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Tropical Fishkeepers

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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
If you like tropical fish, become a fan!

Tropical fish are soothing on the soul; nothing relieves stress more than fish going around their daily business.

There are all kinds of tropical fish; livebearers, labyrinth fishes, cyprinids, catfish, characins, cichlids, loaches, rainbowfish and invertebraes. Invertebrates can also be kept with tropical fish, but it is better for them to have their own tank.

Cichlids are amongst the most aggresive fish, while Characins such as Tetras are regarded as the most peaceful.

Tanks can be set up in all different ways; biotopes, community and species tanks to name a few. We suggest going to http://www.aquahobby.com to find tons of info on tropical fish.

Happy fishkeeping everyone!


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  • Gary 7/11/09
  • Rhysytime

    I have just brought 5 golden pencil fish, any advice wuld be great. thanx x

  • James F
    James F

    add me as a member plez m8 i have a fish hose wid 17 tanks in.

  • the betta fish lovers
    the betta fish lovers

    if you like bettas or think you know them inside out drop up and visit this grup, lots to do polls quizzes and so on please leave a comment

  • Jamie

    bristlenose catfish r the best

  • Official Plec Fan Club
    Official Plec Fan Club

    If you think your up for it try the plec quiz!

  • CFKS

    great page, come check out ours :)

  • Corn snake club
    Corn snake club

    if u like corn snakes join this group

  • The Tropical Fish and loach club.
    The Tropical Fish and loach club.

    join the tropical fish and loach club plz

  • The Tropical Fish and loach club.
    The Tropical Fish and loach club.

    theres a new tropical fish bebo plz join

  • Josh White

    ange ur picture to a clown loach like my one up there or a diffrent one

  • The Sugarspun Sister
    The Sugarspun Sister

    Help I just gotta new 180 ltre tank,Want to keep a community tropical tank. Im a complete newbie so went to the shop 4 advice. They sold me RO water (reverse osmosis) due to the fact the water here is yuck. The tank now has gravel and water in. I have conflicting advice as to what to do next so am asking u guys- Fish shop says add 'Cycle' and some minerals to the tank and do a fishless cycle 4 a week or so then test it. A forum says I gotta do a fishless cycle with Anmonia for about 4 weeks then change 80 per cent of the water. then test it!!Please someone in the know tell me wot to do!!

  • Official Plec Fan Club
    luv Official Plec Fan Club

    OMG i hav tropical fish! i luv plec they r awsum plz join this group :D

  • Gary

    i got a 240l tank with a few cichlids in getting more cichlids and also buying a few more thanks lol tropical fish keeping is the best :D