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Do we want God for who is His no matter what, or we want Him for the things He has to offer?

10/10/08 | me too! | Reply

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About Me

Love God and Love people ,Nothing else matters..
Me, Myself, and I
God has blessed me with, 6 wonderful, smart energetic kids who drive me insane yet are the best things that have ever happened to me !

I dont take anything for granted..I am so thankful to God for eachother and every moment we have together..Everyday things change. We change. Day to day our lives are neever the same.I have learned to notice and enjoy every moment..People come and go nothing stays the same..and more then likely people we care for most WILL let us down..BUT..

,Jesus is and ever is and ever will be a solid,consistent Rock in my life! He will NEVER change.He has promised He will NEVER leave us ,nor forsake us..it is Him ,and Him alone that I put my trust in and i can depend!:) If you want to know Him ask me how..:)
The Other Half Of Me
Rachel K
random stuff
I love music, Playing my guitar.Addicted to the net, love windy days, big fluffy clouds..twilight is my favorite time of day..and bright sunshine hitting my face! I love the smell of rain and coffee , my favorite smell is orange blossoms!
movies? hmm
the truman show ..i love the scene where he fights to get past the storm !.. the titanic is still a favorite..mean girls :P While you were sleeping.. Love Sandra Bullock, i think Nicholas Cage is a great actor..kind of reminds me of Jimmy stewart? John Travolta Could not stand him at first ended up Loving the guy! go figure :P
people? people
people what does that mean? I dont have a lot of people in my life right now accept the ones i know online, people I've met online are some of the nicest people in the world..(i really mean that) ;) ( and the strangest haha) reasons I dont have people in my life right now ?rRefer to previous paragraghs in my about me..uh yeah..now you get the picture;) .
Happiest When
Im In the presence of God..Online talking to friends..here on bebo and also facebook ;) outdoors Playing my guitar..reading a book, listening to music..floating on my back and staring at the stars..

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  • I am Guilty!!

    I am guilty. Plain and simple. Guilty of what?

    Those of you who know me ,know that I am a christian. I have so much to be thankful for ,God has done great and wonderful things in my life..including the miracle of my son. But..I am guilty..Sure I have loved God ..and done my best to love others..love and forgive,and to do the things the Bible tells us to do..Love God, love your neighbor..but recently..i have come to realize how wrapped up in my own world I had become.. Seeing only My family,My friends..but..what about My country??? politics? boring..honestly since i didnt understand a lot of it, and felt helpless about the rest,I chose to dismiss it.

    Guilty. God has instructed us in His word to pray for those in authority over us.. I know I am not the only one that hasnt held this as a high priority in my life..its so easy to become sucked up in the whirwind of everyday life..As the election day nears I have felt the need to pray more the ever! Pray that the spirit of deception would be lifted from our land that America would know the truth ..and that the truth would set us free..

    ...Right now I want to speak to my brothers and sisters in Christ.Please hear my heart. I come to you in love ,the love of our father, please ..please search your hearts..those of you who have decided to vote in this election for Obama..listen quietly before the Lord and see if you really and truly believe this is something that you can do as a christian ..standing before your Lord and saviour..does this man stand for everything that your Jesus does? Jesus is Life..His word is life.. Obama is for taking away life ..the life of an unborn child..and even more horrific and terrifiying then that.. forget whether you are pro life or choice.. or if you "think" its a "child " by a certain age or not..what about after..After what?
    After the child is outside of its mothers body..after 22weeks and up..Everyone would agree it IS a baby then ..most people agree pro choice or not..its called infanticide.. if a teenage girl gives birth to her 22 week old child and dumps it in the trash and it dies several hours later.. she has murdered that baby..why are we soo decieved???

    I just recently became aware in my friendlist and otherwise how many born again Spirit filled christians are planning on voting for Obama?!!! WHY??? do you not care that the innocent blood of these precious babies will be on your hands? I am aware of the stand Obama takes on other issues most of them ore immoral and against Gods laws.. and I feel most of what he says he wants to do will not be good for America...but all that aside.. even if he was everything i have ever wanted in a pres. I would NOT vote for him!1 When did we deceide that our pockets were more important then life ???

    Obama is breaking down our very Constitution..The very fabric of what America stands for ..the Morals the beliefs..and the Standard that our Great Country was built on! If we allow Obama to bring the kind of change into America he talks about ..this change will make the United States identical to countries around the world, in morals they have and the standards they hold..What has always made us stand apart is the freedom in the God we serve and our stand for Rightgousness!

    We cannot let what we have worked ,sweat ,and what good men gave their lives for be taken away by one man.

    ...I am speaking to my brothers and sisters in Christ..We are family ,I pray you hear my heart, and listen to what the Spirit of God is saying to you..I do not say any of this to offend ..but my goal is to save lives..The world..the ones who do not have relationship with Christ..they are not in the light..but we are..I pray that the blinders be lifted that the truth be known..that the Holy Spirit would bring conviction and soften the hearts of His people ,We would know The Truth and the truth would set us

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  • too much exitement!!!!

    Just wanted to share my exitement with you!! I am busting at the seams here!! I am soo stoked I just HAVE to tell someone! :D

    after a 1 year sabbatical ..will be picking up my guitar and continuing my lessons at a local college! Could I be more exited????? I think NOT haha.. i had a years worth of lessons, and quit due to some hard circumstances in my life..I love my guitar..I eat sleep and breathe my gutiar!! I dare say i love it more then the internet :o haha..

    speaking of love ;)

    Larry and i have been talking of getting a motorbike for weeks and looking around..starting Thursday we will be starting a 3 day course (not cheap but worth it!) teaching us all we need to know to be safe motorcycle riders!!! :D

    LArry is doing it so he can have cheap (gas) transportation for commuting back and forth to work...me?? I am learning for the heck of it!!! for one word only FUN!!!! YEAH!!!! I have wanted to ride ever since i can remember!!!

    hahaha...so that is it ..that is my big news!!!! haha..dosent take much to make this chick happy :P thanks for sharing in my exitement ;) !!!

    Love and Respect,

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  • Now I wait...

    ..As I go about my work around the house, I realize that i have been feeling God drawing me in..It has been an intense feeling .I REALLY began to notice it yesterday..Couldnt really say how long..accept that it grew much stronger and i had to pray ..so I prayed and layed hands on my children, praying for them blessing them..This morning reading the word to them praying some more..This drawing , this feeling woke me up early and had me on my knees before my kids woke up..praying and devouring His Word.

    I have just had this knowing ,an understanding that goes deep in my soul.. A knowing that everything is about to change in my life ,In my familys life! I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that something good is about to happen to us..I dont know what exactly or how its going to manifest itself..but its just this knowing..even as I type this i feel God's presence ever so sweetly ,it feels like a heat all over me..the same heat Ive been feeling all day , but when I pray ,read His word, and as I am typing this I feel it intensify .at times it is almost to much..so I have been praying in spurts..ect

    God is about to turn our circumstances around..I just know it.. things that we have stood and prayed for many years for some.. I feel He is telling me that we are about to see His answer! I felt the need to blog all day , and fought it till now,, so here it is..now i will wait

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December 14, 2010 03:22 PMYvonne Mckechnie said

Hugs Pictures, Images and Photos

Hi Everyone,

Thank you all for your prayers for my dad and Maria and I,
we very much appreciated them. thanks.

to let you all know that our Dad died on Sunday 28th November 2010,
we buried him on Tuesday 7th December 2010, we will miss him very much.

Thank you all again for your prayers, we very much appreciated them, thanks.

May you all be blessed in the New Year 2011.


Yvonne & Maria

November 05, 2010 06:49 PMYvonne Mckechnie said

Hi Everyone,

thank you for your beautiful comments, very much appreciated, sorry I have not been on for a long time, I have been very busy.  I will try and come on a bit more, no promising, I will try.

May Heavenly Father Bless You All Abundantly.

lots of love

Yvonne xoxoxox
February 23, 2010 03:31 AMYvonne Mckechnie said
Can you help BBC TV expose ESA medicals?

23 February 2010

Dear ALL,

Benefits and Work has been asked to post the following media request from BBC TV. We’ve had a long talk with the reporter, Liam McDougal, and we do think that they are genuinely setting out to make a programme about the problems with ESA assessments. Liam is also working with a reporter we’ve had positive dealings with in the past.

BBC television to investigate problems with ESA
The BBC's current affairs department is investigating the difficulties people face when trying to claim ESA, for a television documentary. The programme aims to highlight claimants' experiences with the new system and to investigate why people with genuine illnesses and disabilities are being declared fit to work. Do you, for example, believe the results of your Atos assessment are wrong? Or perhaps you do not think they reflect the answers you gave to the doctor at the time.

“If you've had a problem claiming ESA and would like to discuss your experience, then please contact Liam McDougall as soon as possible on 0141 422 7559 or liam.mcdougall@bbc.co.uk

Regular newsletter readers will remember we asked people to contact BBC Scotland last December for a similar programme, only on the radio. We didn’t find out that programme was being broadcast in time to let people know about it, but you can read some of their findings here:

Seriously ill patients 'told to work'

The fact that the story is moving from radio to TV suggest that there is a growing awareness that there is something radically wrong with ESA. If you can help increase that awareness by recounting your own experiences, please do seriously think about doing so.

This request has also been posted on our discussion forum at:


The usual fortnightly newsletter will be with you next week. Meanwhile, if you are a subscribing member with a DLA appeal, please note we've just received and published a new February Stop Press addition to the case law pack we told you about last week in the following article:

Huge new DLA appeals resource
Benefits and Work is pleased to be able to provide a unique new 200+ page resource for members involved in disability living allowance and attendance allowance appeals.

You are welcome to forward this newsletter or publish it online on a blog, forum or website, provided you do so in full..

Good luck,

Steve Donnison
October 13, 2009 02:54 PMYvonne Mckechnie said
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Extended Network Bannera href="http://www.glitter-graphics.com">
October 13, 2009 02:32 PMYvonne Mckechnie said
September 20, 2009 04:54 PMYvonne Mckechnie said
 From Kathleen
August 27, 2009 05:11 PMYvonne Mckechnie said
Blessing 8 Pictures, Images and Photos
August 27, 2009 05:09 PMYvonne Mckechnie said
Blessing 5 Pictures, Images and Photos
August 27, 2009 05:06 PMYvonne Mckechnie said
Angel Pictures, Images and Photos
August 17, 2009 12:17 PMYvonne Mckechnie said
Cute Angel Pictures, Images and Photos
August 17, 2009 12:14 PMYvonne Mckechnie said
CUTE Pictures, Images and Photos
August 17, 2009 12:08 PMYvonne Mckechnie said
Hi all, Thank you all for your lovely comments, very much appreicated. I will answer all your lovely comments. I have been very busy with school starting back this Tuesday. Yippeeeeeeeeeeee peace and quiet for awhile. got a few things to do before my homestudy course starts. got forms to get sent and back before enrolment day. not long, need to hurry up. the form only came out last week.

hope you all have a great week. May God Bless You All Abundantly.

lots of love

Yvonne xx
August 12, 2009 12:57 PMYvonne Mckechnie said
Angels Pictures, Images and Photos
August 12, 2009 12:53 PMYvonne Mckechnie said
August 12, 2009 12:48 PMYvonne Mckechnie said
Angels Pictures, Images and Photos

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    • Angie
      luv Angie

      Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy Birthday dearest Tammy, Happy Birthday to you. Hope you have a wonderful day darling. Hugs Angie

    • Grace I
      luv Grace I

      Hey Come to bebo a bit You have very beautiful pictures on How are you and the family? love you

    • Trish
      luv Trish

      Happy New Year Tammy :L :L :L *better late than never* :P xxxxxxx

    • Sandra I

      I also love ice cream Happy new year.

    • Grace I
      luv Grace I

      Hey thanks for the love and the wonderful comments And th eprayers are very much appreciated love you too and your family love and prayers HAPPY NEW YEAR DEAR

    • Angie
      luv Angie

      Merry Christmas dear Hun, I hope you are doing fine over there. I was thinking of you dear but I am hardly online these days. I hope you understand, you are in my mind though. ;) Send you big hugs and all the best for the New Year Angie

    • Grace I
      luv Grace I

      Hey whats for christmas over there? can I play santa ? how are you dear and how is your family?

    • Grace I
      luv Grace I

      Hey Tammy Nice to hear from you and to hear your family is doing well We a re well too, a very dear friend of mine is returning to her home in Northern Ireland which is so so sad But we might travel home to have christmas withour families and in the capital city which will be fun Otherwise we are well God bless

    • Angie
      luv Angie

      Thanks Tammy, the curettage went well and what can I say? We will start with making a new baby as soon as possible of course it isnt a big consoling thing for us, but well at least... you know the baby wasnt able to live and perhaps it is good this way who knows, God knows for sure. I am thinking of you my dear. Send you my love and my big hugs. Angie

    • Grace I
      luv Grace I

      Hi dear oh yes I wish we could meet up and play lots of board games Sandra is npow so addicted to card games she plays most of the time now with my friend Loiuse after work. Oh God should let us meet one day before we meet in heaven and our families could have a party lol how are you I am very busy this week and possibly next week too love xxxx

    • Angie
      luv Angie

      Yes dear I love the slang haha. ;) Cool word. Well we arent that well dear, my MIL killed herself she commited suicide and hang herself in the cellar, if you would like to find out I have posted a blog about it. :( We are still down and unhappy for sure. And there is so much to sort out and to do, so you can imagine what is going on around here. Wish you a great Sunday dear and we talk soon. Hugs Angie

    • luv Miss Lavakula

      Hey Tammy! It's been a while so thought I'd drop a quick hello. Hope you & your family are well. It's meant to be spring but it's still a tad cloudy & rainy. I for one, am sick of rain!! Arrggh..lol take care & if you get a chance check out our school blog at www.pesteam2.blogspot.com Bless u lots Hanna:D

    • Grace I
      luv Grace I

      Hi my dear sister jsut passing by to say hi love and prayers

    • Angie
      luv Angie

      How are you doing dear? I hope you are fine. :) Big hugs to you and I just wanted to say that i am thinking of you darling. ;) Hugs Angie

    • Grace I
      luv Grace I

      HI hi hi hi Lol I know have been shaving that beard for such a looooooooooooooooonnnnnnnng time ha ha Managed to get home in one peice though was very tired. The place I went to was such a new good experience for me, I liked it though i missed my family. But it was quiet an experience going to a place with a different culture, language very hot climate, and living with tent making missionaries in a moslem community was also an experience. Am qiute fine now but still very busy at work, always return home very tired with backache but I love you guys its hard not to jump for the computer, ha ha ha, and on returning home Shallom needs TLC/attention too. Any way we were a bit sick last week , Shallom and me with a bad cold but we are now fine. How is your back dear? How is your family

    • Angie
      luv Angie

      preggos??? This is your slang word for it? Cool. ;) Never have heard it ever. You can teach me more haha. :L :L :L Yep you are right I am preggos. ;) Yes no wonder that I am sick but I am not sick with nauseaus I am sick with flu. this is the difference, never mind, I hope that I am feeling better soon. ;) I never have been feeling nauseous during the first pregnancy and so this one is the same, should I be happy for it? I think it is a second boy but of course its much to early to say this haha. ;) Thanks dear and I just hope I can manage well and all goes fine. ;) Think of you too. ;) I bet you have enough and not try for another one right? ;) Haha. See you dear. Love Angie

    • Angie

      Hey honey, how are you doing? Ihope you are fine. Thanks so much for the heart and comment, I am sorry i was running out today early already. ;) Haha I see that your sister isnt that far away from you and at least you can call each other right? :) ok I hope that the Epideral shot isnt that hard for you and hopefully it works out. Let me know dear, pray for you. Thanks dear, I think this skin is lovely. haha. :) I am not doing much as I am still sick. ;) You know Tammy I am pregnant and I am in week 5. :) The baby will get delivered around my hubby's bd and the due is excat his BD, he was just so happy haha. ;) Take care dear, big hugs Angie

    • Grace I
      luv Grace I

      Hi hi hi hi Nice to hear from you Sorry I have not been on bebo, traveled away from home for mission, not been with my family for now almost 3 weeks. But will be travelling home tonite, some 20 hrs on the bus ha ha ha ha, long way home Am happy to see you this happy, glad tidings ha ha ha Greetings to all God bless lov x

    • Angie
      luv Angie

      hello sis, ;) how are you doing sweety? I hope you are ok soon. Oh I am glad that the procedure was bearable and it wasnt that painful as the doctors say for me it wasnt really painful as I was so nervous getting my baby soon. :L Perhaps this distracted me a lot. :) hihi. Oh your sister and her husband already left back. :( This is sad, do they stay there forever? I thought they might come back to the States one day. Thanks for your prayers dear, you and your family are always included in mine. :) Any plans for the weekend? I hope you can recover totally soon. :) By the way we have been shopping yesterday and it was so much fun. I really love to have a day ";o ff" sometimes. :) :) :) Oh thanks for teh link, I will try it myself. :) It looks really special and it is certainly fun. :) Tammy, have a good weekend. Big hugs, take care your little sis. ;)