC from newbury called melodee let me tell u sumfink hes gona rip everything up he has a deadly combination of talent and drive wotch this space as soon as his album comes out ur gona b bumpin him out
sortin myself out
Joining the royal navy hopefully
scared of
he knows who he is
Happiest When
ask me muver
not many actually i dropped loads of people who were holding me back init so w8 n see
what happens init
i know your password! haa, love you :D x

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How Much Do U Hate The Police?

My result is: F**K DA POLICE

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Which Psycho Footballer are you?

Roy Keane

Youre Just like Keano, you dont care what the consequences of you're actions are as long as you're voice is heard

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What Type of Thief are You.

My result is: Car Thief

You're not too concerned about making money you prefer having fun, you like knowing people know you and hearing about your self, especially on the news.
You love your toys, love taking risks and love getting your blood going. You're abit of an attention seeker and have no respect for the law, why would you? You're better and faster then they are, well at least you hope so. You believe heavily in insurance policies and dont mind temporarily inconveniencing others for abit of your own enjoyment.
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what will your future job be?

My result is: bin man

you lack self respect in life and you aren't bothered about earning alot of money. you rarely take care of yourself and if this job doesn't work out your future lifestyle will resolve down to crime. you will be a drug user at weekends when you are not working. you may marry and have kids but it's unlikely because you will smell so bad.
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Basicly you look like eazy E and you love the water.you dont like anyone gettin up in yo face espically CJ

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The Bomb

You're the bomb! You're so hot. You're on fire! (or soon will be, when you explode and stuff). You're crazy, a little violent, and a lot of fun. You're wild.
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What rapper Are you?

My result is: Underground Rapper

Very few people have heard of you but you have the most committed fans. you love your audience and don't need attention.

close What Type of Bud Are You?

What Type of Bud Are You?

My result is: White Widow

You are White Widow, one of the most popular strains served in coffeeshops in Amsterdam. This strain gets its name because of the high amount of trichomes it produces (the buds are covered in them, making them white). White Widow has won more Cannabis Cups than any other strains, earning White Widow its reputation as one of the most potent stains of marijuana. It smells like chemical berries, and her resin sticks to your fingers like cheese pulling away from a hot pizza. These traits are common phenotypes of the legendary White Widow.

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What kind of drunk are you?

My result is: Sloppily Shmammered

When you drink, it’s pretty much inevitable that you’ll be a shit show. Once you start, you can’t stop, and your dignity slowly goes out the door. Not that you care; you’re just busy having a good time! You’re the one who spills your drink on someone’s lap, capsizes the beer tower, passes out on some random person’s rug, and wakes up in the morning with a splitting headache. But somehow you always make it out alive, and you’re all the stronger for it.
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  • Aedan T
    Aedan T

    OMG... this girl is wearing nothing but her panties on her msn cam. Shes trying to set a record for most msn cam views.... hit her up on AdelinaMcinnisebmaj@hotmail.com, its her msn messenger name

  • Aedan T
    Aedan T

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  • Charlie Brooker.
    Charlie Brooker.

    oi man where the fuck yah beeen ? thought you wanted to come out on saturday lol i didnt go out liam did though then he come home bout 11 , he was at the abbey. well hopefully see you this saturday yeah babe keeeep your head up hun x

  • Andits Heet
    luv Andits Heet

    Sorry Harry, I´ll Giv Ya Yer Birthday Sex On Sat Ok? :L :L Yeah Ma Mum Said Its Cool, Btw U´ll Need About 25 Euro Coz Me N Tommy R Goin Cabo Roig To Go Diablos Or Summit Inabit Stat;) :L :L X Love For Ma Bruv

  • Andits Heet
    luv Andits Heet

    I Cant Cz I Put Em On My PC N I Cant Get Em Back To Da Cam But Im Gunna Buy A Lil USB Thing N I´ll Put Em On. Safe Static ;) :L Much Love X

  • Kayts
    luv Kayts

    haaaappy birthday babe! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Leonne Kells
    Leonne Kells

    Whos This You Added Me ? xx

  • Andits Heet
    luv Andits Heet

    Harry I Dont Just Murk Now, I Make Propa Tunes Aswell N Y U Sendin Me Nasty Bars, I Was Showin U Sum Shizzle :L KK I'll Send Ya It Now N BK Added U On Facebook X

  • Andits Heet
    luv Andits Heet

    Lol Im A Legend Bruv I´ll Tell Ya Why In A Private Comment N If U Dont Believe Me Ask Tommy N BK N That Not Jack Or Paul Cz I Aint Told Them Haha U Lil Badman, My Bars N Gettin Better N Moe Meaningfull Now Days Man "No Father, Had A Harder Life, Just Me And My Mother, Made Me A Harder Guy, Hard Barrin, Got The Harder Lines, Meaningful Murkage, Got Harder Rhymes. I Love You Mum Tried To Raise Me Right, Thanks To You Dont Blaze The White, Drinkin To Much, Gotta Stabalize, Had A Hard Life No Playfull Times, Been Through The Pain N Strife, Sick Of Talk Bout Blades N Knives, RudeBoys Claimin They Can Take A Life, They´re Just Mad Coz I Baked There Wife. " Lol, I Hardly Smoke That No More Man, But Wenever Arkaitz Is There I Always Smoke Sum :L Much Love Bruv X

  • Miss Paige Louise
    luv Miss Paige Louise

    Heloo babes x hows you hun x we aint spoke in ages

    10/16/09 via Mobile
  • Andits Heet
    luv Andits Heet

    Lol, Harrry, U Gotta Change Ur Behaviour Man, Spesh For Zoe, Cz Think Bout All The Shit shes Done For You, Sorry Ad To Say It :L Lmao, Ur A Dick :L But I Wish Id Seen That :L Anyhoo, Owz U Wubu2 W/B Much Love X

  • Andits Heet
    luv Andits Heet

    Well Its Always Good To Know Your Starting Where You Left Off Behaviour Wise :L Thank God For That (No Pun Intended :L ) So Owz U Anyway Wubu2 Much Love X

  • Andits Heet
    luv Andits Heet

    Pick Her Up? On What :L The Ped I Was Gunna Get Has No Papers Or Keys, N I Sold The Other 1, N I Dont Drink Coffe :L KK Wen I Next See Her, I'll Huv A Chat (Y) Much Love X

  • Andits Heet
    luv Andits Heet

    Oryt M8 How Can I Look After Her, I Never See Her Harry, I Already New All That Shit, There Back Together Now, Well It Seemed Like They R Back Together Wen I Last Saw Them.KK Man, Will Do Much Love X

  • Andits Heet
    luv Andits Heet

    KK, Send Me The Invite For It

  • Gemma M
    Gemma M

    heey hun you okaii howz you havnt spoke to you in ages you okaii wblyxx

  • Andits Heet
    luv Andits Heet

    Lol Hope Your Doing Good Wit The Boxin Thing, Juss Member Me Wen Yer A Famous Boxer, Yer Old Lil Gangsta Pal Max :L It Was Blazin Man, Shame U Cudnt Be There Bruv :( (N) Much Love Bruv X

  • Andits Heet
    luv Andits Heet

    I Dont Know Her New Number Off By Heart But Next Tym Im On The Net Ill Get It Haha, Cum Back To Spain, U Shuda Ben Here For Ma BDay Bash 1 Crate Of Beer, 10 Litres Of Strongbow, 8 Litre Bottles Of Beer, 2 Bottles Of Apple Schnapps, A Litre Of Sambuca, 2 Bottles Of Gaymers Cidre, N A Bottle Off Cannabia, Cannabis Beer :L X

  • ShezZa Shandy
    ShezZa Shandy

    heya bbe how r ya ? w.b xx

  • Andits Heet
    luv Andits Heet

    Y Whats Apenini Wit U N Yer Fam? I Will Next Tym Im On, Only Gt A LÑil Bit Of Tym Left KK Man Luv Bruv X