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Tayla Mckenzie

whoo! 2010 = SUMMER

1/21/10 | me too! | Reply

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Me, Myself, and I
♥♥«´¨`•°tjz°•´¨`»♥♥ Hey Im TJ

Let There Be Rock xXxXx
The Rock Never Dies xXxXx

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(\\I Have Done Dis LOTS//
The Other Half Of Me
Creme Brulee

Creme Brulee

This is Kimberley She is such a babe love her xxx

A bit of everything but nawt soo much tha chick flickz
I Love Jackass n Crusty Demons that type of movie
Nething thatz fun n worth playing
Meh, Kelly, Hannah
Kelly: Hes going back to Denmak soon! Meh: Aww shit is he? Hannah: ill have to add him before he goes because he wont be able tah go on tha computer when he goes!!! Meh n Kelly: they have power in Denmark Hannah hahahaha!!! Haha i love you Hannah ♥♥
Whoo! Meet some pritty awsome people this year! Truely i did haha Whoo! n some nawt soo awsome people.................Scary Pine Cone Guy!!!! Plz dont try n connect with meh through bluetooth again haha yur creapy! Truely creapy haha! n pepper pig stop following us! n thoz 3 girls that were gonna eat meh haha it was a pritty rank year this year haha
Mah Best Bublz Bitch
BUBLZ!! Hannah Is Ma Bestist Bublz Bitch!!ZLBUB
Yeah She is soo awsome!
She is soo kinky <3
She Krakz Me Up Soo Much haha!!!
SLIP N SLIDE (Personal Joke)
!!Miss yu Sooo Much Cant Wait Tah C U Again!!

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  • Hae

    It takes a minute t0 find a special pers0n
    An hour t0 appreciate them
    And an entire lifetime t0 f0rget them

    Never regret anything 0r any0ne
    Wh0 0nce made u smile

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  • cjz blog

    el it goes bac 2 da das wen i sleeped with nightmares but we i met darling little devil tayla it changed i then had worse nightmares

    0 Comments 316 weeks

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She has been dubbed as the 'pop-punk princess' by various sources.


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Tayla Mckenzie

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16 March

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9. Occupation

10. Home town

11. MSN name
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12. Hair color

13. Hair length
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14. Eye color

15. Height
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16. Braces?

17. Glasses?

18. Piercings

19. Tattoos

20. Lefty or righty?

21. First best friend
Cant remember? sorry tah hu ever it was

22. First award
Cant remember

23. First sport

24. First pet
Had heapz

25. First holiday

26. First concert
Nawt yet but in March PARAMORE!!!!!!!!

27. First love
My dog?

28. Fave movie

29. Fave TV show

30. Fave Color
Nething Bright

31. Fave Rapper
Uhm..........yeah id have tah say mah cuz shes tha best ever man!!!!!!!! i dont listn tah rap crap

32. Fave band
Paramore & Short Stack & heapz

33. Fave song

34. Best friend/s
Hannah, Caitlin, Terina A few more

35. Fave sweet
Gummi Bears

36. Fave sport
Rugby / Basket Ball / Tennis a few more

37. Fave restaurant

38. Fave Brand
I dont do tha hole brand thing

39. Fave Store
Uhm Jay Jayz?

40. Fave School subject
I dont like school soo go figure

41. Fave Animal
Prob Dog

42. Fave book
I dont read ( Terinas tha readin nerd)

43. Fave magazine

44. Currently.. Feeling
Exstreamly Happy =)

45. Single/Taken

46. Do you have a crush?

47. Eating
Nuthing atm actually haha

48. Drinking
I dont feel thristy atm

49. Typing
on tha computer???

50. Online

51. Listening
Atm Cruel Dane Rumble

52. Watching
Tha Computer?

53. Wearing
Nawt alot haha

54. Future...Want kids?
Yu never know?..........neither do i?

55. Want to get married?

56. Job?
Nah thankz

57. Live?

58. Car?
i can kinda drive?

59. In a boy/girl.. hair color
Duno dosnt matter

60. Hair length
Nawt really long! hes nawt aloud 2 beat meh!

61. Eye color

62. Height
Taller than meh?

63. Cute or sexy
Both duhh!!!

64. Lips or eyes

65. Hugs or kisses

66. Short or tall
Tall .............ish

67. Easygoing or serious
Easy Going

68. Romantic or spontaneous

69. Fat, slim or normal?

70. Sensitive or loud

71. Hook up or relationship

72. Sweet or caring?

73. Trouble maker or hesitant

74. Is there someone you want but can't have?

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  • Anna.H
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  • Travis P
    Travis P

    good ae soz no luv

  • luv Kelly

    lol i feel verey spesh lol xXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxXxX

  • Luke M
    Luke M

    Nope LOl

  • Anna.H
    luv Anna.H

    hey wat u benn up to hav sum luvage

  • Anna.H
    luv Anna.H

    hey luv

  • Brad H
    luv Brad H

    luv bitch lol

  • Luke M
    Luke M

    yeah lol im gona miss you to

  • Luke M
    luv Luke M

    i might go to school 2moz LOl LOve BK

  • Luke M
    luv Luke M


  • Caitlin H
    Caitlin H

    werz mi luv hint hint hehe

  • Brittz Xo
    luv Brittz Xo

    lovee you x

  • Alissa
    luv Alissa

    gud ae bbe sounds like u had fun in alex lol like u always do daaaa love :)

  • Travis P
    Travis P

    hwz da holz goin

  • Alissa

    there was no telli tubies so i got kola bears but they r still cute

  • Luke M
    Luke M

    nah g i got a new 1

  • Luke M
    Luke M

    i mis yuh 2 g my hlidays are gud ae

  • Luke M
    luv Luke M

    love bk


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