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Jamie B

R.I.P DAD 20/7/2010

8/7/10 | me too! | Reply

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  • from Holycross(da best)
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About Me

How Could Anything Get Any Worse? When Some Alien Made You His BITCH!!!
Me, Myself, and I
Hey, im jamie........IM SO AMAZING.......IM BATMAN hehe..... i play hurling, gaelic football and soccer for holycross!!!I love SPORT!!! I live in tipp.GO ON THE PREMIER! I love listening to music Im a massive fan of sport: I love awesome Arsenal, the mighty holycross!!! TIPP are the best!!I love chilin out and love a good laugh, and lets just say school, well my school (thurles CBS) isn't for me! i luv girls!!! i love supernatural!!! its class! HOLYCROSS MINORS FOR DA COUNTY 08!!! i spend most of my days with dinny,eddy and cathal trying to stay out of trouble, we don't usually succeed!!! just leave a comment or whatever! oh ya one thing u need to know bout me i never stop laughing and i talk alot of funni bullshit!!! oh ya sorry ronaldo lovers i think manunited chelsea and ronaldo are a bunch of fucking cheating scumbags!!!!!!!!!!! EDUARDO MAKE A FULL SPEEDY RECOVERY! ARSENAL PLAYERS.LETS TAKE DAT TO DA HEART AND WIN DA PREM FOR HIM! LETS PUT DA BAD LUCK AND START WINNING
i lik a bit of everything but mostly rock!!! i love guns n' roses, audioslave, green day, lostprophets, elliot minor, metallica, bruce springsteen, red hot chillis, acdc, tenacious d and loads of other bands too!!!
Green street, house of wax, vacancy, Road trip, jackass 2, horror:dawn of the dead, texas chainsaw massacre, black christmas, 28 weeks later and all american pies, I love comedies also, superbad supernatural, prison break lost!!!
hurling of course! soccer, gaelic football, american football to look at the amazingly, hot cheerleaders!!! i play wit holycross in soccer and hurling and support arsenal cos they play real football not lik pansy diving bullshit lik man u and chelsea
Scared Of
The day man united win the treble(if they do) since im an arsenal fan, the amount of slagging id have to put with! unicorns dey always bite me!!! being raped by michael jackson!
Happiest When
Im happiest when im chilin out, when im not in school, when people make me laugh, also if im playin sport and listening to music played by hard rockin amigos!!! when im watching supernatural!
Arsenal are doin class dis year!!! top of the table so far woooooooooo!!! arsenal is our religion!!! the emirates is our church!!! are fans our are choir!!! arsene wenger is our priest!!! Fabregas is our God!!! and together we're the gunner galecticos!!!
Biggest Legends.
The jackass guys!!! stevo wat a ledge!!! Alan brogan, the Arsenal and Tipperary Team, Axl Rose, Chris cornell, The rock, Johny Knoxville, Sam and Dean Winchester, bam margera............and of course Thierry Henry Eoin kelly and Cesc Fabregas are legends!!!! jensen ackles jared padeckli, everyone in holycross and tipp!!! will smith, adam sandler!!! they're all ledges!!! OH YA AND EDUARDO!

Hacked :DD
02nd September 2010
Jamie , i believe you just got hacked :D
I guess you shouldnt have given me your password :P
Ah don't worry i'll be nice and i won't mess up your profile too much :L
I Love You :) :*

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    The w*nky Tottenham Hotspur went to Rome to see the Pope,
    The w*nky Tottenham Hotspur went to Rome to see the Pope,
    The w*nky Tottenham Hotspur went to Rome to see the Pope,
    And this is what he said
    F*CK OFF.

    Hark now hear the Arsenal sing,
    The Tottenham run away,
    And we will fight forever more,
    Because of Boxing Day.

    Tony Adam's magic,
    He's got a magic knob
    And when he saw Caprice,
    He stuck it in her gob,
    He stuck up her fanny,
    He stuck it up her bum,
    And when he went down Shite Hart Lane
    He f*cked Glenn Hoddle's mum.

    What do you think of Tottenham?
    What do you think of sh*t

    Away in a manger,
    No crib for a bed,
    The little Lord Jesus looked up and he said,
    We hate Tottenham, and we hate Tottenham.

    We had joy, we had fun,
    We had Tottenham on the run,
    But the joy didn't last,
    Because the b*st*rds ran too fast

    When I was just a little boy,
    I asked my mother what will I be,
    Will I be Arsenal, will I be Spurs,
    And here's what she said to me: Go wash out your mouth son,
    And go get your fathers gun,
    Shoot some Tottenham Scum.

    Are you watching,
    Are you watching,
    Are you watching Tottenham?
    Are you watching Tottenham?

    Hello, hello, we are the Arsenal Boys!
    Hello, hello, we are the Arsenal Boys!
    And if you are a Tottenham Fan,
    Surrender or you die,
    As we all follow the Arsenal

    When I was a little boy,
    My mother bought me a little toy,
    Tottenham fan on a string,
    Told me to kick his f*ckin' head in,
    Kick his head in, kick his head in,
    She told me to kick his f*ckin' head in.

    Have you ever seen the Tottenham win the league?
    Have you ever seen the Tottenham win the league?
    Have you ever seen the Tottenham,
    Ever seen the Tottenham,
    Have you ever seen the Tottenham win the league?

    Stand up if you hate Tottenham,
    Stand up if you hate Tottenham,
    Stand up if you hate Tottenham,
    Stand up if you hate Tottenham

    0 Comments 237 weeks

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