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  • I am It's Complicated
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  • Member since: June 2007
  • Last active: 3/11/10
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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
The Other Half Of Me


BesttMannBruhh ;;

R.I.P Auntie T ;;
Rest In Peace Auntie Teresa You Were Such A Wonderfull Auntie And I Loved You So Much Hope You Are Having Fun Up There And Will Be Thinking Of You For The Rest Of My Life And Onwards Love You Soo Much x♥ :(

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  • Slang

    Air- To Be Ignored
    Anything- No Good, Ordinary
    Alow It - Leave It
    Ang Tite - To Big Up Someone
    Bate- Obvious
    Ballin- Crying
    Beef- Want To Fight
    Beast- Ugly
    Bandolo- Fool
    Buff/Bum- Looking Good/Sexy
    Bare- Meaning Alot
    Bad Mind- Just Plain Rude
    Butters- Just Plain Ugly
    Blud/Bredrin- Another Word For Friend
    Blaze- To Smoke Weed
    Boid - Taking The Piss
    Baffelld- Confused
    Bless- Bye
    Blud/Bredrin,Breh, Star- Friend
    Bizzle- Ok
    Brass- Thats Rubbish
    Bounce- To Leave
    Breaded- To Be Paid
    Breeze- Talking Rubbish
    Bre- Boy
    Brapp- When Something Is Good
    Cherps- To Chat Up Opposite Sex
    Choong/Chung- Over Good Looking
    Cuz- Cousin
    Chick/Gash- Girl
    Clash- Music Battle(MCs OR DJs)
    Click- Crew
    Chop- To Have Sex With
    Cotchin- To Chill/Rest/Take Up Space
    Crepes- Trainers
    Convo- Coversation
    Dapper- Dirty/ A Compliment
    Doughnut- Idiot
    Drum- Your House
    Extra- Over The Top
    Endz- Your Area
    Fool- Idiot
    Gunn- To See Someone Get Cussed
    Garms- Clothes
    Gash- Girl
    Hyped- Over Excited
    Hench- Muscular
    Hood- Neighborhood
    Hatin- Jealousy
    Heavy- When Something Is Good
    Inabit- See You Soon
    Innit- Term Of Agreement
    Innabizzle - Bye
    J's- By Yourself
    Jigga- Ok Or Fine
    Jokes- Funny
    Joker- A Funny Person/Not Serious
    Jacked- To Take From Someone With Permission/Steal
    Long/Long-Ting- Boring Or Wasting Time
    Major- Big/Worth It/Important
    Man Dem- Your Crew
    Manor-Where U Live- See Ends
    Merk, Merkage- Beat Or Destroy
    Minor- Opposite Of Major, Insignificant
    Nang- Good
    Nuff Luv- Safe, Big Up
    Offski - When Your Going
    Peeps- Very Close Friends
    Peng- Sexy
    Peng-A-Leng- Same As Peng But Better
    P's- Money
    Prang- Scared
    Pon- Short For Upon
    Quick-Ting- Something That Wont Take Long
    Regs- Regular
    Rags- Standard
    Reppin- To Represent
    Road- Street, Outside
    Raaah - Meaning Surprised
    Skeen- Understand
    Shubz- Party
    Screwin- Annoyed about something
    Safe- Hi/Thanks/Bye
    Street Rat- Person On The Street 24/7
    Stoosh- Deep
    Sick- Not Bad Meaning, But Bad Meaning Good
    Shook- Scared
    Slew- To Beat Or Better
    Swag- Rubbish/Crap
    Sekkle - Go Away
    Trus- Trust Me
    Two Twos - Even Though
    Twisted- Confused
    U get me- Do You Understand
    Village- Small And Not Very Good
    Wha Gwan- Wots Goin On
    War- (MC Term Or Beef)
    Wack- Rubbish
    Whine- Dancing Close
    Yard- Home
    Yout- Young Child
    Yet- Yes
    Zzz's- Sleep
    Zimme- Get Me
    Zoop Zoop- Bang Bang/Brap Brap

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