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About Me

*Whisshhhh* There's Madness, There's Molloy!!!
Me, Myself, and I
- "Welcome to Marathon, may I help you?"


—"How may I help you?"

—"You can start by wiping that fucking dumb-ass smile off your rosey, fucking cheeks! Then you can give me a fucking automobile: a fucking Datsun, a fucking Toyota, a fucking Mustang, a fucking Buick! Four fucking wheels and a seat!"

—"I don't really care for the way you're speaking to me."

—"And I really don't care for the way your company left me in the middle of fucking nowhere with fucking keys to a fucking car that isn't fucking there. And I really don't care to fucking walk down a fucking highway and across a fucking runway to get back here to have you smile in my fucking face. I want a fucking car RIGHT FUCKING NOW!"

—"May I see your rental agreement?"

—"I threw it away."

—"Oh boy."

—"Oh boy, what?"

—"You're fucked!"


Great Tune
The Other Half Of Me


Me love you long time...

i'll only name a few that i really like or really think other people should listen to...
The Beatles,
John Martyn,
Jamie T,
The Boss Springsteen,
Kate Nash,
The Postal Service,
DJ Shadow,
Modest Mouse,
Air (preferably before bed time ;) )
You know you live in arklow when...
The methadone clinic, ambulance, funeral home, dole office and garda station are all on the one stretch of road. i guess they threw the credit union in as a gauntlet for us normal people. "are you SURE you want to withdraw this money..."
I Hate...
When you forget your phone on the way to the bog and it turns out to be a half an hour sit down session. The bog's the base for most of my telecommunications
I also Hate...
Cars when i'm tryin to park...
aawww yeah mudda fuckas :P
But I Really Fuckin Hate...
People who stop walking at the top or bottom of a stairs, for no apparent reason, or for any reason actually. keep walking, there MIGHT be someone behind you.
Oxegen 05
Oxegen 06
Electric Picnic 06
Rockness 07
Oxegen 07
The Vuuv Experience 07
Electric Picnic 07
The After Life 07
Oxegen 08

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  • Funny Online chat convo's...

    Rabidplaybunny87: Okay, so my neighbors officially hate me
    GarbageStan23: why?
    Rabidplaybunny87: Well, me, david and andrew were having a bonfire in the backyard, and we were making s'mores and all... and suddenly we here sirens, and see a firetruck turn into the street in front of us.
    Rabidplaybunny87: So we all went running to see what was up, and our neigbor's house was on fire!
    GarbageStan23: oh shit!
    Rabidplaybunny87: Yeah, and when we got there, the wife was crying into her husbands arms, and we were just kinda standing there, and then she saw us, and then like for 10 seconds, gave us the dirtiest look ever
    Rabidplaybunny87: Turns out, we were still holding our sticks with marshmallows on it, watching the fire....
    Rabidplaybunny87: talk about bad timing...

    <MooseOnDaLoose> Hey Mike
    <goatboy> what?
    <MooseOnDaLoose> Pussy.
    <goatboy> er?
    <MooseOnDaLoose> Pussy.
    <goatboy> and?
    <MooseOnDaLoose> Pussy.
    <goatboy> ...
    <MooseOnDaLoose> Pussy.
    <goatboy> i dont get it
    <MooseOnDaLoose> AND YOU NEVER WILL.
    <goatboy> bastard

    <Fashykekes> Capitalization is the difference between "I had to help my uncle Jack off a horse.." and "I had to help my uncle jack off a horse.."

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  • Cool Short Story...


    Isaac Marion

    I am a zombie, and it's not so bad. I'm learning to live with it. I'm sorry I can't properly introduce myself, but I don't have a name anymore. Hardly any of us do. We forget them, like anniversaries and PIN numbers. I think mine might have started with a "T", but I'm not sure. It's funny, because back when I was alive, I was always forgetting other people's names. I am finding that irony abounds in the zombie life, an ever-present punch line. But it's hard to smile when your lips have rotted off.

    Before I became a zombie, I think I was a businessman or young professional of some kind. I think I worked in one of those stifling office jobs in a highrise somewhere. The clothes clinging to the remains of my body are high-quality business-casual. Fine gabardine slacks, silvery silk shirt, red Armani power tie. I would probably look pretty sharp if my intestines weren't dragging at my feet. Ha.

    We like to joke and speculate about our remaining outfits, since these final fashion choices are usually the only indication of who we were before we became no-one. Some people's are less obvious than mine. Jeans and a white t-shirt. Skirt and a tanktop. So we make random guesses.

    You were a plumber. You were a barista. Ring any bells?

    It usually doesn't.

    No one I know has any specific memories. We recognize some things — buildings, cars, Armani ties — but context eludes us. We are here, we do what we do. We lack excellent diction, but we can communicate. We grunt and groan, we make hand gestures, and sometimes a few words slip out. It's not that different from before.

    There are a few hundred of us living in a wide plain of dust outside some large city. We don't need shelter or warmth, obviously. We stand around in the dust, and time passes. I think we've been here for a long time. Despite my dragging entrails, I am in decay's early stages, but there are a few elderly ones here who are little more than skeletons with clinging bits of muscle. Somehow, it still extends and contracts, and they keep moving. I have never seen any of us "die" of old age. Maybe we live forever, I don't know. I don't think much about the future anymore. That's something that's very different from before. When I was alive, the future was all I thought about. Obsessed about. Death has relaxed me.

    But it makes me sad that we've forgotten our names. Out of everything, this seems to me the most tragic. I don't miss my own, but I mourn for everyone else's, because I want to love them, but I don't know who they are.

    Today a group of us are going into town to find some food. How this expedition begins is one of us gets hungry and starts shuffling toward town, and a few others follow him. Focused thought is a rare occurrence with us, and we follow it when we see it. Otherwise we would just be standing around groaning. We do a lot of standing around groaning, and it's frustrating sometimes. Years pass this way. The flesh withers on our bones, and we stand around, waiting for it. I am curious how old I might be.

    The city where the people live is not that far. We arrive around noon and start looking for living flesh. The new kind of hunger is a strange feeling. You don't feel it in your stomach - of course not, since some of us don't even have stomachs. You feel it just...everywhere. You start to feel "more dead". I've watched some of my friends go back to being full-dead, when food is scarce. They just slow down, and stop, and become corpses again. I don't really understand it.

    I guess the world has mostly ended, because the cities we wander through are decaying as fast as we are. Buildings are collapsed. Dead, rusted cars fill the streets. All glass everywhere is shattered. I don't know if there was a war, or a plague, or if it was just us. Maybe it was all three. I don't know. I don't think about things like that anymore.

    In a cluster of broken down apartment buildings w

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  • Just some of the things I'd do if I ever become an evil overlord....

    1.My ventilation ducts will be too small to crawl through.
    2.Shooting is not too good for my enemies.
    3.I will not gloat over my enemies predicament before killing them.
    4.When I've captured my adversary and he says, "Look, before you kill me, will you at least tell me what this is all about?" I'll say, "No." and shoot him. No, on second thought, I'll shoot him and then say "No."
    5.After I kidnap the beautiful princess, we will be married immediately in a quiet civil ceremony, not a lavish spectacle in three weeks' time during which the final phase of my plan will be carried out.
    6.I will not include a self-destruct mechanism unless absolutely necessary. If it is necessary, it will not be a large red button labelled, "Danger: Don Not Push". The big red button marked "Do Not Push" will instead trigger a spray of bullets on anyone stupid enough to disregard it.
    7.I will be secure in my superiority. Therefore, I will feel no need to prove it by leaving clues in the form of riddles or leaving my weaker enemies alive to show they pose no threat.
    8.One of my advisors will be an average five-year-old child. Any flaws in my plan that he is able to spot will be corrected before implementation.
    9.All slain enemies will be cremated, or at least several round of ammunition emptied into them, not left for dead at the bottom of the cliff. The announcement of their deaths, as well as any accompanying celebration, will be deferred until after the aforementioned disposal.
    10.I will never employ any device with a digital count-down. If I find that such a device is absolutely unavoidable. I will set it to activate when the counter reaches 117 and the hero is just putting his plan into operation.
    11.Despite its proven stress-relieving effect, I will not indulge in maniacal laughter. When so occupied, it's too easy to miss unexpected developments that a more attentive individual could adjust to accordingly.
    12.I will hire a fashion designer to create original uniforms for my Legion of Terror, as opposed to some cheap knock-offs that make them look like Nazi stormtroopers, Roman foot soldiers, or savage Mongol hordes. All were eventually defeated and I want my troops to have a more positive mind-set.
    13.I will never build only one of anything important. All important systems will have redundant control panels and power supplies. For the same reason I will always carry at least two fully loaded weapons at all times.
    14.I will dress in bright and cheery colors, and so throw my enemies into confusion.
    15.I will not imprison members of the same party in the same cell block, let alone the same cell. If they are important prisoners, I will keep the only key to the cell door on my person instead of handing copies to every bottom-rung guard in the prison.
    16.I will be neither chivalrous nor sporting. If I have an unstoppable super-weapon, I will use it early and as often as possible instead of keeping it in reserve.
    17.If an advisor says to me "My liege, he is but one man. What can one man possibly do?", I will reply "This." and kill the advisor.
    18.If I learn the whereabouts of the one artifact which can destroy me, I will not send all of my troops out to seize it. Instead I will send them out to seize something else and quietly put a Want-Ad in the local paper.
    19.If one of my dungeon guards begins expressing concern over the conditions of the beautiful princess' cell, I will immediately transfer him to a less people oriented position.
    20.I will hire a team of board-certified architects and surveyors to examine my castle and inform me of any secret passages and abandoned tunnels that I might not know about.
    21.The deformed mutants and odd-ball psychotics will have their place in my Legion of Terror. However before I send them out on important covert missions that require tact and subtlety, I will first see if there is anyone else equally qualified who would attract less attention.
    22.If it becomes necessary to escape, I will never

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  • Pammi Pettitt

    How can the do this for free? http://is.gd/TjuuvL

    8/13/11 via Mobile
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    arklow metal lovers

    shut up and join us ya queer

  • Questhouse Warehouse
    Questhouse Warehouse

    Sat 12th Sep - Bar Budda, Odysssey - Belfast 1 room - 8 djs djs Reece Rodgers Haywire Bozy Aaron Watton Copy and paste Phunk and resident Colin Gent Funky to Progressive House 5 quid in 8.30 til 1am Hope to see you there !! House Music in the Odyssey ? Every Thur, Sat, SunAppLink:10279325780

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    Sat 29th AUG - Bar Budda, Odysssey - Belfast OUR BIG WEEKEND We introduce our very special guest SOULSEEKERZ to join the Questhouse residents Colin Gent and Emo Funky to Progressive House 7 quid in 8.30 til 1am Hope to see you there !! House Music in the Odyssey ? Every Thur, Sat, SunAppLink:10193193349

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  • Mehreen Imtiaz

    HEY!!! :) How are you??!! Long time no see, or hear or talk or bebo :)

  • Ala-Station

    check out my flash box man , its better than yours,

  • Becky
    luv Becky

    Your one hundredth Luv...and who better to give it to you! :)

  • Paul Flano
    luv Paul Flano

    1 more and ur on 100!! any news up in dub man? up for some cans next week?

  • Jenny Dempsey
    Jenny Dempsey

    Hey joey joe joe junior i heard i missed bubbles performance the other nite haha anyway its amazing i just cant put it into words, u will have tocome over some time urself annd becky and possibly the lads too haha

  • Becky
    luv Becky

    oh wow, that is pretty jazzed up! Now you need some kind of moving profile pic you you dancing.....and fucking I guess :P I'll help if you need a partner teeehehhehehehhe MWAH! Soft fried eggs soft fried eggs mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Becky
    luv Becky

    Your bebo desperately needs to be jazzed up! Miss you lots baby xxx

  • Seán Purcell
    Seán Purcell

    Yeah it wasn't so bad. hope yours was alright too.

  • Chris D'Alton
    Chris D'Alton

    Alright shit head. Have not really thought too much about xmas. Its going to be nice sitting on the beach with a santa hat getting locked with all my mates I stole from Colm, What about u. Done all your shopping? So wen r u goin to get ur ass over here? Ud love it here man.

  • Becky
    luv Becky

    So does that mean all you have for me is getting caught in the rain?? I mean, thats fine, just along as you warm me up afterwards :D xxx

  • Colm Moran
    luv Colm Moran

    hey cnut face check my flash box it be that funny track i heard at that party i told ya bout.. Bliss - A Walk In Da Park