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Carl C

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  • Male, 20, Luv 122
  • from cambridge
  • Profile views: 1,534
  • Last active: 2/25/11
  • www.bebo.com/twinny1993
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
╔ ╗
║ ║
║ ║ [BOUTME]
╠►║ [NAME]: Carl
║ ║
╠►║ [Sex]: Male
║ ║
╠►║ [on the map]: CAMBRIDGE
║ ║
╠►║ [Height]: average height
║ ║
╠►║ [Eyes]: brown
║ ║
╠►║ [Occupation]: AT CVC
║ ║
╠►║ [Drink?]: NOT RELLI
Scared Of
Happiest When
most of the time
14 reasons y to date a golfer
14 reasons to date a golfer 1) We always want to put it in the hole 2) We like to feel the stroke 3) We love going low 4) We know how to use stiff shafts 5) We love it when there’s pressure 6) We know how to pound it 7) We go two-somes, three-somes or four-somes 8) We have an extreme sense of touch 9) We can play anywhere, behind a tree, burried in the bunker or a flat lie on the grass. You name it! 10) We like to take out the big stick 11) We never leave until we finished the hole 12) We know how to use our hips! 13) A 69 feels good 14) And last, but not least We Know how to get it up and down

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  • pleas do this

    Dear ______,

    You have a cute______.

    You make me _______.

    You should _______.

    Someday I will ______.

    You + me =________.

    I would build a _______ just for you.

    I would get your name tattooed on my __________.

    If I could sing you any song it would be _________.

    We could __________ under the stars.

    My love for you is like that of ____________.



    2 Comments 264 weeks

  • Do this plz

    [1] Am ii One 0f Yor Good Friiendz;
    [2] Descriibe Mee In Three Wordz;
    [3] Can ii Have Yor Ph0ne Numba;
    [4] Do ii Annoy Y0o Sumtymz;
    [5] If Yoo Cud Bee Anywer Wiit Mee Wer Wud It Bee;
    [6] Am ii Ezy 2 Get Along Wiith?
    [7] Name 1 Bad Qualiity Of Myn;
    [8] Name 1 Go0d Qualiity Of Myn;
    [9] Would Y0o Get Into A Fiight 2 Defend Mee?
    [10] How Sweet Am ii On A Scale Of 1-10?
    [11] Have ii Ever Made Yoo Cry?
    [12] How 0ften Do Y0o Thiink Abwt Mee?
    [13] Would Y0o Trust Mee With A Secret/?
    [14] Am ii Funny 0r Seriious?

    4 Comments 286 weeks

  • do this pleas.

    Wat wud u do if...
    I committed suicide?
    I said I loved u?
    I kissed u?
    Wat do u tink about my Personality?
    Who are u?
    Are we mates?
    Wen and how did we meet?
    wat do u tink of me?
    How long do u tink we will be friends or enemies?
    Do you love me?
    Have I ever hurt u?
    On a scale of 1-10, how nice lookin am I?
    Give me a nickname and explain why you picked it?
    Wat was yer first impression?
    Do you still think that way about me now?
    Wat about me makes u happy?
    Wat reminds u of me?
    Wat's something you wud change bout me?
    Have u ever had a dream about me?

    4 Comments 292 weeks

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  • Xx Lil Miss Farrant Xx
    Xx Lil Miss Farrant Xx

    hey mate u rite ? wat u been doin den ? w/b ly xxx

  • Xx Lil Miss Farrant Xx
    Xx Lil Miss Farrant Xx

    gdgd yer i am all gd ta awww w; nant really been to ma mums dis weekedn lol w/b ly xxx

  • Xx Lil Miss Farrant Xx
    Xx Lil Miss Farrant Xx

    hey babe u k ? so wat u been doin den ? w/b ly xxxxxx

  • Sophiee
    luv Sophiee

    My Legend,(: #x

  • Jessiica.
    luv Jessiica.

    Hey Carl Edwarddddd (: im good thankuu youuu? indeeed i amm loool nah your the lucky thing. they went alright i suppose, glad they over wbu? writeback. Loveeeuu-Bestfriiendss xxx Have some Love (:

  • Jessiica.
    luv Jessiica.

    Moree Love i owe ♥

  • Jessiica.
    luv Jessiica.

    I didnt forget,x the lovee i owe uu. BESTFriiendss xx

  • Xx Lil Miss Farrant Xx
    Xx Lil Miss Farrant Xx

    hey babe u rite ? so wat u been doin den ? i wud give u sum love but i gave it away lol w/b lyl xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Jessiica.
    luv Jessiica.

    Hey babe (: im good thankuu uu? Talkin to uu on msn wbu? lol uu mean alot to me too (: as a bestfriiend. (y) loveeuu BESTFriiendss..xx i owe u love..tmroo :) xxx

  • Xx Lil Miss Farrant Xx
    luv Xx Lil Miss Farrant Xx

    awww kwl lol na nt been dwn beach since da other day lol yh i am gd ta lol awww bless lol rember u chucked me in da pool doin a bk flip lol bet i were heavy lol cheers for love ere is sum bk ly xxx

  • Xx Lil Miss Farrant Xx
    Xx Lil Miss Farrant Xx

    hbabe u rite ? sow at u been doin den ? w/b ly miss u xxxxxx

  • Jessiica.

    Miss uu :( but seeing uu today (y) Loveuu BESTFriendss :) xx

  • Sophiee
    luv Sophiee

    Carll. My legeenddd. Hopeee your okaaaayy. (: Your not gunaaa see meeeh 4 a week. :O :O Dont misss meeeh2 muccch.(: ahaaaa, i<3you x

  • Laura-Lou
    luv Laura-Lou

    Wooo love you carll :) haa loveing the bebo skin relli :) ilu ♥

  • Xx Lil Miss Farrant Xx
    Xx Lil Miss Farrant Xx

    lol i am a rote piss head ant i lol i will cheers babe. love you xxxx

  • Xx Lil Miss Farrant Xx
    Xx Lil Miss Farrant Xx

    gdgd i know right yh i am gd t na just been out with m8s getting pissed lol goin out dis weekend me mate 16th lol w/b ly xxxxxx

  • Xx Lil Miss Farrant Xx
    Xx Lil Miss Farrant Xx

    hey babe u rite i ant spooken to ya inabit lol how ya been ? w/b ly xxxxx

  • Jessiica.
    luv Jessiica.

    My Loveee tooo uu backk (: loveeeuuuu--BestfrriienndssssAlways <3 xxx

  • Laura-Lou
    luv Laura-Lou

    here carlll :) have some love =] BestFFriendssss ♥