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.Loves Him

Whatss Meant To Be Will Alwayss Find Its Way

7/13/09 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

iloveyou more than ever now. (L)
Me, Myself, and I

Sixteen; .
Diim Brunettee
Loves Him Forever And Alwayss
Man Utd. Liverpool

ill Always Have Them Little Sparks And Butterflies When
i See You Baby, Never Forget The Memories We Shared

Msn` Askk?
i actually dont know what to do anymore, cus i love you and you just dont understand that, i keep sayin i need you out of my life and tbf its wrong because i need you in it, you absolutey everythink to me and i dont know what to do without you, you made me realise what love truely means and tbh you were the one i loved and your still the one i love and i dont think thats ever gonaa change, only if i had one more chance to be with you, id make it the best time ive had with you yet, tbh my life ant worth anythink without you, and ive said so many times i cant keep runnin back to you but i dont think i can keep to my word anymore. baby trust iloveyou with every piece of my heart, forever and always (L) xx
Hacked Byy Billiee (;
You have officially been hacked bitch-face. Anywaays, i just wanted to saay that you are one of the bestest friends i could ever wish for, and i would hate to ever lose you , all the memories &+ all the photographs but the best thing about it is that there are so much more to comee. Well babee we have been through so much together. &+ im so glad were still this strong. Your such an impact on my life babee. Im always here for you no matter what. Babe just thought i would let you know your stuck with me forever hahaha !! Best friends for'life. ;♥
Hackedd Byy Shanee (;
Jodiie babeyyy i just wanted to say a few words.i know i aint known you long but seems like my whole life. your a pure stunner an dnt let any1 tell u difo babeyyy .We used to speak all the time but then we just stoped for some reason but were never gnna let that happen agen am we lol. anywaysss babes i just wanted to say iloveyoulotshhh

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  • Billie x

    Thiss Girl Is Amaziin &+ If ii Evaa Lost Her Friendship ii Wouldt Know What To Do Cuz It Meanss So Much To Mee,, Weve Only Known Each Otha About 3 Yearss But It Feels Likee Aa Life Timee,, Weve Been Thru So Muchh In Those Years Its Unbelievable, Silly Fall Outs, Sleepovass, Trips To Skegg &+ Butlins &+ Eatin Maltesers In Lesson That Must Ov Been Thee Funniest Yett By Thaa Wayy Maa Sugar Levelss Gone Down Biatchh :D ,, Weve Had So Manyy Good Timess &+ So Manyy Bad Timess But No1 Could Take Over Your Place In My Heart Thatss Part Of Youu Is For Keeps,, ii Promisee,, Our First Sleepova Will Alwayss Bee In Maa Heart Babee &+ That Will Neva Be Removed Eitha,, People Fort They Could Come Between Us Well There Wrongg,, Theyve Done It Before But Nomore,, Billie Youve Been There For Me Thru Thick &+ Thin So Now Its My Turn To Help Youu Anytime Youu Need Aa Girliee Chat Just Remembaa Im Only Aa Phone Call Away,, Anytime Of Day Or Night,, iiLL Alwayss Bee There To Listen To Youu Like Youve Done Thee Samee For Me &+ ii Just Wana Say Sorry For The Times Ive Treated Yaa Like Shit &+ Im Sorry For The Times When ii Weret There With My Shoulder For Youu To Cry On,, All This Ive Said On Here Is True &+ None Ov It Is Bullshitt,, Bcuz ii Mean Every Word ii Say Even If ii Dont Show It Half Thee Time,, Your The Person Who ii Turn To Most Of The Time &+ ii Thank Youu For That Babee,,

    (8) Hero-Mariah Carey (8) < That Memory Will Last Foreve No Matta How Much It Hurts :'(
    ii Miss It Babee`` ii Seriously Do`` xxx

    Lovee Youu So Muchh Gawjuss


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  • Chloe +& Also Known As Maa Lil Sistaa

    It Broke My Heart To Hear Youu Pasted Awayy Babeess,, &+ ii Knew From The Start It Wouldt Be Easyy,, Its Noww Been Nearly 9 Years Sincee Youu Pasted Away But BABY Youu Will Nevaa Be Forgotton,, Youu Will Alwayss Bee My Special Lil Angel &+ Chloee Youu Will Alwayss Bee Remembered &+ Youu Will Alwayss Bee In Ourr Heartss,, Youu Mayy Bee 1000 Feet Abovee Uss But Yourr Still Closee To Mee && Yourr Families Heartss,, Youu Wouldd Ov Been The Bestt Lil Sistaa Evaa Babee,, But It Was Time To Let Youu Go &+ Send Youu To Aa Bettaa Placee,, We Wass Destroyedd To Hear It Was Youu That Wass Goiin To The Lil Place For Angelss,, 12 Ov Junee 2000 Thatss Thee Day We Wass Destroyedd,, Miss Youu Loddss &+ Lovee Youu Millionsss xx

    Chloe Yuu Are So Special Too Mee Even Though We Are So Far Apart, Babe ii Have So Many Bad Dayss When ii Need Yuu Thee Mostt, But Itss Mostly All The Time ii Need Yuu Widd Mee, It Would Be So Much Easier Wid Yuu, Bcuz Everytime ii Cry Aa Teardrop Comes Down My Face For Yuu,, Chloe Whyy Cant Yuu Bee Wid Us Right Now,, Ive Neva Missed Some1 So Much As ii Do Yuu,, Its So Hard To Get On Wid Life Wid Out Yuu, But ii Knoww Ive Got To Try, ii Knoww Babe Yur Still Wid Mee At The Moments ii Need Yuu But ii Just Want Yuu Closer To Me,, Chloe Henderson ii Love Yuu Moree Than Anythink In Thaa Whole Wide World Bcuz Yur That Special Lil Girl Who Will Alwayss Be Close To My Heart &+ It Will Neva Be Removed,,

    ii Lovee uu My Lil Angel

    (8) Heaven-911(8) Miss Youu My Lil Angel

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