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  • Female, 19, Luv 195
  • from Gtr Manchester.
  • I am In a Relationship
  • Member since: June 2007
  • Last active: 10/25/11
  • www.bebo.com/3MakeMusicNotWar
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I

Neww Profile;;

The Other Half Of Me
Howard Donald

Howard Donald

Howiie..Luff Yooh Daddii MWAH!xxxxxxxxxxxxxx­xxxxxx

The Ting Tings;;
The Hoosiers;;
Scouting For Girls;;
The Feeling;;
Darren Styles;;
Step Up 2 Sound Track;;

And Not To Mention The Amazing;;
Also Gary B And Mark O Solo;)

^^^Them People Bringing Tha Music To Meh Ears '&&' Saving My Life Guys!!!
Harry Potter;;
Step Up;;
Step Up 2: The Streets;;
You Got Served;;
Chick Flicks;;
Scared Of-'Ox
Happiest When-'Ox
Listening To Music;;
With Evan Miss Him Tons:(
Hes Back Soon Yays:) ;;
Evan The Bestest Cousin In The Whole World!
Loved You Ever Since I First Met You, Ok Yuuh Didn't See Me When I Was Born But Yuuh Were Like 13/14 So Ill Let Yuuh Off,
When Yuuh First Went Into The Army I Was Only Like 6, I Didn't Understand, Now I Do I Wish I Couldn't You Put Your Life On The Line Like So Many Others I Could Only Imagine, I Hope We, I Never Lose Yuuh Like That...See Yuuh Soon Bit Sad You're Home When I'm In France But I'll Call Yuuh I'll Hide Somewhere Haa..
Love You Evan xxxx

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  • 100 Things About Meh=D

    001: Name - Rhiannon-Nita
    002. Nickname - Rhi/Twiggy/Baby-Barlow-Donald:D ;)
    003. Single Or Taken - Taken Wooo!!
    004. Zodiac Sign - Saggitarius
    005. Male Or Female - Female .
    006. School - M.C.S.
    007. iPod - Wut??
    008. Occupation - Student .
    009. Hometown - Manchester
    010. How Many Buddies On Your List - Loooads Gt Too Manii
    011. MSN Screenname - IKeeps Changing Change It Everdaii Normallii
    012. Hair Colour - Real Lite Brown:D
    013. Hair Long Or Short - Shortish...Mite Be Shorter Soon
    014. Eye Color - Bluey//Grey
    015. Are You Health Freak - Most Of The Tiime
    016. Height - 5ft 4//5
    017. Do You Hav A Crush On Someone? - Yerrshy
    018. Do You Like Yourself ? - It Varieys
    019. Braces? - Naahr
    020. Think Your Your Awesome - Nuuup...Depends Rellii.
    021. Piercings? - Yerr Meh Ears
    022. Tattoos ? - Nahr..Mite Get 1 Dough
    023. Righty Or Lefty - Leefty
    024. Surgery - Dnor

    (___Your 'Firsts'___)
    025. First Piercing - Earss
    026. First Best friend - Ur Kirsty,,Megan..&&..Molly
    027. First Award - Urr Attendence I Fink
    028. First Movie: Toy Story:P
    029. First Favorite TV Show - Teletubbies
    030. First Real Vacation - France
    031. First Music - Barbie Girl Song..&&..The VengaBoys..&&..Steps
    032. First Drink - Milk..Duh!!

    033. Movie(s) - HP..Stardust..Step Up..&&..Step Up 2
    034. T.V Programme - Dr.Who,,Ant Nd Dec,,Wild At Heart Hereos
    035. Colour - Pink..&&..Blue:P
    036. Band - Let Meh See Taaake That:D
    037. Sweet - Chewing Gum Probs
    038. Football Club - Urr Liverpool
    039. Player - Steven Gerrard
    040. Body Part Nt On Tha Face? - Legs:D
    041. Sport To Play - Urrr Tennis..Dnor Rellii
    042. Favorite Piece Of Clothing - Black Hoodie:P
    043. Brands Of Clothing? - Nike Nd New Look I Suppose
    044. What Do You Sleep With? -Meh Teddi Paws..&&..Choco
    045. Favorite School - Graig Infants:P
    046. Favorite Animal(s) - Dogs And Dolphins
    047. Favorite Books - My Take By Gary Barlow,,Take That Now Nd Then-Martin Roach Harry Potter Series..Phillip Pullman His Dark Materials

    049. I'm Eating - Chewing Gum
    050. I'm Drinking - Nouut.
    052. I'm About To - Finish This Probs:P
    053. Listening To - Dr.Who:P
    055. Waiting For - Dnor:P :L
    056. Watching - Dr.Who
    057. Wearing - Jeans Nd Generation Top:P

    ___Your Future___
    058. Want Kids? - Deffo
    059. Want Ta Get Married? - Yerr
    060. Careers in Mind: Vet Or Singa Or Dancer:P
    061. Where Do You Want To Live - London//Manchester Again:P
    062. Car - Aston Martin Posh Jag Or Proshe:P

    __Which is better with the Opposite__
    063. Hair Colour - Dnt Know:P
    064. Hair Length - Short Suppose
    065. Eye Colour - Dnt Relii Know
    066. Fatty Or Skinny - Skinny Suppose .
    068. Lips Or Smile - Boff
    069. Hugs Or Kisses - Boff .
    070. Shorter Or Taller - Taller..But Dnt Rellii Mind.
    072. Romantic Or Spontaneous - Boff:D
    073. Nice Stomach Or Nice Arms - Stumoch:D .
    074. Sensitive Or Loud - Both Relli Likke Meh:P
    075. Hook-up Or Relationship - Relationship Duuh
    076. Sweet Or Caring - Boff
    077. Trouble Maker Or Hesitant? - Mix.

    ___Have you ever___
    078. Kissed A Stranger - Yerrr:( :L
    079. Drank Champagne - Oh Yer!!!!
    080. Lost Glasses/Contacts - Yerr:D
    081. Ran Away From Home - Thought Bout It
    082. Broken A Bone - Urr Toe..&&..2 Ribs:(
    083. Got An X-ray - Yerr A Few Times
    084. Broken Someone's Heart - Yer Nd He Wunt 4get It>:(
    085. Turned Someone Down - Yehhrrrrrp
    087. Cried When Someone Died - Yer..Drexy..&&..Carol:( R.I.P

    ___Do You Believe In___
    088. Love at first sight - Tottally
    089. God - Noo >:( Gods A Git!!!
    090. Miracles - Dnor
    091. Ghosts - Yeh Drexy's Ghost
    092. Aliens - Naahr
    093. Magic - Depends
    094. Heaven - Yer..Suppose
    095. Hell - Nah Nt Rellii
    096. Santa Claus - I Used Too
    097. Sex On The First Date - Nahr!//Maybe Second:P
    098. Kissing On The First Date - Yehr:D
    099. Angels - Yeh. . Howards One;) :D :L

    ___Answer Truthfully__
    100. Is There Someone You Want To Be With Right Now?
    Yerr Nathan..&&..Drexy..&&..Take Tha

    0 Comments 275 weeks

  • Meh Familii;)

    My sexy boyfriend - Mark;) <3:D :) :P
    My mum -
    My dad -
    My big sister - Kaff<3:D
    My big brother- Sion<3
    My twin-Shauna<3
    My little sister-Mhairhi<3:D
    My mental sister- Mahirhi<:D
    My mental brother in law- Johnny<3:D
    My little Brother-
    My (crazy) uncle - James<3
    My aunt - Katyana<3
    My big cousin-
    My little big cousin-
    My cousin -
    My lil cousin-
    My daughter - Kiara<3
    My son -
    My brother-in-law -Johnny;) <3
    My sister-in-law -
    My best friend -
    My best best best friend -Shivvy<3
    My niece -
    My nephew -
    My guardian -Gemma<3
    My fellow first aider-
    My personal shopper -
    My sexy slave - James;) <3
    My shoppoholic friend - Nikki
    My god mother -
    My god father -
    My siamese twin - Genie<3
    My valentine - Sion;) <3
    My chatterbox -Jenny<3
    My hot admirer -Sion<3
    My oder hot admirer -James<3
    My sxc admirrer -James<3
    My oder sxc admirrer -Sion<3
    My messer upper - Karli<3
    My cleaner -
    My lil alco -
    My big alco -Nikii<3
    My pimp-James;) <3
    My stalker -Mark:O ;) <3
    My drug- Mhairhi<3:D :L
    My style - Mark:D <3
    My drinkin partner -
    My sexy best friend-
    my take that twin~Maxi<3 Riminie<3
    my take that sis~ Riminie<3
    my take that maddness buddie~Riminie<3
    my take that best friends~ Riminie<3
    My Other Best Take that friend~ Riminie<3
    My Hubby-
    My Daddy-
    My Mammy-
    My Twin-
    My Princess Sista-
    My Lil Sista-
    My Lil Bruva-
    My Big Sis-
    My Head Banging Sis-
    My Big Bro-
    My Aunty-
    My Uncle-
    My Fab Boy Cousin-
    My Fab Girl Cousin-
    My God Mother-
    My God Farther-
    My Personal Shopper-
    My Bitch-
    My Play Boy-
    My Bit On The Side-
    My Gaurdian Angel-
    My Howard Donald Buddi-Riminie<3
    My Gary Barlow Buddi-Riminie<3
    My Mark Owen Buddi-Riminie<3
    My Jason Orange Buddi-Riminie<3
    My Drinkin Partner-
    My Pet Monkey-
    My Hypa Bud-Riminie<3
    My Bebo Bud-
    My TicketMaster-
    My Boss-
    My Helper-
    My Cleaner-
    My Band Mates-
    My Star-
    My Gorgeous Star-
    My Radio Buddy-
    My Sexy Star-Paris<3

    11 Comments 282 weeks


    Gary.B.(Daddii Barlow)-Gaz OMG Mate Your Awesome!!..Haa Yooh Make Me Laugh..You Always Cheer Me Up Wen Im Down,,Your Really Sweet And Kind..Mental..But Love You Realy;) :L ..I Cant Say Much Cuz Its Hard Haaaa..I Know How I Feel Soo There Haaaa..Always Hyper!!!!Like Meh Mwhaha..And He Always Listens Nd Helps When Im Angry:) :)
    Jay.O.(Daddii Orange)-Jay Classic Mate!!!..Your Soo Funnii..Haaa Dont Speak Much But When We Do..We Always Have A Laugh Haaa..Really Kind Sweet And Just An All Round Guy:)
    Markie.O.(Daddii Owen)-Markiie:) ..Haaa..Reallii Coool Nd Funii..Haaa Our Chats Are Crazy:L :L Were Always Hyper Haaa..Talkin To This Guy Rox..Ok It Is To All Of Yooh But Shht..Haaa Reallii Kind Love Him
    Howie.D.(Daddii Doanld)-Meh Daddy;) Haaaa..First Official Baby Donald;) ..Haa Hardly Talk:( :( ..Wich Is Unfortunate But Oh Well..Hes Ded Kind Nd Funnii Love Him Loads Nd H eKnows It;) :L
    Riimiiniie(Her Fam Gunaa Adopt Meh:P ;) )-Riminie,,Riminie,,Riminie Haa Where To Start!!..Shes Awesome To Talk To..Lol..Random Convos..Mainly About Take That:L ..Wifout Her Never Wud Of Spoken To Them Gorgeous Guys Up There^^:L :L ..Love Her Muchly Barlow Sister..&&..My Adoptive Sis;)
    Mhaiirhii(We Wanna Meet Out Wiif Take That;) )-WoopWoop..Haaa Awesome Girl Hes Soo Funii We Love Our Chats We Go Hyper All The Time!!..Love Yooh!!Haa Neh Quiff Sis Im Her Drug AhndShes Mine WOOOO,,,:D :L
    Helena-Woop Gazzerino;) Haaaa..Awesome Girlie...Awesome Girl We Love Take That!!! Haaaaa Love Yooh:)
    Gemma-Woop Chris Fountain Buddii;) ..Awesome Girl Haaaa..Likes Jay;) :L :L ..Love Talkin To Her Nd Shall Meet Her Soonie Woop!!
    Maxii-Laughing Buddie Haa We Laugh To Much Haaa...OMG So Cool:) Love Her Soo Much!!...SHes Tottaly Amazin We Have Brill Talks..She Also Has Celelbs In Her House:D xxxxxxxxxx
    Shauna(Meh Li lTwinnie:P )-Oft Meh Twinnie;) ..Shes Dead Funni Haa Meh Take That Crayzee Baybee Haaa Love Her Loads And Ahm Meetin Her Too:L :L :L :L :L :L
    Shivvy-My Gary Buddii Haaa Shes Awesome Love Her Soo Much Shes Dead Bonni Love Her Soo Much!!:)
    Charr-Woop Haa She Loves My Accent;) Haaa CHEEEESE,,,,FOOOOOD:L :L Haaa Soo Funii Our Convos Sooo Rock Haaa Random Tottaly..Nd Our Fonecalls Are Hysterical Love Her
    Charliie-Haaa Artic Monkeys Are Gay;) :L :L ..Lol Our Convos Are Hysterical:L :L Love Her!!
    Cle-Haa Westlife Buddi!!!...Haaa Soo Funii....Weve Never Argued We Always Turn Our Lil Snide Comments Into Joke Haaa Love Her
    Laura-Haaa Randum Buddii..ICT Buddi..Ha She Loves Mark Nd Howard Woop Woop:L :)
    Charlotte.W.-Me Awesome Buddi Haaa Funi Gal Love Her Soo Much Aint Known Her Long But Felt Like Weve Been Mates For Ages Haa
    Paris-Awesome..Meh Moonfruit Budii..Haa..Back For Good Buddi..Haa;) Yu Nor Wut Ahm On Bwt!!:L :L Aint Known Her For Long But Shes TOP CLASS!!Thatters Alla Waii!!:D xx
    Heather-Meh Felloo Howard Donald Fan,,Love Her Soo Much Aint Known Her Long..Shes Amazin!!..Love Yooh!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Werner: Haa The Hotel Manager From Hell!!:P ..Nah Funni Guy Gunna Miss Him,,He Made Me Dress Like A Hippy Soaked Me Nd Bllied Me Haaaaa Mazin Guy Gunna Miss Him!! xxxx
    Jase: Evil Bus Driver!!..Yuuh Nd Werner Ahr Big Bullies!!...Yuuh Dumped A Bloodii Black Bag On Me,Made Me Bang My Head...Made Me Laugh...Yuuh Nd Werner Made Tha Holidaii Enjoyable!!:D ...Haaa..Mite See Yuuh Arwnd Sumdaii.Haa Ill Get Yuuh Bck So Wotch Out:L :P xxxx
    IIF IV3 L3T Y00H 0UT L34V3 4 W33 C0MM3NT 4ND IILL G3T B4CK T00 Y00H!!:D


    7 Comments 283 weeks

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    Hey babes! Hope your well I'm loving this sunshine!!! Last sunday I got to go to the most amazing venue in the isle of white called Osbourne House wow its sooooo incredible and the fans were sensational!! my video has been playing non stop the music channels its just crazy! Don't forget to enter my competition if u would like a chance to see me and the girls perform, just head over to www.nataliaofficial.com and tell me all about what would make your perfect day And check out my cool new bebo site: www.bebo.com/natalia Hugs Natalia x x x

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    Ahhh Mii Best Mate! hahaha Im gud thanks! and yew?? Yupp i am indeed! :D Lol i will Lol I Now Missed u soo much swell! Scribble back Bestie Twinster Hahaha xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    Heyy Heyy Mrs Donald :) ;) iiLoveYouSooo Muchiiee !!!! :D Ox

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    love u to death and it's hard for me to only pick 14 gals to send this to, so consider yourself lucky ... or is it not lucky? If I dont get this back I understand =) Im obviously not a good friend *sniffs* I have a game for you. This game has been played since 1977. Once you read this letter, you must send it to 14 females within five days. On the fifth day, HE(the male of your choice) will either ask you out, or say "I love you" Please send this to your 14 FAV0URITE Gurliez. It has worked for years. x..*ℓ٥ﻻﻉ√٥υ*..x speak 2 u soon Xx__xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx__xX chainmail!! xx

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    heya babe ....xxxx whats the matter bbe.xxx?? sumthing happend ????.....xxxx You been up to much recently huni ???....xx anything fun ???.....xxx wb Love You xxxx xxxxx<3xxxxx

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    Heyyy :D :D Giggle Fit I'm good thanks, you? Love You!! Love From Fellow Giggle Fitter! XxX

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    heya bbe....xx how are you huni.....xx yu been okay ?//???....xxx you been up to anything recently hun ??...x:P :P not me lmao heheh.....xx wb Love You x xxxx <3

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    hii :D ;) good lol ;) :D Lyyyy Lots :D xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    hiya thnks for joining. we havea members album so if u wnt ur pic in there send one in a comment and i will add it. also plz do blogs forums polls and other stuff on the page. thnks again xxxx

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