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Ninja Spidey

If you don't open your parachute you will die ! =P

12/17/08 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

ninja spidey go kungfu on yo ass !!! =P
Me, Myself, and I

name - Tisha
Age - 16
Year - 11
Sexuality - Bi

The rest ....

Erm...im a complete retard ohhh and apparently im a fucking heartless bitch sometimes so might aswell add that to the list.
I am actually a really nice person when you get to know me... unless you piss me off that is, ohhh and unless you hear what my dreams are like then you would probably think im a complete psycho lol but at least im happy =D.
i absolutely love realy random words like chicken lol =P chicken deffinately has to be one of my favourite words lol not to sure why tho but oh well lol.
i tend to babble on when i talk ect or communicate lol kinda like now lolunless it infront of lots of people then i just wont speak lol =P.
cant think of any thing else to say really lol
and omg i have tractor driving friends =P yes they are farmers =D

Tractor Tom - Kirsty
Tractor Tim - Lynne
Tractor Travis - Sophie
Tractor Bob- Laura C
Tractor Tranny - Joe
The Almighty Susan - laura R

really annoying but they are supposed to be, but still they are pretty okay lol
mams the best tho =D
One of my best m8s ever
Can tell her loads of stuff
Likes Che;lsea football club but never mind its not that bad i thing
and has an exceeding large finger =P
Really pretty no matter what sam says =)
awsome m8
great singer but a bit of a show off at times about but who cares
proper loud
and great to have a dance with
really pretty and doesn't need to wear as much makeup as she does =P
Awsome mate
completely mental
has the weirdest laugh ever
has the weirdest taste in music but hey the songs are still good =D
this one is pretty as well but in her own special way =D

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  • Business studies 2

    Ninja Spidey: Yo niggers =P

    Susan: Om om om om om. That’s a bad word

    Tractor Tom: aww you said a bad word your naughty

    Ninja Spidey: hehe I said naughty word me feel special =P

    Susan: She’s a very special girl. But not as special as Kirsty ;)

    Tractor Tom: that was not my name you big fat hairy man boob

    Ninja Spidey: yay I is a special girl and hey since when has Tractor Tom been more special than me ?? lol I is the specialist O_o =P

    Tractor Tom: I have been more special since I needed a new brain cause mine stopped wrking due to alcohol consumption

    Susan: Ninja Spidey is very special,, but Kirsty is retarded big time. And she called me a boob. Not funny.

    Ninja Spidey: Omg Tractor Tom you soooooo just stole my word !! (consumption) aaaand as for you Susan I soooo do not agree with the comment that I is very special and the Tractor Tom being like major retarded because I is more retarded than special so ner ner ne ner ner =P

    Susan: Okay maybe you are a bit more retarded than Tractor Tom but Kirsty is rather special. Admit it. :D

    Tractor Tom: just because im special in a good way my dad old me that ur just jelose that im specialer than you arer so go finger ur self

    Ninja Spidey: No try I am more retarded than Kirsty because I is a smart retard whare as Tractor Tom is a stupid one =P and yes Tractor Tom is rather special I will admit to that =D, aaaand to you Tractor Tom you have a freakishly large middle finger =D Finger fun O_o yeah yeah I went there =P

    Susan: :L nice one tisha. Tractor Tom,, no one could be more special than you. Ever. Having finger fun.? :L

    Tractor Tom: OMG this is so bullying I am taking this to the police you know who like lmfao so what just caus I can have fun with my fingers and you only have your rather large thumb to shuv up your arse for fun

    Ninja Spidey: OMG you soooooo sound like Elisha Hunt =P haha lol and heyyy so can I lol you don’t need to have long fingers for fun =P and hey I know I do I don’t have a problem with my abnormally large thumb =P it amuses me =P and that’s just plain wrong shoving it arse lol and yeah I mean fingers is fair enough lol but never ever n e where near the arse =P

    Susan: Breaking news!! Tractor Tom also has freakishly large thumbs!!!

    Tractor Tom; yeah but unlike tisha I cant get all ten up my self :P you cant delete ne thing against the rules ha paybacks a bitch

    Susan: Now now it’s getting a bit rude and personal. Why don’t you try deep breathing.?

    Ninja Spidey: Tractor Tom you are soooooo dead lol =P and I can’t get that many up myself thank you very much =P that’s just plain wrong lol and you thought that was bullying you are so discriminating against my sexuality =P and I bet you can get an entire fist up you soooo ner ner ne ner ner and deep breathing ?? I think ive done enough of that in my time O_o lmfao =P

    Tractor Tom: hey you know that isn’t true so ner ner o yearsh that’s right it was four. youo only gor four minutes to save the world hah just cause you openly fancey every one hah. susan come back I promise to stop please come back I will cry

    Ninja Spidey: Susan will not be returning until next week unfortunately =P ohhh and as for you Tractor Tom I know that isn’t true and haha thanks for telling everyone that I can get four up there lmfao =P and what the hell is that supposed to mean about 4 mins to save the world ?? lmfao makes no sense to me =P and I do not openly fancy everyone lmfao I openly fancy males and females lmfao but which ones I will not say =P although you already probably know =P

    Tractor Tom: ha yersh jess told me you fancy three boys. josh martin and issac with the curly hair is it true but if it is then aren’t you straight since there are no girls in their . me very confused

    Ninja Spidey: haha lol well yes that is true lmfao =P and no that doesn’t mean I am straight coz there is girls that I like lmfao I just haven’t told jess them coz

    0 Comments 242 weeks

  • business studies :P


    In business studies we have an amazingly fun time :]

    Dere is SUSAN =D (laura Reid) =D
    Tractor Tom =D (Kirsty)
    lickle Lorna =)
    and Ninja Spidey (me) lol O_o

    Lots of fuuun =P

    Susan:L ots of kirsty annoying us,, being the twat she is :L

    Ninja Spidey: kirsy has an freakishly large finger Ooooo O_o its fun =P

    Susan:She does as well :L I''ve seen it.

    Ninja Spidey: she has lots of fun with it =D good workout =P and larua has large feet O_O

    Tractor Tom: I am not annoying you two just cant have fun :P and my finger is normal

    Ninja Spidey: i do know how to have fun =P i just lyk to make fun of you freakishly large finger lol =P but then again i can't talk i has an abnormally large thumb O_o

    Susan:I know how to have fun.! I'd just rather not have fun with you. I do not have large feet either. They are normal :L . And the thumb is rather creepy :D

    Tractor Tom: tisha your just jelouse that you can't have fun with my finger. susan what did you do this weekend :P i dont class that as fun

    Ninja Spidey: O_o finger fun =D :P yes me is jelous now =D and hehe i has creepy thumbs =P

    Susan:I do have fun.! I didn't just clean out my nanna's house, I do have a life like. And finger fun.? I don't wan to get involved in that,.

    Tractor Tom: my point exactly cleaqning your nan's houuse is not fun. yeah you have a life hows your relation ship with bobby:P hahaha you cant delet anything :P

    Ninja Spidey: oh nooooo it not gunna be a happy place no more Susan and Tractor Tom going to war Ooooft O_o

    Susan:Too late Tisha. I also do like got to town and do other things than just clean houses. And my relationship (at least spell it right Tractor Tom) is fine. Loser!!! :L

    Tractor Tom: i am no loser and you smell funky i am gonna go kung fu panda on ur ass bitch. hahah i wr5ite the last thint its time to sign out:P and your the loser you go to toown with wieros and i cant spell ne way.

    0 Comments 243 weeks

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  • -Sophiie-
    luv -Sophiie-

    ure welcum :) am good tar you? xxxx

  • Black Blasphemer
    luv Black Blasphemer

    Yeah I hate it too. It doesn't sound right. Magical nipples is so much better and it's the original :L Yeah to whatever i said :P

  • Black Blasphemer
    luv Black Blasphemer

    Well how about chocolate spenis's with magical bumming nipples added in with magic nips, not forgetting the nipple thing, and the lippy thing :P Yeah this is better for being silly when we don't see each other :P x

  • -Sophiie-

    enjoy LUKE FISHERS poem :)

  • -Sophiie-

    Tisha. Ever since I saw you for the first time, nothing could prepare me for the radiance that emanated from you. So dark, so mysterious, yet so innocent and fragile. Everything about you is beautiful, from your eyes to your hair. For a perfect angel, nobody could ask for more. I don’t know why I am attracted to you as such. Perhaps it is your darker side that is appealing to me. I would love to discover and devour your darkest secrets. Forbidden knowledge is so sweet. You stand out against everybody else. You are capable of being a vampire, and for all I know you are. How I would love to feel you bite my neck, and forever be damned and hold you in an eternal embrace. I would love to embrace you once more…

  • Black Blasphemer
    luv Black Blasphemer


  • Black Blasphemer
    luv Black Blasphemer

    CHOO CHOO! Vuhahahahaahah! I have to be different xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Black Blasphemer 7/1/09
  • Kayy.

    i'm great thankx

  • VicKy
    luv VicKy

    heya. its fine i take ages anyway cause i dont come on either. i do need to get facebook. yeah give us a text and lets meet. saw u on sat lol. glad ur good. am good. bet ur exams went great and u wont have failed chem. me just college and random stuff really. lol. u know me. your prom was early. just one thing what ya dress look like? so wuu2? wb

  • Kayy.

    hey tish. how ya doin?

  • VicKy
    luv VicKy

    glad ur alright. yeah we soo need to meet up. how bout this sat? doin anthing? i dont come on here much so dont see message. anyways how is u? wubu2? hows ur exams? everything ready for prom? wb

  • Black Blasphemer
    luv Black Blasphemer

    Hey Tish. Yesterday was funny. I still can't believe that you wrote "Magical Nipples" across the front. I should have put magical penis on yours. Put those photos that you took up on here. Luke.

  • Black Blasphemer
    Black Blasphemer

    Are you okay now? Oh how I hated English today! Why did Sophie have to do that? Laura R asked me about it, Natty Mason has read it, and Sam B wants to read it. God knows who else has read it. It will be forgotten by tomorrow, which is good.

  • Black Blasphemer
    luv Black Blasphemer

    As I recall he half poked himself and half hit himself. Whichever, it was still funny. I know, he just fell off. True. Hasn't changed in five years. And it still makes me laugh. Hey, I like it. After all, you came up with the magical nipples, and then the magical penis.

  • Black Blasphemer
    luv Black Blasphemer

    Today was funny when Terry poked himself in the eye, Chris fell of the table, Kirsty's laugh :D Hah, I love that song! I can't wait for tomorrow in English.

  • Tsukimomo
    luv Tsukimomo

    Here, have sum luv back.

  • Black Blasphemer
    Black Blasphemer

    Tish, I can't believe that Sophie drew those pictures. No, I can believe it. So disturbing. Remember the magical nipples? Don't forget the magical pernis :L