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Me, Myself, and I

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                 Eveen Kamareddine

The Other Half Of Me




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  • About Me... In Detail... ;]

    This may take long to read but it is for those that want to know more about me i suppose.

    Section One.
    So if you don't already know.. My name is actually Eveen, But I dont particulary like it and it isn't the easiest of names to pronounce, most people stick with calling me Evee, or Eve. I don't really mind, so take your pick.
    So i was born on the 9th of December 1992...Making me 16.
    I'll be going to TDA for 6th Form (:

    Section Two.
    I am a Muslim. I do follow my religion a fair amount.
    I also have my limits. I don't drink for one thing.. never have. Don't smoke simply because it doesnt taste so great ;/ I fast and so on.. I also wear a headscarf, well you can see that in my pictures. I know i had pictures without my scarf on.. and a LOT of them, but theyre all gone now. So if you didn't see them, all i can say is, tough luck and I have NICEEE hair.

    Section Three.
    I'm from the Middle East, meaning im an Arab. Lebanese to be specific. Meaning im from Lebanon. And yes i can speak Arabic. If you do not know what an Arab is, where the Middle East is, or even what Lebanon is, then please click the [x], as it most probably means your a complete dumbass. :) and quite frankly i dont get along with stupid people and wouldn't want to.

    Section Four.
    It would not be fair to dislike idiots if i was one myself, and im definitley not an idiot. I may not be the smartest of people but im decently clever. Oh yeh.. and you cant call me a kid. I dont like it. Only I can call myself a kid, child, little or anything else like that. Can't call me immature either, even though I am.

    Section Five.
    I like to think im funny. People laugh when im around, maybe they're laughing at me... i guess i'll never know :D

    Section Six.
    Music wise, I mostly listen to Hip Hop, R&B, Rap, Rock, and then its Garage, Grime, Country, Bassline, and rarely Pop. And yes its in order of what I prefer. I won't name all the artists i like thought because i'll be here forever. But mainstream music is pointless. "Ey Baybay" Seriously wtf? (Hurricane Chris - Ey Baybay)

    Section Seven.
    As for the whole dating/going out thing..Well .. simply try to check this list first, then maybe ill get back to you :)
    This doesn't always apply.
    1) Arab or half arab.
    2) Taller then me. [5'9 +]
    3) Smart.
    4) Not too mature, and not immature.
    5) Funny.
    and the list goes on, if you dont meet the first 5 things, then forget it :)
    However, if your into romance big time, and lovey dovey shit.. then go away (:
    Theres nothing i hate more then romance. Okay? im great i know :)
    There IS the occasional exception if your like the person described in section nine.

    Section Eight
    I spend a fair amount of time on my laptop, I love my laptop.
    I also love gaming, Counter Strike, Half Life, Ghost Recon, Call Of Duty, War Rock, Unreal Tournament and so on..

    Section Nine.
    I like people. Usually the ones that you dont know at all but you can sit and spend hours talking to them as if you've known them for years. I love those people...
    I reckon im friendly and easy to get along with, but who knows :)
    I can be sarcastic at times, but I cant help it, thats just me..I dont mean any harm though.
    I like being around people, talking to people bla bla bla etc. BUT I HATE STUPID PEOPLE. =D
    For example.. Someone asked me the other day what the difference between an Arab and a Muslim is.

    I took up too much space already, I think i'll leave it as it is and write no more. Just ask me if you really do want to know anything. It's not like im going to eat you. :)


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    Look Outside... It's so pleasant! Sun Smiling For you... Trees Dancing for you... Birds singing for you... Because I requested them All to wish You EID MUBARAK