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I no longer smoke cause am sick like that

1/2/09 | me too! | Reply

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  • Male, 20, Luv 68
  • from I av 2 homes manchester da GH an DA PRIORY!!
  • I am Single
  • Profile views: 2,715
  • Last active: Jun 19
  • www.bebo.com/onepabloangel
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Ryt startin off if u on ma page 4 beef dere no point coz im not on it!!

Im Angel 4 uz hu dnt no me im 16 bout 6ft tall lanky muthafucka an i cudnt give a fuck wot u fink of me

_...|..____________________, ,
....../ `---___________----_____|]
.....), ---.(_(__) /
....// (..) ), ----"
Put it down if you one of dem hu moves straped

GANGSTAR* A recent study shows that 92% of all teenagers have turned emo. Put this in your profile if you're one of the 8% who stayed gangsta as shit.
The Other Half Of Me
Ben I Am

Ben I Am

I threaten 2 stab im in da eye wit a ballpoint pen

i'll give any sort of music a try if i don't like it i won't lisen to it
i mainly lyk ma grime init:
Shifty Slayer all da mayhem Locz
all of roll deep an boy betta no
Shotty an his crew
Evil crew hu i rep
0161 crew
DJ Murkz
Piddy Py
all da othaz
Grime is NOT Rap ... understand.
Basketball all da way but i follow footy
Scared Of
i av proper bad stage fright especially wen im on ma own on a stage
Happiest When
gettin pissed just gives me confidence
Josh Newman
Ma big bad man lol dis guy iz alwayz dere 4 me i love im (emma dnt call me gay) e ma best m8 fuckin twatz alwayz goin on tour or sum bullshit dough but i no 4 a fact e will alwayz back me an i can tell im anythin
Bob Harrison
Ma otha bad man dis guy u cud neva h8 e funny as fuck bit of a sell owt but wen i sold im owt e didnt give a fuck e propa bad light weight it funny 2 vodkaz e on his arse 2 dragz of a cone e whity's owt funny cunt i love u 2 bro

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  • manc slang

    manchesta slang init
    Slangz n deir meanin!!!!! 4 all u hu dont no wha som of da slang u hear minz

    Air- To be ignored
    Anything- No good, ordinary
    Alow it - leave it
    Ang Tite - To big up someone
    Bate- Obvious
    Ballin- Crying
    Beef- Want to fight
    Beast- Ugly
    Bandolo- Fool
    Buff/Bum- Looking good/sexy
    Bare- Meaning alot
    Bad mind- Just plain rude
    Butters- Just plain ugly
    Blud/Bredrin- another word for freind
    Blaze- To smoke weed
    Boid - Taking the piss
    Baffelld- Confused
    Bless- Bye
    Blud/Bredrin,breh, star- friend
    Bizzle- ok
    Brass- Thats rubbish
    Bounce- To leave
    Breaded- To be paid
    Breeze- Talking rubbish
    Bre- Boy
    Brapp- When something is good
    Cherps- To chat up opposite sex
    Choong/Chung- Over good looking
    Cuz- Cousin
    Chick/Gash- Girl
    Clash- Music battle(MCs OR DJs)
    Click- Crew
    Chop- To have sex with
    Cotchin- To chill/rest/take up space
    Crepes- Trainers
    Convo- Coversation
    Dapper- Dirty/ a compliment
    Doughnut- Idiot
    Drum- your house
    Extra- Over the top
    Endz- Your area
    Flexed- Stoned
    Fool- idiot
    Freshie- Indian tring to act black
    Gunn- To see someone get cussed
    Garms- Clothes
    Gash- girl
    Hyped- Over excited
    Hench- Muscular
    Hood- Neighborhood
    Hatin- Jealousy
    Heavy- When something is good
    Inabit- See you soon
    Innit- Term of agreement
    Innabizzle - bye
    J's- By yourself
    Jigga- Ok or Fine
    Jokes- Funny
    Joker- A funny person/Not serious
    Jacked- To take from someone with permission/steal
    Long/Long-ting- Boring or wasting time
    Major- Big/Worth it/Important
    Man dem- Your crew
    Manor-where u live- see ends
    Merk, Merkage- Beat or Destroy
    Minor- Opposite of major, Insignificant
    Nang- Good
    Nuff luv- Safe, big up
    Offski - When your going
    Peeps- Very close friends
    Peng- sexy
    Peng-a-leng- same as peng but better
    P's- Money
    Prang- Scared
    Pon- Short for upon
    Quick-ting- Something that wont take long
    Regs- Regular
    Rags- Standard
    Reppin- To represent
    Road- Street, Outside
    Raaah - Meaning surprised
    Skeen- Understand
    Shubz- Party
    Screwin- Annoyed about something
    Safe- Hi/thanks/bye
    Street rat- Person on the street 24/7
    Stoosh- Deep
    Sick- Not bad meaning, but bad meaning good
    Shook- scared
    Slew- To beat or better
    Swag- Rubbish/crap
    Sekkle - go away
    Trus- Trust me
    Two Twos - Even though
    Twisted- Confused
    U get me- Do you understand
    Village- Small and not very good
    Wagwarn- wots goin on
    War- (MC term for beef)
    Wack- Rubbish
    Whine- dancing close
    Yard- Home
    Yout- Young Child
    Yet- Yes
    Zzz's- Sleep
    Zimme- get me
    Zoop Zoop- Bang bang/ Brap Brap

    0 Comments 300 weeks

  • mixd up 16

    Clash me an hu will win
    I will put hot metal in skin
    U don’t wanna bring no armz
    Coz I'll b waitin wit a strap in ma palmz
    An u don’t wanna bring no beef
    I will kick owt ur front teeth
    So slew me am unslewable
    Fuck wiv me an dere will b a funeral
    Think I wont den test me
    open u up like a can of pepsi
    coz wen beef startz it getz hetic
    cnt shock me u aint electric
    dnt no hu i am take a guess
    wnt b found by GPS
    disappear lyk abuduction
    u wil need face reconstruction

    0 Comments 301 weeks

  • plz fill dis in

    A Gd Mate ?
    Sexi ?
    Ugly ?
    A Gd Mc ?
    Shaggable ?
    Huggable ?
    Kissable ?
    Sme 1 Youd Go Out Wiv ?
    A Gd Kissa ?
    Gd At Footy ?
    At A Gd Skwl ?
    Gd Wiv Bebo ?
    Fantastic ?
    A Dickhed ?

    Nd Last But Not Least Dya Luv Me ???

    4 Comments 305 weeks

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tony montana

you are like the famous tony montana, love drugs love women and love blowing things up well done

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Cool Calm and leader of the GSF.Sweet is put into prison after being ambushed by ballers under the freeway

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In a previous life you where a violent person who knew voodoo. Knowing you were about to die you transferred yourself into a child toy. Now you?re a child worst fear, with the appearance of a melted and damaged toy, there is nothing you won't do. Even your children are more the spawn of satin than your own.

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My result is: Rampage Jackson

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My result is: Belligerently Blitzed

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    James Kinsella

    Bebo sucks! I barely use it anymore! you should hit me up on xxxmatch, its the best place for hooking up ever! check it out at http://goo.gl/yMYAO

  • Megan.
    luv Megan.

    HOBO!! :) xxxx

  • MK'
    luv MK'

    have some moreeeeeeeeee x (L)

  • MK'
    luv MK'


  • Geek'

    don't fuking start. i never said anything. if you didn't know..it's all been sorted out, so don't blame shit on me. Why the hell would i say that. I barely even know him. And people was with me all night. so, fuk it

    4/20/09 via Mobile
  • Geek'

    Ohh. Bwt u not finding my bebo :L , eh you, i never bet, i told u id be wrong be4 u found it. x :L

    4/20/09 via Mobile
  • Geek'

    bet on what?

    4/20/09 via Mobile
  • Geek'

    how the fuk do i owe you a tenner

    4/20/09 via Mobile
  • Geek'

    Fuk you found it :L x

    4/19/09 via Mobile
  • luv Ben I Am

    aup m8y how u bin? hoipe colege goin ok 4 u and u nt fickin it up like i did? keep it real blood xxxx

  • Big BossMan
    Big BossMan

    Safe lad il b at stanos in yhalf an hour

  • Big BossMan
    Big BossMan

    Yo angel u cumin 2moz yeh? wots ure msn laaad its jus me n willow mcin the guy sed obv ul dome me ure betta mc thn me u nugget safe xx

  • Big BossMan
    Big BossMan

    Fuk Of its nt battlin its bak to bak n ur nt mcin r ya lad:) wats ure msn

  • James Kinsella
    James Kinsella

    ayup angel m8 how are wuu2 w/b jay safe

  • luv Ben I Am

    aup m8 is e frm congie? hola bk

  • Palmer
    luv Palmer

    Yh man I wil try n get ur shit sorted mate. Whats this party n where is it am dwn for goin ther an getin TWIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII  IIiSteD Safe Blad

  • Big BossMan
    luv Big BossMan

    Safe ladd kewlkewl fuckall man jus chillin reli init safe man