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About Me

Me, Myself, and I
Sarahhhh . ♥

haha sarah u were hacked by miss abigale halford lol ;)
lyl xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
The Other Half Of Me
Abz H

Abz H

тнιѕ gιяℓ мєαηѕ єνєяутнιηg тσ мє ..ιℓυѕƒм ..вмα x

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When I Grow Up - Pussycat Dolls (NEW OFFICAL SINGLE)

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    BeBo FaMiLy
    My Mummy ~
    My Daddy ~
    My Big Sister ~
    My funniest Sister ~Becca W x x
    My Little Sister ~
    My Big Brother ~ Mark x x
    My Little Brother ~
    My Bestest Cousin ~
    My Cousins ~ Sophie , Hayley , Simon x x
    My Boyfriend ~ ?
    My Bit On The Side ~ Bethany x x
    My Sexy Love ~ Jess H
    My Sexy Model ~Abbie
    My Idol ~ Sophie x x ;)
    My Gorgeous Baby Boy ~
    My Cute Baby ~
    My Drinking Partner ~
    My Valentine ~
    My Body Guard ~ Abigail x x
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    My Stalker ~ Abbie
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    My sexy Dancer :
    My Partner In Crime ~ Katie :D x x
    My personal shopper ~
    My Special Person n best friend ~ Jess A
    My Best Friend ~ Abigail x x
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    My Maths Buddy ~ Abigail H
    My Secret Lover ~ ???


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  • luv -


  • luv -

    love, iloveyou sarah :DD xxx

  • Dan. 9/8/09
  • Dan.
    luv Dan.

    av some bk

  • Dan.
    luv Dan.

    hia hows u i am fine cnt wait to cya in skool ?

  • Sian . X
    luv Sian . X

    '' LoveYaaLots x x x

  • Sian . X
    luv Sian . X

    ' loveyaaa x x x x

  • Dan.
    luv Dan.

    yeah lol :L :L to cool for skool :L

  • -

    sounds nice (: & no im not :( grr! :L i love youu <33.

  • -

    awww mint :D where ya gan? 3 week! lucky biatch ; ) it sure will :L & ano we should sarah :D :L ; ) ill give you the when it comes through (: i love youu xxxxx

  • Dan.
    luv Dan.

    kk here ya go sarah love bk xxxx

  • luv -

    heyy sarah (: thankyou xD ermm well today im dossing in bitts park with some ppl & i got wet n wild soon & my mams taking me to the metro but apart from those things aint got out else planned, wbu doll? have the back cos ya a babe (; :L lovee youuu! xxxx

  • Bethan

    hiaa good fanx you? i no lol, netball starts soon. lurv you 2 xx

  • Haydenne

    Hya such along time erm i think so probz xxxx love u xxxx

  • Stevie-Marie

    taa for the add, do ano uu? x

  • .Emma'

    nm reallч; just thaa usal tbh, wbu? <3

  • Kiera Loves Mark
    luv Kiera Loves Mark

    Heyy sorry it's a late reply yeah it was amazing did you? Loveyou xxxx

  • .Emma'
    luv .Emma'

    Hiaa; anaa how are чou? чeah mч msn is rusy03@hotmail.co.uk; al talk taa чou on it later because i am going out in abit; so i need taa get readdч; love returned <3

  • .Katie.
    luv .Katie.

    hyyaa babes x yeah im good ty wbu .?? yeah ano youv'e been talking about it . . FOREVER!! haha :L lol iv just texted you 'bout it anywway :) yup thursdays gna be the shizzle . friday too :) il give you or bell or you bell me tmrraa about it writebacksoonio loveyoulotts xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox