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Korean-Gee Gee Baby

4/21/09 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
not your average teenager. im an easy going person, never too serious.
Call me Jun Wei,Jin
rofls, jin&laura have experience points
in dating&relationship advice and eating on webcam(: just cause we're that cooool
   :P    + very naive(:

Jun wei

ii Hacked Yuur Profilee :Dx Loveee Mandanaa
( 4:42pm Saturdeaa 30 Mayy ) Mandanaaa Hacked Yurr Profileee (:
JunWei iis An Awesomee Guy
Heee iis Sooooooo Funnyyy And Heeee Cracks Meee Up !
Heee Cann Bee sweet When Hee Wants Tooo :)
ii trust yuu heaps!
Loveee Yuuuu
Oh and Ahhhh ............................. ii forgott wat ii was gonaa sayy Lol
byeee xx
TJ said (9:39 a.m.):
*can you write me a hack message on my bebo page?
somehow this guy knows im on msn even when im appearing offline :| well, i havent known this kid for very long but he sure made a good impression on me(: hes one major gullible shithead but also more of a major good friend. i love you jin and no, im not that type of person to go i love you (in a friend way). so im gonna go fuck off now. later homo, love lauraa;x
boooo ;]
jin jin jin webcam buddies forever ;] how long has it been ? 2-3 months that i've known you ? you really are quite something ;] i dont remember ever having a fight with you, you'd be the last person i'd want to fight with . its a sunday and im bored, your page is pretty pimped cosa me mr. :D hava nice day, i love my webbybuddy xo'
one hundredth love: elianna
two hundredth love: nee
three hundredth love: nee
four hundredth love: elianna
five hundredth love: laura
six hundredth love: cherie
seven hundredth love: Duyen
eight hundredth love: Iorababe :L
nine hundreth love: cherie babe :)
ONE Thousand love:♥♥Lora♥♥
1100th luv: Lora
12OO:luv mandana
13OO:love KOOL

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1. Hello there, I'm Kathi. What's your name?
Up in profile.

2. Oooh, okay then. When's your birthday? And how old does that make you??
Well... 01/05/10 1? -.-

3.  Alright, cool. Where abouts d'you live?? And who do you live with? (Including pets)
Botany, Family , and Pets ;(

4. Are you parents seperated?? If yes, since when??
Nope haha;P

5. What is your 3 favourite songs in the whole wide world?
The good old classics? nah i dont know eh? (:

6. Oh, I like the second one!! What's your 5 favourite films ever??
I didnt have a second one idiot haha jokes ;) Titanic?? and stuff

7. Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?? (If yes, gimme some details. - Name, age, who asked who out??)
No, i do not sadly ;( *cries, heartbroken*

8. What bones have you broken? How old were you and how did you do it??
Left arm? like 10 haha Well lets say i was on the monkey bar on playgruond and fell and landed on my arm of course :(

9. What's your overall favourite band and singer??
kpop, not justin bieber >:3

10. Who would win a fight between a gnome, and a leprachaun??
leprachaun yeahsss

11. South Park or Family Guy??
Neither im not into racist/comedy cartoon films sorry ;O

12. I'd chose South Park myself. Have you ever almost died?? A near-death experience.
No, not really i think? getting run over ? *no*

13. What are you wearing now?? (Including underwear ;)    )
nothing at all

14. Ever broken up with someone?? Were they hurt?

15. Ever been broken up with?? Were YOU hurt?
indefinitely? possibly

16. Have you ever stuck pants on your head and spun around, whilst listening to crazy music??
nope you probably have? :@ jokes

17. How many maltesers can you fit in your mouth at once??
69? (:

18. Mcfly ?   Good or bad?
sucks you answer that

19. Don't you think those people from the Confused.com adverts are SOOO cool?
No gay

20. Out of these words, which one describes you the most? - Posh. Cuddly. Good-looking. Vein. Intelligent. Giggly. Weird. Day-dreamy. Freak. Loving. Optimistic. Organised.
I hate talking about myself but. weird,day-dreamy,freak,loving,cuddly,good-looking *not*

21. Is your bebo profile public or private??.. and Why??
public because i want the whole world to view my very bad portrayed profile

22. What's your bebo username?? And why is it that? Any reason?
imissmyheart you answer that for yourself theres a story ill share it with you on bebo mail or txt xD

23. What do you think of ... ginger people.. ?
i have nothing against them i guess? ;DDD

24. Are you against war??
Depends mm

25. Star Wars kid, or Nummanumma?

26. Did you know, that most people have had something give birth on their heads??
no and i dont care its kinda creepy eww o-o

27. ..Nits. They lay eggs ya' know. Give birth. On your head. Eww. And pretty much everyone had them when they were little. Don't deny it!! You itched like mad!
..... shut up :@

28. Out of all the words you say in a day, how many of them would you say are swear words??

29. Horses or ponies?? [I can't tell the difference tbh]

30. Donkies or Camels??

31. In a horror movie, which typical character are you?? [The brave tough guy. The skinny wimpy girl who dies. The hot girl who somehow never gets cuts when she smashes glass. The survivor. The geek. The pretty girl who thinks everything is a joke. The panicky one]

32. Do you get offended easily? Or do you never normally care?

33. Don't you think it's impossible to be perfect? - You're either too skinny or too fat. Too short or too tall.

34. D'you have a friend that you HATE.. plainly because they're so much more better looking than you.

35. Rate yourself for LOOKS.. out of 10. Be honest, I won't think you're up yourself or anything.

36. Really? rate yourself for PERSONALITY now

37. If you're a girl, how often do you wear makeup? If you're a boy, have you ever worn make up?

38. How many people, if any, have seen you naked?? (Not including when you were younger than ten, and not including family)

39. When you're on msn, what do you HATE people saying to you??

40. How many of your friends have you seen naked?

41. Favourite TV show? And your favourite cartoon??

42. Do you like facebook and myspace??

43. Do you listen to music that's old? (Well.. five years old or more??)

44. Be honest, have you ever taken the mick out of someone who didn't deserve it? (Even if they didn't know about it)

45. Why is the name "Bob", so funny?

46. How old were you when you had your first tooth taken out? And how many were removed?

47. Do you get jealous a lot/easily??

48. If your waiting for the bus home and have spent all your money, how many times do you check that you still have your return ticket?

49. If someone you didn't know bashed into the room now with a gun, and said chose between your best friend and you bf/gf, who would you chose?? Be HONEST. You can't say you wouldn't chose, because if you say that he'll kill them both! If you don't have a bf/gf, then it's the person you secretly love.

50. Sorry, that question was a bit mean. A puppy or a kitten? [To save]

51. Did you freak/Are you freaking  out about Swine Flu?

52. How unlucky are you??

53. If you picked up the last chocolate at the shop, and both an old lady and a small girl wanted it as well, what would you do?

54. Would you die so that everyone on Earth could live? If you stay alive, aliens will come and try to kill you all.

55. What band do you think is TOTALLY overrated, and not as good as people think.

56. This is the last question. Could you kill two little kids, to save five 20-year-olds?? Whatever you say, I WILL judge you for. haha.. I wont

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  • Duyeniie

    Hahaha oii i havent been on bebo in ages so i wanna start using it again :L I've been good hbu ?

  • Kenzo

    I earned $165 in a month browsing the internet! Heres how - http://x.co/KT9j Dont forget to thank me!

  • AnDy

    not much its getting boring

  • Plaiin.Simple 9/17/10 via Mobile
  • AnDy


  • Jes.

    i dd you cheater:P

    6/30/10 via Mobile
  • Jes.

    beat you in handball :P

    6/30/10 via Mobile
  • Cherie
    luv Cherie

    love back ;)

  • 'Jasontdt
    luv 'Jasontdt

    Jin (: i havent talkd to you in ages! How have you been

    6/24/10 via Mobile
  • Cherie
    luv Cherie

    Hahah :) Goooodd (L)

  • Cherie
    luv Cherie

    Have more & more & more ;) Love you xD

  • Cherie 6/22/10
  • Cherie
    luv Cherie

    Another one (:

  • Cherie
    luv Cherie

    ROFLLL <3

  • -Hornets

    long time no see haha

    6/21/10 via Mobile
  • Cherie
    luv Cherie

    Eat love :)

  • Cherie
    luv Cherie

    Aw, I miss you too :D

  • luv Jes.

    haha thanks , and you shld give me anothr fr nt talking to me on th bus:L

  • Jes.

    haha, yeaaaaa been awhile jin:L im sure its been more thn a year like one year and a half :L

  • Rosiee .
    luv Rosiee .

    Heya broo wut upz :)


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