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Kevin M

Your great aunts uncles mum

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  • Male, 25, Luv 16
  • I am Single
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  • Member since: June 2007
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
hello im kevin for all those who dont know me im 19 and love to have a laugh there isnt a day that goes by when im not smilin laughin or makin other peeps laugh its wat i like to do no wat i will do for the rest of my life im known for not giving a shit wats goin on or wats happening i say live each day as it comes cos u dont no when its goin to end ive done some preety random stuff in my time lol u lot can vouch for that lol but its only a laugh innit well to all thos who know me hello n hope u av a gd dayn keep smilin or else the claw n his brother will come n get you
ne thin reli love hard house trance hardstyle hardcore
green street football factory id
football rugby cricket
Scared Of
hornets evil lookin fuckers they b
Happiest When
i happiest when i with a load of mates gettin reemed outa our head n just avin a laugh ya canna get beta thn tht its rete gd

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  • oxegen festival

    well ive been to ireland oxegen festival ad a realy good laugh the ferry was funny felt like i was proper pissed the festival it self was amazing snowpatrol killers the gossip maximo park wu-tang editors avral lavine buzzing and ma next festival is glade electric festival all phsycadelic trance shud be good going straight from glade to global gathering so wait till im next bk n i will tell some more

    ps i recamend u pay a visit to ireland they are the funiest fuckers in the world i could no stop laughing big up the irish kev

    0 Comments 314 weeks

  • festivals

    ha ha ive been given the chance to work for sum very nice lady goin to festivals i.e oxygen global gathering fflam bulldog bash this shoud be very interesting lol the down fall the company is called comfy crappers yip its setting up portabale toilets but there enviromently clean the shit is used as compost nice lol its not hard work tho and i get to c loads of cool bands and dj wonder if ill meet ne 1 famuos we shall c lol

    0 Comments 318 weeks

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  • HelenBabiiee

    Reply to mail please? X

    1/12/11 via Mobile
  • HelenBabiiee
    luv HelenBabiiee

    write back to my mail please baby. xxxxxxxxx

  • Gussi Boi
    Gussi Boi

    I just profited $267 in a few weeks doing a little work! I learned from - http://bit.ly/cIYCd7 thank me later

  • HelenBabiiee

    What Have I Done Wrong?

  • HelenBabiiee
    luv HelenBabiiee

    Heya :) i aint gonna bring up the past just wanna be friends. Fancy talking to me again?xxx

    10/4/10 via Mobile
  • HelenBabiiee
    luv HelenBabiiee

    Kev ♥ i love you ♥ xxxxxx

  • HelenBabiiee
    luv HelenBabiiee

    I wilm always love you rabbit xxxxxxxxxxx

    9/23/10 via Mobile
  • HelenBabiiee
    luv HelenBabiiee

    I love you baby xxxxxx

    9/23/10 via Mobile
  • McKenziiee Jayne Martyn
    luv McKenziiee Jayne Martyn

    Hey Fittyy ;) Can I Havee Your Number Pleasee?? I Would Loovee Too Get To Know Yaa... Mail Itt Too Mee Please :) xxxx

    8/25/10 via Mobile
  • HelenBabiiee

    you just ignoring me then kev?

  • Sarah Bell
    luv Sarah Bell

    hey kev!!!! hows you? not spoken in ages!!! hope everythings cool with you, we will have to av a catch up soon xxxx

  • Sarah Bell
    Sarah Bell

    hiya thanks for the comment lol. yh i got a lil boy called kenzie, he's 9 days old! dint u know?lol, hows u? wb xxxx

  • Rebecca Wild
    Rebecca Wild

    welll heeey yea stranger!:P im grand!just back from working in greece for two months!was deadly, starting college tomorow here in holland, how the hell are you?and how are those old comfy crappers?god i miss them!!u still workin at the festivals?wer u at oxegyn this year??

  • Aisling Brogan

    do i no u??

  • 'Celinexó.

    - ThanksS' 4 Theee Addd :DD !' Buht Do ii No Youu ? :P ' x

  • HelenBabiiee

    RabbitRabbit :L I Lost Your Number Because My Phone Broke :( Can You Send It To Me Please? LoveeYouu'x

  • Debs Cee
    Debs Cee

    kev xxxxxxxxxx how are u soz not replyed sooner yeah things are going good thanks what about u? am trying to get in to the police but i went over on ma ankle so aint been able to complete ma fitness test so i am kinda gutted but i will get there anyway catch ya soon debs xxxxxx

  • Lisa White

    hey:) :) haven't been chattin 2 u 4 quite sum tym!!!wats d craic??:)